A order entry system designed by Remote Order Entry.

About Order-Stream

Order-Stream is a unique service that helps companies increase sales, improve customer service and cut costs. It is a productivity tool that assists sales reps in taking orders and improving customer service on the road, in trade shows, and permanent showrooms. It makes use of the Internet and PDAs along with an inexpensive ýpay as you goý plan to ensure it is it affordable for any size company.

Using mobile personal digital assistants, (PDAs), which contain the company’s products, prices and customer profiles a sales rep creates orders. Information may be entered by hand, selected from fast look-up tables, or input by scanning bar-codes. At the end of the day, a rep transmits orders into Order-Stream and any updated product and customer data is pulled down. The company’s corporate office can access Order-Stream on demand or have pre-determined schedules to pull the orders into their back office order processing systems. Compatible file layouts with most popular back office systems allow the orders to be imported without the need for data entry.

Customers report bigger orders with more lines on them. Buyers are happy because they get their order processed in less than half the time that it takes using an old fashioned clipboard along with a nicely printed order. Accuracy skyrockets bringing faster deliveries, improved customer service and less returns. Salesreps make more money. Manufacturers, Buyers and Salesreps are all winners with Order-Stream.

The system is less expensive, easier to use and support, and better integrated with a wide variety of back office systems. Order-Stream is easier to learn, faster to use, better integrated with the back office and requires far less time to support than other products. The other advantage is the reduced investment compared to other sales force automation systems because you are not purchasing software licenses or an in-house server. Order-Stream is the only solution that allows users to pay as they use it.Order-Stream from Remote Order Entry is a single system for all Sales Force Automation. Whether the application is outside sales, a permanent showroom or a trade show booth Order-Stream can transform any paper or lap-top system into a state of the art solution using the world wide web and PDA technology.

Order-Stream has many benefits:

  • Increased productivity
  • Minimal technical participation
  • Low risk of technical failure
  • Uses the Internet to cut communication costs
  • Scalable according to business volume
  • Inexpensive concurrent access by all reps
  • Browser Inquiry, Reporting, PDF options
  • Bar-Code capable
  • Administration Software
  • Controls to manage each rep
  • Enables Enterprise downloads of orders
  • Manages Database Interface

And finally, Order-Stream saves money:

  • Eliminate manual keyboard entry of orders
  • Eliminate fax infrastructure
  • Eliminate paper order forms

Order-Stream is a web based order entry system that eliminates expensive up-front software and complicated hardware infrastructure. The Order-Stream pay-per-order pricing structure means companies of any size can benefit from improved order accuracy, higher sales volumes and a lower cost of sales.

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