ORDERS Plus Business Software

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A order entry system designed by Business Systems of America.

About ORDERS Plus Business Software

ORDERS Plus is Powerful, yet Affordable, Inventory Software, Accounting Software, ERP and more. Perfect compliment to Quickbooks, Peachtree and BusinessWorks. Features Bill of Materials, Equipment Tracking, Contract Pricing, Serial Number Tracking, Lot Number Tracking, eCommerce Import, Sales Management, CRM, Estimating, Service Tracking and much more. Free Demo

Accounts Payable

General Features

  • Provides current and calculated balances for all A/P cash accounts
  • Provides instant inquiry of vendor information including invoices, debit memos, credit memos and application of open credits while in any processing option
  • Allows quick location of vendors and general ledger accounts with a search feature
  • Permits vendor information to be imported from a text file
  • Allows importing of invoices and adjustments
  • Accounts payable information can be exported using over 30 different formats including Lotus 1-2-3, dBASE, Comma-Separated Variable, ASCII, Access, Excel, Word, Word Perfect, Quattro Pro and many others
  • Automatically posts to general ledger

Maintenance Features

  • Maintains complete vendor information, including e-mail address, remit address and purchase order address, month- and year-to-date purchase totals, 12 month purchase history, year to date 1099 purchases and last payment
  • G/L expense, accounts payable and discount accounts can be defined on a vendor-by-vendor basis
  • New vendors and general ledger accounts can be added ýon the flyý during transaction entry
  • Allows global changes to multiple vendor records at the same time to expedite data entry
  • Optionally includes credit detail on accounts payable checks
  • Optionally prints one check for each invoice paid
  • Supports printing checks on a dot matrix or laser printer
  • Allows flexible payment terms, including number of days, day of month, end of month and end of next month
  • Payment terms can be maintained and assigned to a vendor or determined during invoice entry

Processing Features

  • Provides full bank reconciliation that includes the ability to clear a range of checks
  • Tracks credit card purchase and purchase history when a credit card is used to pay a vendor.
  • Lets specific vendors and/or invoices be placed on payment hold
  • Allows automatic distribution of invoices to multiple accounts via expense allocation tables
  • Tracks discount dates, amounts and due dates
  • Ability to set up recurring accounts payable invoices
  • Tracks vendor credits as open credits or as negative invoices
  • Prepaid invoices can be entered with check information
  • Allows invoices to be automatically or manually selected for payment


  • Allows partial payment of invoices
  • Allows entry of handwritten checks
  • Enter a manual check as voided in one step
  • Generates checks with either detailed or summary payment stubs
  • Allows check printing for vendors and non-vendors without posting an invoice
  • Tracks wasted checks
  • Allows checks to be voided individually or as part of a range
  • Non-vendor checks may be reprinted

Reporting Capabilities

  • Prints 1099 MISC forms
  • Aging periods are user-defined
  • Aging and open invoice reports can be produced ýas ofý any date
  • Prints the aging report by invoice date or due date

Accounts Receivable

General Features

  • You can easily locate a customer by knowing an invoice number only. This is beneficial when you receive a payment but the name on the check doesn’t match the customer names in accounts receivable.
  • Customer information, standard items and invoices can be imported from a text file
  • Accounts Receivable information can be exported using over 30 different formats including Lotus 1-2-3, dBASE, comma-separated variable, ASCII, Access, Excel, Word, Word Perfect, Quattro Pro and many others
  • Automatically posts to the General Ledger module
  • Optionally posts to the Job Cost module on a transaction by transaction basis

Maintenance Features

  • Maintains complete customer information, including e-mail address, bill to and ship-to address, month- and year-to-date totals, 24 month sales history, current balance, highest balance, open credits, deposits and last payment
  • Tracks customers’ open credits and deposits
  • Model customer enables fast creation of new customer records
  • Allows global changes to multiple customer records simultaneously
  • Customer categories permit classification of customers for reports and operations on selected customer groups
  • Customers can be placed on credit hold
  • Provides instant inquiry of customer information including: invoices, credit memos, debit memos, payments, application of open credits and application of deposits
  • Tracks cash sales
  • Allows quick location of customers, standard items and general ledger accounts with a search feature
  • Tracks invoice discount dates and amounts, and due dates
  • Tracks sales by customer, sales representative and sales account
  • Provides a list of standard items for commonly billed items and services
  • New customers can be added ýon the flyý during invoice and transaction entry
  • Alerts you when a customer exceeds credit limit and when you try to delete a customer who has an open quote or order in Order Entry
  • Optionally provides warning of duplicate invoice numbers for each customer
  • Allows finance charge rates to be assigned on a customer by customer basis or allows you to use system defaults


