Billing, CIS, Scheduling, and Trading & Risk software purpose built for Natural Gas LDCs and Marketers.

About nGenue

nGenue is a software solution that was designed inside a Natural Gas business to serve the operational needs of Natural Gas Marketers, LDCs and Utilities. nGenue functionality spans Pricing, CIS, Billing, Scheduling, Trading & Risk across wholesale and retail business operations from pipeline to city gate to meter. Software functionality is available as a completely integrated, all-in-one solution or modularly by business function. With more than 20 years of continuous product enhancement according to natural gas industry requirements, today nGenue is the only natural gas-specific end-to-end solution for seamless integration of sales, customer care, forecasting, scheduling, trading, risk, supply, billing, collections, taxes and automated LDC connectivity.

nGenue Features

  • 100% of the functionality required for Retail or Wholesale Natural Gas operations
  • Single point of data entry with total system integration
  • Central data repository, accessible to all operations staff
  • System automation replaces manually intensive tasks
  • User configurable, modern, and consistent user interface
  • Fast implementation
  • Easy integration with other business systems
  • Self-administration–no IT and no outside consulting required
  • On-premise or Cloud

nGenue Differentiators

  • Natural Gas-specific functionality
  • Complete, all-in-one solution or modular functionality
  • System automation replaces manually intensive tasks
  • User interface easily tailored to user-specific requirements

User Experience

  • “This is game-changing software”
  • “It’s our “secret sauce””
  • “Everything they said and more”
  • “Don’t know what we’d do without it now that we have it”
  • “Implemented very quickly and is intuitive to use, especially for a former spreadsheet user”
  • “If you are in the business of natural gas and you’re not using nGenue, you’re missing out”

Product Overview

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User Reviews of nGenue

Submitted on September 23rd, 2020 by Eric

nGenue is unlike any other product in the market. It offers Natural Gas sales/sales ops, forecasting, billing, customer care, LDC connectivity, customer portal, risk and supply functionality individually or completely integrated. When I say unlike any other product, I mean this software was built for the intricacies of a natural gas business, covering aspects we could not find in any other product. It has made us tremendously efficient, minimizing our workload, saving us a lot of time and helping us grow our business.

The Good…

Single point of data entry … the data automatically flows throughout the system and the system is completely integrated. We used to have to manage multiple data entry points and wasted a lot of time reconciling data. With nGenue, we enter the data once, it’s stored in a central database and everyone on our team can access the data in real time - no running around looking for or trying to confirm the data is correct. nGenue data is correct, current and available whenever needed.

The Bad…

Honestly, nGenue has been transformational. Without it, I cannot imagine how we could have achieved our growth and profitability objectives, especially while maintaining organizational expense goals. It could only be better if it were free. Even then, it’s worth every penny we pay for it.