SSI Petroleum Management

A full ERP system designed by SSI Companies.

About SSI Petroleum Management

SSI 1st Choice integrates Accounts Receivable & Credit and Collections with General Ledger, Accounts Payable and Payroll. Plus Pre-Buy Management, Budget Control and Contract Sales Management. This complete group of programs will help you manage all aspects of your business; it also includes sub-programs for bookkeeping, delivery, service, and inventory control.

Accounts Payable

The SSI Accounts Payable program assists you with managing the entire purchasing and disbursement process. The program includes:

  • Multi-company/Multi-bank capabilities
  • Company wide and remote office statistics
  • Vendor information and on-line inquiry, plus past history
  • Invoice detail and control
  • Automatic Interface with General Ledger, or manual update
  • Maintenance Control features
  • Payment and check writing as well as reconciliation of checks
  • Cash requirements reports, open item reports, cash flow reports, discount analysis reports and many more reports then can be listed here

Accounts Receivable

SSI has developed an immeasurable collection of billing options supported by credit and collection advice that is as current as your last entry. Billing options are in three forms: Invoicing, statements, and Budget Payment Plans.

Invoicing: Real-time updating makes it possible to print and mail invoices quickly, without waiting for nightly updates. Specific options include:

  • Delivery Invoices
  • Service Invoices
  • Over the counter Invoices


The SSI 1st Choice modules track and maintain all the data required to manage every aspect of your business bookkeeping. Sales of all types and departments are reviewed and the information relating to each truck, service rig, remote office and employee are managed by this total solution.

Delivery Scheduling/Routing

The SSI Delivery Management program is a busy program. It provides the control factor for trucks, manages your customers, and does the forecasting and reporting needed to maximize productivity. Plus it tracks the fuel remaining in tanks, holds the last delivery date information and checks prior fill dates.

The package contains multiple delivery scheduling options:

  • Degree Day
  • Degree Day with non-heating adjustment
  • Julian (Dated)
  • Adjustable Julian
  • Average Usage Rate Per Day
  • Route Delivery
  • Will Call Accounts (or Phone Orders)
  • Truck Computer Linked Delivery
  • Mixing of Julian Day and Will Call and Degree Day customers
  • Sequencing of stops based on street address

General Ledger

The SSI General Ledger program is the center of all the SSI Applications. As a powerful and flexible tool it receives data from all of the other programs. It contains spreadsheets, multiple company and consolidated company capabilities. Builds graphs of your data and prints them out in charts for graphical presentations.

As the foundation of your company it manages every aspect of your business including monthly, quarterly and yearly closings.

Consider the following features:

  • Table-driven chart of accounts
  • Free-form report writer with computational capabilities
  • On-line displays/inquiries of accounts and journal entries
  • Full audit Trail control
  • PC interfaces, exports and imports to mainframe systems, other offices and your accountant as well.


The SSI Inventory Management System (IMS) program provides companies with the ability to track the inventory of their entire operation. IMS supports liquid inventory, point-of-sale, terminal split load tracking for transports, service parts, gasoline blending, and lubricant drumming. Furthermore, IMS can send BOL information to the SSI Accounts Payable for invoice verification and processing


The Payroll program includes all tax requirements by State and the system meets the needs of companies nationwide, as well as most foreign country’s by handling:

  • Up to 35 earnings types, including commissions and tips
  • Unlimited deductions
  • Multiple salary reduction plans
  • 401K savings plan options
  • Up to 15 tax deductions
  • Tax reports of all types
  • Ability to interface with General Ledger and Excel Spreadsheet

Service Management

The SSI Service Management Program addresses the total spectrum of service needs with multiple Service Sites for each customer. Each site develops its own history.

Special features include:

  • Electronic Schedule of work to be performed
  • Printed Work Orders
  • Computer Generated Dispatching and Scheduling
  • Inventory Control
  • Parts Warranty
  • Flexible Billing and Pricing
  • SSI Truck Linking System for automated control

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