  • Prints invoices, credit memos, debit memos and statements on plain paper or preprinted forms
  • Provides standard and service invoices in a 7ý or 11ý format which can be customized by the user
  • Specific invoice fields can be disabled to customize and simplify invoice entry
  • Supports laser and dot matrix form printing

Processing Features

  • Offers the ability to print and reprint credit memos and debit memos
  • Invoice description and terms can be easily modified at any time
  • Offers instant inquiry of all transactions affecting an invoice as well as the sales account to which the invoice was posted
  • Open credits and deposits can be applied to invoices, finance charges or as cash refunds
  • Individual payments can be grouped into bank deposits
  • Accepts payments, deposit applications and open credit applications at time of invoicing
  • Allows the write off of balances during cash posting
  • Allows previously entered cash postings to be voided
  • Handles multi-line descriptions for standard items
  • Recurring invoices can be posted on a monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, semiannual or annual basis
  • Allows comments, miscellaneous charges and labor charges on invoices
  • Allows discounts and sales tax application on a line-by-line basis
  • Allows calculated tax amounts to be overridden during invoice entry
  • Early payment discount calculation can optionally exclude tax and/or freight amounts
  • Tracks when a payment is received from a customer via a credit card
  • Can provide automatic calculation of sales tax on credit memos
  • Calculates finance charges and allows recalculation later in the same month
  • Provides both balance forward and open item statement formats on a customer by customer basis with optional aging information
  • Customer statements can be previewed on the screen at any time
  • Optionally prints shipping and billing labels for a customer during invoice entry

Reporting Capabilities

  • User-defined aging periods
  • Prints the aging report by invoice date or due date
  • Allows the aging and open invoice reports to be run with an ýas ofý date
  • Payment analysis report shows history of average days to pay
  • Sales analysis (commission) report can be based on paid invoices
  • Reports can be sorted by customer ID, name or sales representative
  • Provides cash flow projections based on customers’ payment history

Bar Code Labeling

The ORDERS Plus Custom Labeling and Barcode Module enhances the standard label features available in ORDERS Plus by allowing the user to custom define their own label formats, layouts and designs. These include PostNet Address Labels for Customers, Prospects and Vendors, Barcode Labels for Inventory and Shipping Labels for Sales Orders.

Import capabilities and standard templates make our Custom Labeling and Barcode Printing Module a perfect addition to ORDERS Plus. Some of the features include:

  • Use One of 1700 Predefined Label Formats or Design Your Own
  • Desktop Publishing features such as Guides, Rulers, Multi-Level Undo, Grouping and more
  • Import/Export Graphics from over 20 different formats: Photoshop 3.0, Kodak Photo CD, etc.
  • Scan in Graphics using any TWAIN compliant Camera or Scanner
  • Import Data from dBase, Clipper, FoxPro, Windows Card File, and ASCII text files
  • Supports over 20 different bar code symbologies with over 30 options
  • Specify the density of bar codes in dots, CPI, mil, percentage and approximate width
  • Interactively re-size bar codes to fit the exact space available - no guessing involved
  • 16 layers with a master layer

Bill of Materials and Work Orders

The ORDERS Plus Bill of Materials (BOM) and Work Order Processing System is commonly used for small to mid-sized companies involved in manufacturing and component assemblies. This module is specifically designed to automate inventory control and work order requirements without the complexities of maintaining an MRP system. Bill of Materials can manage an unlimited number of Raw Materials, Part and Labor Components used to build a Finished Good. The Bill of Materials can also support an unlimited amount of sub-assemblies, if required.

