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About iOrder

iOrder medical order management software helps hospitals and imaging centers become more profitable. This software is designed to assist ambulatory service departments, like radiology, drive the revenue cycle with consistent, effective billing.

Use iOrder to build strong, enduring relationships with physicians for repeat referrals. Additionally, this browser-based solution helps reduce no-shows and associated costs. Cut administrative overhead by tracking service orders more accurately and efficiently through iOrder.


  • INCREASED EQUIPMENT ROI: Avoid the costs of idle equipment by closely tracking service orders with referring physicians – a process that reduces “no shows.”
  • STRONGER REFERRAL RELATIONSHIPS: Build confidence among referring physicians that their patients will get the best service. Automatically notify referrers that services have been rendered.
  • REDUCED OVERHEAD: Manage ambulatory orders in less time, cutting down on back-and-forth emails, phone calls and faxes.
  • MORE PRODUCTIVE BILLING: Leverage embedded decision support to ensure that ambulatory service orders meet billing criteria – reducing denials of payment and billing reviews by payers.

Product Overview

User Reviews of iOrder

Submitted on December 8th, 2020 by Lisa S.

We were having a lot of patients showing up that weren’t being prepped correctly. iOrder has cut down on that almost 100%. Our referring physicians would call and schedule with us but then it would take days before they would send us an order. Orders wouldn’t get faxed to us. The orders were incomplete. We would call and go back and forth to get what we needed. Now we have complete orders. iOrder has taken care of that.