An enterprise data integration platform

About PowerCenter

Informatica’s PowerCenter is a enterprise-level data integration platform. This cloud-based software helps businesses extract and analyze data. PowerCenter lets companies harness the power of data to enable business and IT collaboration.

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  • Business and IT collaboration: Role-based tools and agile processes enabling business self-service and delivery of timely, trusted data to the business
  • Rapid prototyping, profiling, and validation: Analysts can collaborate with IT to rapidly prototype and validate results quickly and iteratively
  • Reusability, automation, and ease of use: Users benefit from graphical and code-less tools that leverage a whole palette of pre-built transformations
  • Universal connectivity: Seamless access and integration of data from all types of sources, using high-performance, out-of-the-box connectors
  • Scalability, performance, and zero downtime: Support for grid computing, distributed processing, high availability, adaptive load balancing, dynamic partitioning, and pushdown optimization
  • Automated data validation testing: Script-free automated and repeatable audit and validation of data moved or transformed across development, test, and production environments
  • Operations and governance oversight: Monitor production and reinforce coding best practices with alerts that prevent costly damage control later on
  • Advanced data transformation: Unlock the value of non-relational data by comprehensive parsing of XML, JSON, PDF, Microsoft Office, and Internet of Things machine data
  • Real time data for applications and analytics: Provides accurate and timely data for operational efficiency, next-generation analytics and customer-centric applications

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