INDUS Backorder System

A order entry system designed by Indus Systems for distribution/wholesale trade companies.

About INDUS Backorder System

SAGE ACCPAC ERP Order Entry Companion Product

If the customer orders an item that is not in stock, it is normally put on backorder and is filled when the stock is received. In ACCPAC environment, the Backorder system does not know when the stock is available and the inventory control does not know that there are backorders waiting in the system. The result is that customers waiting for their backorders even though there is enough stock in the inventory to fill them.

IndusBO (INDUS Backorder System) keeps track of the stock received on daily basis, goes through backorders, fills them in the sequence of shipping date and generates invoices automatically. This process results in prompt delivery of backorders, elimination of manual intervention, cost savings and increased customer satisfaction.

IndusBO prepares a list of items on backorder, sorts them by the expected ship date for each inventory location, checks the quantity available at that location and distributes it automatically among the backorders according to the expected ship date, either in the sequence of order number or customer number as desired. Once the quantity shipped has been updated, a shipment is generated for each order. It is also possible for the user to edit the quantities shipped manually before creating shipments in case automatic allocation is not acceptable. The user may also indicate while setting up the system whether an invoice should be generated for each shipment, in which case IndusBO generates the invoice.

  • Checks inventory levels
  • Fills Backorders automatically
  • Generates shipments
  • Generates invoices
  • Allows the user to select backorders in a given range of expected shipment date
  • Orders may be filled either in the sequence of order numbers or by the expected shipment date

IndusBO provides a simple five-step procedure for tracking and maintaining backorders:

  • Step 1: Load Data: This step goes through all orders in Accpac for Windows Order Entry data and selects all items on backorder for which the stock is available.
  • Step 2: Print Outstanding Backorders: After the data has been loaded, this step is used to print the Outstanding Backorders loaded in the previous step.
  • Step 3: Edit Backorders: The user may go through the report and decide on the priorities of filling backorders, changing the quantities to be shipped if necessary or may decide to ship all the items.
  • Step 4: Process Backorders: This step modifies the quantity shipped on each order and creates shipments. The user may choose to generate invoices in which case an invoice is created depending on the settings in Accpac.
  • Step 5: Print Processed Backorders: After shipments and invoices have been created, this step is used to print the Processed Backorders processed in the previous step.

Features of the Software

  • Simple to use
  • Seamless integration with Sage Accpac ERP
  • No import / export required
  • User-friendly screens and reports

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