A mobile-ready order management application from BAS.


PRISM is an online sales order management system for trade shows, road sales, showrooms, and online sales. PRISM also provides inventory via BASIS.

Take orders with ease using a tablet on the road or at trade shows.

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Ease of Use

We help you increase your productivity by allowing you to create sales orders no matter where you are. PRISM sales order management works on iOS, Android and Windows 8 tablets.

Get True Catalog Functionality

Download your actual online catalogs and browse through them, just as you would their paper equivalent. Tap on an image to add it to the order. Scan barcodes or perform an advanced search to find your products.

A Complete Sales Order and Customer Management Tool

You are able to search and find individual customer information as well as their full order history from the first day you start using PRISM.

Transmit Your Sales Orders to Your Office Seamlessly and Quickly

Complete your sales order in about a minute. PRISM will then send email confirmations to the customer, your sales rep, your sales office administration. PRISM also integrates directly into your back office accounting package.

Access to All of Our Advanced Features

  • Works on most tablets and supports iOS, Android, and Windows 8
  • Provides true catalog functionality
  • Complete customer and management solution
  • Support of full barcode scanning
  • Support for unlimited catalogs and categories
  • Wireless printing
  • Web access
  • Ability for your customers to access your data on their own devices
  • & and so much more

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User Reviews of PRISM

Submitted on June 14th, 2016 by Rob Dales

We started originally using the system for taking orders at gift shows, which was a really big improvement on the system we had before.

PRISM suggested that the same database they were using to serve the iPads we were using to take orders at a show could be used to serve the data to the website. This made a lot of sense to us. Eventually, that led to web store as a subset of our website that we use to take orders from our customers.

It’s turned out that along with the other changes that are happening in our industry, that website is a far better generator of new customers than having reps on the road. Everything is moving faster, we can get our catalog onto our website within a week rather than dealing with mailings.

A lot of retailers prefer to order on the website rather than call in or wait for one of our reps to show up in person. For this reason (customers preferring online and generate new leads), the website is super important to us. PRISM has been a journey and we’ve had to learn a lot as we go on.

Submitted on April 27th, 2016 by Paul Trueman

We’ve been dealing with this solution for 5-6 years now. We’ve come a long way. We’ve worked with our reps and recommended it to some of our larger chains.

We find it very important to have pictures and current pricing available in our catalog on an ongoing basis. The warehouse management with BASIS makes sure that our products are coming in with the right information and the right coding going out. Very important in our semi-perishable environment.