Bill of Materials and Work Order Processing can provide the needed functionality for two styles of manufacturing:

  • Just-in-Time - Standard or Custom Production Driven by Orders
  • Inventory - Production to Maintain Stock for Commonly Sold Finished Goods

When using Bill of Materials, you can maintain components that make up a standard assembly and create, issue and build work orders to produce a finished good. Our Bill of Materials and Work Order Processing systems include the Bill of Materials configurator, Work Order Management and Dynamic History systems.

Bill of Materials system is based upon a departmentalized assembly providing the option to have each sub-assembly built by a different group of people. Therefore, a unique work order for each assembly and sub-assembly is based upon your requirements.

Process of Building a Finished Good:

  • Configure a Bill of Material to generate a Work Order
  • Adjust Components on the Work Order - Add or Delete if needed
  • When Complete, Issue and Print the Work Order
  • Inventory is Automatically Committed
  • Give Work Order to Person/Department responsible for Building Finished Good
  • When Finished Good is produced, complete Work Order which removes Components from Inventory, Adds to Finished Good’s quantity and updates the Finished Good’s Cost Automatically

Since you are able to customize a work order through ORDERS Plus, you can treat a standard Bill of Material as a template and make needed changes. You can attach a custom work order directly to a sales order. The unique cost derived from the work order is passed through ORDERS Plus to BusinessWorks Accounting. These special features give your custom production department additional flexibility to do their job more efficiently.

For the Production Manager’s benefit, we’ve created a Dynamic Work Order History system, which allows the user to view all or specific work orders and drill down to details within a specific work order. Other special features include Bill of Material, work order duplication and several critical reports.

The ORDERS Plus Bill of Materials and Work Order Processing system simplifies custom manufacturing processes. See your finished good’s cost update automatically when you build a work order and know exactly what components need to be purchased.

Contract Pricing

The ORDERS Plus Contract Pricing System allows you to create a unique customer selling price that goes beyond the standard six levels of pricing available within Inventory Control. Typically, the six levels of selling price determined on an inventory record reflect standard company discounts.

Contract Pricing allows a special selling price to be established for a specific item being purchased by a specific customer. For example, you may have a customer that is purchasing much larger quantities than the norm and you want to provide them with a unique and special price. To solve this problem, you can select the Contract Pricing module when viewing that customer and establish the pricing details.

The Contract Price is automatically used for all quotes, sales orders and invoices for that specific customer when purchasing the specified item.

  • Automatically Create Contract Prices From a Quote
  • Duplicate Contract Price Grid for Another Customer
  • Customer Price List
  • View All Customers with Contract Prices
  • Unlimited Special Contract Prices per Customer
  • Automatic Notification when Contract Price is Applied
  • Pricing by Item Displays all Contract-Priced Items
  • Easy Maintenance Functions

Give your company the competitive edge to manage special pricing requirements easily and effectively by using the ORDERS Plus Contract Pricing module. Get yours today!

Credit Card Processing

The ORDERS Plus Credit Card Processing System is specifically designed for companies that take credit cards for payment when a customer places an order. Credit Card Processing will automatically, verify and process a sale transaction. It even saves the approval code for future reference.

If your merchant service also supports communications via the internet, Credit Card Processing can take less than 5 seconds to complete. Other transactions supported include Credit Transactions, Voids, Pre-Authorizations, Procurement and Reversals.

After a credit card order has been placed, you can select a menu option to verify the card. The Credit Card Processing software will then call your credit card network, verify the card and process the transaction with a simple click of the mouse. Complete historical information and transaction reports are also included. Merchant’s account, modem, and phone line is required.

The ORDERS Plus Credit Card Processing module will only process SALE transactions. The module will not process credit memos, voids, pre-authorization, procurement, or reversal transactions. You must maintain these processes manually with the credit card processing software PC Charge.

The ORDERS Plus Credit Card Processing System is perfect for Mail Order Companies. It is a simple as 1, 2, 3.

Customer Relationship Management

The ORDERS Plus Contact and Document Management Systems will Increase Sales, Reduce Cost and Improve Productivity by managing Daily Schedules, Contact Information, Documents and Communication between Staff, Customers, Prospects and Vendors.

