A financial reporting and analysis software designed for use with 150+ accounting & ERP solutions.

Product Overview

Infor F9 is a financial reporting and analysis software that integrates with Microsoft Excel, offering dynamic linking of general ledger data to Excel. This integration allows for rapid real-time viewing and analysis of business information, streamlining the reporting process. It’s compatible with a wide range of commonly used ERPs, including Infor, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, and SYSPRO.


  • Utilizes familiar Microsoft Excel environment
  • Dynamic linking to general ledger data
  • Customizable reporting options


  • No mobile app
  • Learning curve for non-Excel users
  • Complex setup

Target Market

Businesses and financial teams that rely heavily on Excel for their reporting and data analysis needs. Well-suited for organizations that require dynamic and real-time financial reporting and analysis integrated with their existing ERP systems.

About Infor F9

Infor F9 is a financial reporting and analysis software that integrates with Microsoft Excel. This tool transforms Excel into a dynamic platform for financial management, enabling businesses to link their general ledger data directly within Excel. This integration means that users can generate real-time business reports. The compatibility of Infor F9 with over 150 different accounting and ERP systems highlights its adaptability across various business environments.

Infor F9 enhances capabilities in financial analysis, forecasting, budgeting, and planning. Its design eliminates the need for manual data entry and exporting. Users can capitalize on their existing Excel skills, dedicating more time to data analysis and strategic financial planning.

Infor F9 Key Features

  • Infor F9 Report Manager: Serves as an organizational tool for managing reporting materials and templates, streamlining the reporting process. By automating tasks within the Report Manager, users can efficiently produce reports while minimizing time and costs.
  • Streamlined Reporting Process: Infor F9 Report Manager boosts the overall functionality of Infor F9. It incorporates familiar Excel operations into report creation, enhancing productivity and reducing labor costs. Key functionalities include:
  • Trees and Hierarchical Rollups: Facilitates the creation and iteration of template reports using coded groups, aiding in efficient report generation.
  • Built-in Report Management: Offers an intuitive interface for managing report sets, allowing users to select and combine report dimensions for tailored outputs.
  • Output and Distribution Options: Enables saving and distributing reports in various formats and through multiple channels like FTP servers, shared folders, or SharePoint.
  • Infor F9 Report Viewer: Allows users to independently view, run, and delve into reports. It empowers managers to directly access and analyze general ledger data, fostering self-sufficiency in data interrogation.
  • Infor F9 Report Writer: Streamlines the transition from a blank Excel sheet to a fully formatted report. It uses a graphical approach and step-by-step guidance, enabling users to quickly create reports. The web-based reporting module further enhances accessibility and distribution across an organization.
Starting Price
$1,500 (perpetual license)
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Product Overview

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User Reviews of Infor F9

Submitted on June 17th, 2019 by Anonymous

I was very interested in this application because I use it before. But unfortunately, they don’t seem interested in doing business. I think they are outsourcing the service to another company. The person on the phone wouldn’t t even give us a free trial using our actual database.