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About WebExpense

Replicon WebExpense allows you to track and control business costs with full visibility into expenses and employee reimbursements for your business or for project-related work performed for clients.

Expense Tracking Challenges

Historically, managing expenses has been a time consuming, manual process. With no visibility into spending and a lack of consistency in approval workflows, costs can quickly get out of control.

In project-based environments, tracking expenses is even more complex. Not only must you track expenses by individual projects, expenses for client projects need to be billed back to the client. You have to keep accurate records of what expenses are allowable for each client, who incurred the expenses, the reasons they were incurred and which project they belong to. In all this confusion, staying on-budget is hit-or-miss.

What’s needed is a flexible, easy-to-use expense reporting and management solution that integrates seamlessly with existing project management and accounting systems.

Take Control of Your Budget With Streamlined, Accurate Expense Tracking

Replicon WebExpense is a cloud-based solution that makes it easy to track project and business related expenses. You can track costs by expense types and associate them with projects, quickly review and approve expense submissions, and upload receipts while on-the-go.

Streamline Expense Processing

With a completely cloud-based solution for tracking and reporting expenses, WebExpense eliminates tedious manual tasks and errors and reduces administrative burden.

Gain Full Visibility Into All Types of Expenses

Centralized expense tracking lets you monitor and bill for project costs accurately and with less administrative hassle, and easily separate project-related expenses from employee reimbursements.

Automate Policy Compliance

Replicon’s no-hassle method for collecting, reviewing and approving expenses ensures your company’s policies are followed consistently, and creates an audit trail that simplifies compliance.

Easily Submit Expenses – Even On-the-Go

Employees can submit expenses anytime, from anywhere – even upload pictures of receipts on a mobile device – enabling real-time visibility into spending.

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User Reviews of WebExpense

Submitted on August 21st, 2019 by Anonymous

We have tried to cancel after paying for the first 3 months, which we never ended up using. Everyone at our company agreed that it was too difficult to navigate and took too much time to use. We sent numerous emails and called several times to cancel the service. We then got charged another 3 months because they said we didn’t use their specific form to cancel. We were never told about this form!

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hard to use, bad customer service, scamming into contract