Schedule Notes, Meetings, Calls and To-do’s - Scheduling Follow-ups and Building Dynamic Contact History with Customers, Prospects and Vendors is a Strong Relationship Building Tool that adds great value to your company and outstanding customer service.

Today’s Outlook - Daily Schedules and Inter-Office Communications are dramatically improved because each Rep has their own On-Screen Personal Task List that displays their current tasks scheduled for today and past due tasks. Managers are also more effective because they can easily review any individual’s task list and contact history on screen. They can even produce detailed printed reports of the same information.

Attach Documents, E-mail, Faxes & Sound Clips - Misunderstandings and Communication problems are eliminated with built-in Document Management. Documents, Faxes, Voice Mails and Emails can attached to contact records and reviewed easily with a click of the mouse.

Demographic Information

Our Demographic Features further define Customer, Prospect and Vendor Profiles. Your Sales Team will quickly know the answers to: ýWhere did this lead come from?ý ýHow many Employees do they have?ý ýWhat Type of Company is this?ý ýWhat Products do they supply?ý etc. There are also 11 User Definable fields that further allow you to refine a profile specific to your company’s needs.

Other Features

  • Unlimited Contact Names, Phone, Fax, E-Mail and Web Site
  • Send E-mail to the Selected Customer, Prospect or Vendor
  • Maintain Unlimited Ship To Addresses
  • Perform a Mail Merge Using Any Popular Word Processor
  • Automatic Entry of City and State when Zip Code Entered
  • Print Standard or Custom Labels with Post Net Barcodes

Whether taking an order, entering notes, doing follow-ups, reading a fax, creating a letter or simply examining a company profile, this valuable information at your fingertips will improve and streamline your sales and purchasing efforts. Not to mention, the ORDERS Plus Contact and Document Management Systems integrate directly with Order Processing and Accounting. Combined, you’ll have one of the most powerful CRM systems available today.

eCommerce Import Engine

Everybody’s Talking eCommerce and We Are Listening!

The ORDERS Plus eCommerce Interface Engine is the first affordable eBusiness solution that can completely integrate your order processing, inventory control and accounting systems with an online shopping cart.

Just Think of It! Your customer’s online purchase will transfer directly into your sales order system. No more re-keying orders received via email. The headache of double product and pricing maintenance is eliminated since your secure eCommerce site gets is information directly from your inventory control system.

The ORDERS Plus eCommerce Interface Engine is an Import/Export tool designed to work in tandem with any shopping cart system. The ORDERS Plus eCommerce Interface Engine has 2 primary functions:

  • Import Orders Collected By A Shopping Cart into the Order Entry Module
  • Export ORDERS Plus Customer, Inventory & Pricing Data to Shopping Cart

If your eCommerce objectives are to create a tightly integrated shopping cart solution with your back end order processing system, the ORDERS Plus eCommerce Interface Engine is the right tool to accomplish this goal.

The ORDERS Plus eCommerce Interface Engine can automatically receive orders from your shopping cart and import them into ORDERS Plus and automatically update your shopping cart with up-to-date customer, inventory and pricing information.

Form & Report Designer

The ORDERS Plus Form & Report Designer is a unique tool exclusively available for ORDERS Plus where you’ll find many powerful features not typically available for off-the-shelf accounting products. Together with ORDERS Plus, you can modify any of the printed forms and reports that ship with ORDERS Plus. As an added bonus, your custom reports are available directly from the drop down menus in ORDERS Plus

The Form Designer allows you to add company logos and change data, position, and typeface of information on a printed form. The Report Designer enables you to create reports based on any information contained in ORDERS Plus and to program pop-up calendars or list boxes for further definition of the report ýon-the-flyý.

If you’ve never used a Windows-based report writer or database tool, Business Systems of America (BSA) can customize any form or report for you. Having BSA perform these modifications can be a very cost effective option since we can make the modifications in the least amount of time.

Does this mean if you customize a form or report, you now have a custom version of ORDERS Plus and can’t benefit from future upgrades? Absolutely Not! This was a very important issue addressed during the design of ORDERS Plus. The forms and reports are individual, self-running programs that run when selected from the menu.

Many additional power tools are also included such as Query by Example, a Quick Report Writer, Full Featured Import & Export functions and Direct Data Access. When used by an experienced database programmer, these advanced tools provide a level of sophistication unmatched by our competitors.

So don’t let special requirements for printed forms or reports keep your company from realizing the full benefits of ORDERS Plus. The possibilities are limitless and cost effective. The power of this tool is only limited by your imagination.

General Ledger

General Features

  • Maintains complete audit trails of all transactions and adjustments made to transactions
  • Includes more than 35 modifiable, industry-specific, sample charts of accounts that can be used to save time when setting up the general ledger
  • Provides inquiry capability to examine account status, balance history, budgets and transactions. Additionally the inquiry option in the general ledger can drill to the source of the original posting
  • Allows quick location of accounts within the chart of accounts with a search feature
  • Account information and journal entries can be imported from a text file
  • General Ledger account information can be exported using over 30 different formats including Lotus 1-2-3®, dBASE, Comma-Separated Variable, ASCII, Access, Excel, Word, Word Perfect, Quattro Pro and many others
  • Journal entries can be exported in a .CSV format
  • Integrates with all BusinessWorks modules and many third party products

Maintenance Features

  • Provides consolidation of multiple companies’ general ledger data to create a consolidated financial statement
  • Allows departmentalized accounting with up to 99 departments
  • Allows the renaming and renumbering of an account number in the chart of accounts
  • New accounts can be added ýon the flyý during journal entry
  • Departmental account duplication feature lets you add accounts quickly


  • Allows full-year budgeting by month, year or percentage for the prior, current and next fiscal year
  • Tracks budget history for up to nine fiscal years
  • Automatically calculates account budgets for the prior, current or next fiscal year, based upon prior or current year actualize as well as budgets from other periods


  • Provides five standard and four special journals for custom use
  • Allows three-line description field for journal entries
  • Allows editing of journal entries (description and voucher reference) after posting
  • Recurring journal entries can be maintained to save data entry time
  • Allows batch posting for recurring entries
  • General ledger won’t accept out-of-balance entries
  • Allows authorized users to void transactions
  • Provides a solid audit trail by including the system date as well as posting date for journal entries
  • Journal entries can be imported and exported via text files

Reporting Capabilities

  • Most reports can be sorted or printed by department
  • Allows for customization of financial statements including section headings, page breaks, font styles, sizes and colors.
  • Allows subtotaling and consolidation accounts for custom financial statements
  • Flexible financial statement setup includes period selection, rounded dollar amounts, customized notes, etc.
  • Produces monthly, quarterly, yearly and date range (eg., weekly, semi-monthly, etc.) income statements
  • Can print date sensitive balance sheets (as of a certain day in a month)
  • Allows a date range selection for the trial balance
  • Flash report provides quick overall view of financial strength with various financial ratios (e.g., current ratio, acid test, etc.)

Inventory Management and Control

ORDERS Plus was designed with Industrial Strength Inventory Control and Purchasing requirements in mind. If your company specializes in distribution, service or manufacturing, the ORDERS Plus Real-Time Inventory Control System has the features and flexibility that you will require.

  • 20 Character Item Number
  • 400 Character Item Description
  • Define 6 Different Standard Selling Prices
  • User-Definable Fields
  • Last, Weighted Average & Exact Costing Methods
  • Re-Order Point & Re-Order Amount
  • Attach PDF Document, Diagram or Photo
  • Unlimited Secondary Vendors with Cost
  • Cross Reference Lookups to Vendor Item Numbers
  • Cross Reference Lookups to Customer Item Numbers
  • Quantity Pricing Matrix
  • Automatic Markup From Cost w/Optional Auto-Recalculation
  • Automatic Markdown From List Price
  • Manual Pricing
  • Multiple Warehouse Features
  • Define/Search By 3 Level Product Categories
  • Break Bulk Transfers
  • Duplication Features
  • 3 Level Commission Matrix
  • Global Price Change Features
  • Physical Inventory Update From Data Collector Counts

Job Costing

The ORDERS Plus Job Costing System provides an easy way to manage all associated income and cost related to a specific single-phase job. Job Costing is perfect for companies that expect to have several sales order, invoice and purchase order transactions related to one job and need to track real-time cost and profitability.

The power of the ORDERS Plus Job Costing is its simplicity. Just add the job ID to a transaction in ORDERS Plus to automatically see the cost or income post to the job immediately. ORDERS Plus also has the flexibility to combine several job related transactions on a single purchase order, sales order or invoice.

Highlights Include:

  • Automatic or User Definable Job Numbering
  • Search by Job or Customer
  • Track Start Date, Estimated End Date, Customer Info, Estimated Cost and Income
  • Real-time Display of Actual Cost and Income with Analytical Comparison
  • Drill Down to Details of any Cost or Income Transaction
  • Quickly Explore Open Jobs in the System

Create a job for a customer in seconds, and maintain it automatically within ORDERS Plus. Watch cost and income transactions automatically post to the job. Information is critical and history is key when it comes to your business. Job costing gives you detailed information at your fingertips and simplifies management.

Lot Number Tracking

The **ORDERS Plus Lot Tracking System ** was designed for the tracking of item lots outbound, when those items are invoiced only. This will provide the user the ability to track lots that have been sold for recall purposes or for any reason the customer may need to determine the exact lot they purchased from the ORDERS Plus user.

The Lot Tracking System was intended for the tracking of inventory items that have been sold, either stock or non-stock items. This will allow the user to track specific batches or lots that are sold and the customers who purchased them.

The ORDERS Plus Lot Tracking System is integrated with the sales system and allows the user to indicate which lots and respective lot numbers were sold on an invoice to a customer. This information also prints on the customer’s invoice.

Several Reports are also included that allow the user to review Lot History By Item Sold, Lot History By Item Sold To Specific Customer, Lot History Sold to Specific Customer and much more…


General Features

  • Allows global changes to multiple employee records at the same time to expedite data entry
  • Maintains an unlimited number of task codes to allocate payroll expense to multiple General Ledger accounts
  • Employee instant inquiry screen is available in all processing options
  • Allows instant inquiry of paychecks and the breakdown of each check for the calendar year
  • Tracks total dollars and hours on time card reports
  • Imports employee information from a text file
  • Allows importing of time card information
  • Exports payroll information in many formats including those for text files, Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, Quattro Pro, Word and Access
  • Automatically posts to the general ledger and Job Cost modules
  • Integrates with Accounts Payable, allowing both Accounts Payable and Payroll to use the same checking account to aid in bank reconciliation

Maintenance Features

  • Maintains complete employee information, including pay rate, shift and filing status; accrued vacation and sick hours; dates of hire, review and termination; totals for earnings, deductions and taxes; and comments
  • Stores and displays images of your employees. Most standard graphic file types are supported including .pcx, .tif., .eps., .bmp, and .jpeg.
  • Quickly locates employees, job codes and General Ledger accounts with a search feature
  • Allows you to pay hourly, salaried, commissioned and piece rate employees
  • Provides weekly, biweekly, semimonthly and monthly pay cycles
  • Provides predefined overtime, holiday pay, employee advances, draws, base pay and miscellaneous earnings
  • Tracks employee compensation (ýcompý) time
  • Allows SUI/SDI for an employee to be in a state different than their SWT state
  • Maintains complete payroll information for the current year

Deductions and Other Pays

  • Supports user defined deductions such as pension plans, deferred compensation plans and dependent care benefits
  • Allows for employee paid and company paid deductions
  • Workers’ compensation deductions can be calculated using the base hourly pay, ignoring overtime and shift differentials
  • Deductions and other pays can be activated for specific time periods
  • Deductions, commissions and piece rates can be calculated from user defined tables
  • Provides other pay types for employee allowances, reimbursements and bonuses
  • Allocated tips can be accumulated as an other pay for reporting on W-2 forms
  • Provides deduction and other pay totals on the payroll register


  • Provides standard time cards for employees who get paid the same amount each period
  • Minimum wage adjustment feature adjusts pay if tips do not bring an employee up to minimum wage level
  • Can activate and turn off deductions and other pays during time card entry and handcheck entry
  • Allows after-the-fact payroll recording by using handchecks
  • Accounts for cash and charged tips
  • Generates payroll checks with fully detailed check stubs
  • Allows users to customize the body portion of payroll checks
  • Prints checks on a laser or dot matrix printer with stubs on top and bottom
  • Company-paid deductions and salaried hours can be listed on payroll check stub
  • Allows voiding of paychecks, handchecks or tax deposits
  • Permits checks to be voided individually or as part of a range
  • Permits electronic deposit of payroll to employees’ bank accounts


  • Includes tax tables for federal government, all 50 states and the District of Columbia which can be modified as needed
  • Calculates all federal and state taxes automatically
  • Keeps track of state and federal tax liabilities and deposits
  • Allows tracking of tax deposits by generating a tax deposit register for a given month or payroll run
  • Tax deposits can include penalty and overpayment amounts
  • Alerts you if you have a tax deposit liability to be paid
  • Prepares summary information for government reports (such as W-3, 940, 941)
  • Prints specific state tax reports for California and New Jersey
  • Prints tax deposit checks for 941, 940, SUI, and SDI
  • Prints W-2 forms after the close of the year
  • Creates magnetic media file of W-2 information as required by the Social Security Administration and most states

Purchase Order Management

ORDERS Plus was designed with Industrial Strength Inventory Control and Purchasing requirements in mind. If your company specializes in distribution, service or manufacturing, the ORDERS Plus Real-Time Inventory Control System has the features and flexibility that you will require.

Our Purchase Order system’s unique features include:

  • Automatic Purchase Orders for Stock Build-up
  • Special Order & Drop Ship Purchase Order Features
  • Edit Description and Cost On-The-Fly
  • Support for Full and Partial Receipts
  • Bid Request & Blanket Purchase Order Features
  • Real-Time Update of Inventory
  • Automatic Back Order Management
  • Automatic Freight Calculation
  • Search By Vendor Order Number

Sales Management

The ORDERS Plus Sales Management System is in a Class of it’s Own. Watch your information flow efficiently as your sales cycle begins with a Quote, Converts to an Order and Results in an Invoice reflecting Items that have shipped.

QUOTE => ORDER => INVOICE => Never Re-Key Data Again!

Automatic Back Order Management - Items Not Originally Shipped are Automatically Back-Ordered and Managed with ease. Invoice Displays Original Quantity Ordered, Amount Currently Being Shipped and Amount On Back-Order.

Automatic Drop Shipments - Eliminate Data Entry By Automatically Creating Multi-Vendor Purchase Orders with a click of the mouse. Simply indicate the Order is a Drop Shipment and Purchase Orders are created for you that include important Customer Information Automatically.

Real Time Stock Updates & Status Display - Inventory is Updated in Real-Time. Sales Orders Commit and Invoices Remove Stock. Real Time Stock Status is displayed to the user during Line Item Entry.

Advanced Line Item Entry - Speed Up Line Item Entry By Adding Line Items By Item#, Item Name, 3 Level Relational Categories, Customer Part# or Vendor Item#.

Automatic Selling Price - Selling Prices Are Automatically Calculated Based Upon Established Customer Price Level, Quantity Price or Contact Price. They Can Even Be Changed On-The-Fly.

Automatic Commission Tracking - Commissions Are Automatically Calculated when an Order is Invoiced. Commissions Can Be Calculated Down to the Specific Item Sold and/or Based Upon Sell Price, Profit and/or Date Paid.

eCommerce Order Entry Import - Internet, Internet, Internet! Everybody’s talking Internet and BSA is listening. eCommerce Interface Engine will allow you to integrate your online shopping cart with the ORDERS Plus. More…

Credit Card Processing - Enter Credit Card Information Directly Into ORDERS Plus. Save Time By Immediately Processing a Credit Card Transaction Directly from ORDERS Plus. Typical Processing Time is Less Than 5 Seconds if using IP Based Merchant Processor. More…

Service & Equipment Tracking - Your Technicians will have detailed Service History before they leave for the customer’s site. The ORDERS Plus Service & Equipment Tracking System tracks everything from Make, Model and Serial# to Warranty Expiration and Contract Termination dates. These features are also suitable for a corporate MIS department responsible for managing computer systems within the company. More…

Quote & Sales Order Duplication - Data Entry Time is reduced by establishing Quote Templates or when a Customer places a Repeat order. Duplicate Any Quote or Order with a click of the mouse.

Job Costing System - The ORDERS Plus Job Costing System is specifically designed for companies requiring Detailed Tracking of Purchase and Sales Transactions back to a specific job for up-to-date cost and income information. More…

Counter Sales - Perfect for Wholesale Distributors that also have a city counter. It is a front end to the ORDERS Plus Invoicing System and allows the user to quickly handle walk-in customers and print an invoice. It also supports the use of scanners and barcodes for quick data entry.

Rental Management - Perfect for Companies that also have the need to manage hourly, daily or weekly equipment rentals. Now there’s a powerful order processing and inventory control system that can handle rentals too.

Other Features

  • Display Last Price Paid During Entry
  • Display On-Screen Customer Sales History
  • Automatic Freight Calculation Based Upon Item Weight
  • Attach Document, Fax or PDF to Quote, Order or Invoice
  • Print Line & Print Sort Order Options Per Line Item
  • Powerful Quote Selling Price Re-Calculation Features
  • Unique Shipping Date Per Line Item
  • Full Support for Partial Shipments
  • Automatic or User-Defined Transaction Numbers
  • Service and Equipment Tracking
  • Search by Customer PO# and other Criteria
  • Pick Tickets, Packing Lists and Service Tickets
  • Edit Description, Cost and Price ýOn-The-Flyý
  • Laser Quality Forms and Reports

It’s No Wonder, ORDERS Plus is the Choice of Growing Distribution, Manufacturers and Service Companies World Wide. ORDERS Plus has made a difference for them…It Can Make a Difference For You!

Serial Number Tracking

The ORDERS Plus Serial Number Tracking System tracks an unlimited amount of serial numbers from the time they are received into inventory until the time they are sold. This information is permanently recorded in the system, allowing inventory control personnel access to a wealth of historical and validation information. The information maintained by the Serial Number Tracking system is extremely helpful when returning a defective item to your vendor or when verifying a returned item from your customer.

  • Receive Serial Numbers Immediately After Receiving
  • Easily Assign/Sell Serial Numbers after the Order is Invoiced
  • Serial Numbers Can Be Entered/Sold Randomly or Sequentially
  • Drill Down to PO Received or Invoice Where Sold
  • Track Specific Cost By Serial# Sold
  • Easily Integrate Bar Code Reader for Items w/Serial# Bar Codes

There will be no more endless searching through filing cabinets when you have the ORDERS Plus Serial Number Tracking system. Instead, the information is right at your fingertips saving you time and money.

Service & Equipment Tracking

The ORDERS Plus Service and Equipment Tracking System is specifically designed for companies that not only sell, but also service equipment. It will enable your company to track parts and labor charges performed on a specific piece of equipment while automatically maintaining a detailed service history. The system maintains information such as make, model, serial number, and contract termination dates. It also displays detailed profit and loss information dynamically on screen.

  • Track Manufacturer Name, Model#, Part# and Serial#
  • Track Warranty Expiration Date
  • Starting/Ending Service Contract Dates
  • Primary User’s Contact Information
  • Drill Down to Detailed Service History
  • Include Additional Notes

Maintaining Service Calls and Servicing Equipment is now simplified with ORDERS Plus! You’ll provide a high level of customer service unmatched by your competitors. Your technicians will have a detailed service history prior to going on-site and you’ll instantly determine the profitability of the service contract. Isn’t it time to lead your service company into the 21st Century?

Product Overview

User Reviews of ORDERS Plus Business Software

Submitted on March 19th, 2019 by Dennis from Industrial Services, Inc.

Software not bad but the support is the worst I have every see. Pay for maintenance but they say if it does not work must be windows problem and they don’t do windows help.

The support