Xactium GRC Cloud

A web-based multi-module management system designed by Xactium.

About Xactium GRC Cloud

Easy to Use, Collaborative and Highly Customizable Web-Based Applications for Managing Your Critical Governance, Risk and Compliance Activities.

Xactium’s Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solutions are being used by global companies to achieve significant improvements in the visibility, transparency and efficiency of their risk and compliance processes.

Our Suite of GRC Solutions Includes:

  • Risk Management
  • KRI Management
  • Policy Management
  • Incident Management
  • Claims Management
  • Audit Management

Built and delivered on the market leading cloud computing platform - Force.com - they deliver true enterprise Governance, Risk and Compliance scalability and security at low cost and with no installation required.


Pricing for our solutions is a per user, per annum license fee. This means that you can buy as few or as many licenses as you require at any one time, and flexibly grow or reduce the number of users as your business requirements change.

We can provide expert consultancy to customize and integrate our Governance, Risk and Compliance solutions to your organization’s specific requirements.

Audit Manager

Audit Management Software

Having a full and clear view of your organization’s audit activities is an essential part of implementing a successful GRC programmer. Without a centralized, automated solution for managing audits, organizations often struggle to aggregate audit related activities, monitor trends and gain an true picture of risk across the enterprise.

Xactium Audit Manager is a cloud based GRC solution, which provides market leading support for managing, monitoring and reporting your Audit activities. Delivered on the flexible, scalable and secure Force.com platform, Xactium Audit Manager provides a powerful but easy to use enterprise solution that delivers significant advantages and cost benefits over traditional systems.

Using Audit Manager, your organization can:

Document Audits

Build an easy to access, online repository of audit information and recommendations, and related processes, controls and risks.

Automate the Audit Management Process

Automate the collection of SOX compliant audit data, including managing and tracking audit activities, audit plans and gathering the results of audits. Utilize the powerful in-built workflow and approvals engine to automate reminders, tasks and sign-off.

Capture and Execute Audit Plans

Capture common Audit steps by creating Test plans. Execute audit activities against individual Test plan steps and record the outcome of each test

Real Time Reporting and Dashboards

Utilize the platform’s powerful, highly customizable, reporting and dashboards capabilities to report key audit management activities, provide regular updates to managers, and track and monitor audit trends.

Audit History and Audit Trail

All tasks, events, notes, documents and emails created can be stored against a claim. A full audit trail history enables changes to be tracked against the user who made them…

Workflows and Approvals

Includes a fully featured workflow and approvals engine to ensure claims are managed in an efficient, effective and timely manner.


By utilizing the Force.com platform, you can be assured that your critical data is maintained in a secure environment that is trusted by over 3 millions users.

Claims Manager

Claims Management Software

Claims Manager is a flexible, feature-rich claims management solution delivered over the web on the Force.com platform from salesforce.com.

Manage incidents, claims, policies, client information and reporting in this centralized database solution.

Gain better control and visibility of your Policies and Claims. Plus, thanks to the flexibility of the Force.com platform - you can customize it to your exact needs.

Incident Reporting and Claims Conversion

Easy capture of new Incidents via a web portal. Convert Incidents to Claims with one easy click!

Policy and Claims Capture

Supports the easy creation and management of Policy Types, Policies and Claims.

Client and Broker Communication

Utilizes the in-built communications functionality of Salesforce to enable a variety of client and broker communications, including: branded emails, partner and customer portals and text messaging.

Management Information

Our Claims Management software enables you to measure your business’ key performance indicators, such as claims backlog, average settlement time - the possibilities are endless.


Provides support for managing a wide variety of financial data related to Claims, included: Reserves, Deductibles, Net Incurred costs and Payments.

Claims History and Audit Trail

All tasks, events, notes, documents and emails created can be stored against a claim. A full audit trail history enables changes to be tracked against the user who made them…

Workflows and Approvals

Includes a fully featured workflow and approvals engine to ensure claims are managed in an efficient, effective and timely manner.


By utilizing the Force.com platform, you can be assured that your critical data is maintained in a secure environment that is trusted by over 3 millions users.

Incident Manager

Incident Management Software

Xactium Incident Manager is a flexible and scalable cloud based incident management software solution. It’s ideal for capturing, tracking and managing incidents, including the resulting actions needed to remediate them.

Xactium’s Incident Manager is used by Insurers, Banks and Utilities to track a wide variety of Risk Events. Incident Manager has also been used to help manage large events, such as the London 2012 Olympics.

Xactium’s solution allows you to efficiently evaluate the criticality of an incident, automatically assign it to relevant stakeholders, and create and track actions needed to resolve the incident. In addition, powerful reporting and dashboard tools enable you to gain an overall picture of current incidents and the status of their remediation.

Report and Track Incidents

With our incident management solution you can report incidents of any type, including fraud, non-compliance and security threats. Associate incidents with specific business units or desks and describe their root cause.

Manage Investigations

Assign a lead investigator to the incident and put in place automated workflow rules for managing the incident lifecycle, including automated escalation rules and email notification.

Review and Approve Incident Remediation

Link incident management tasks to specific remediation actions and assign them to relevant stakeholders. Make use of powerful approval process capabilities to manage approvals of remediated incidents and post-remediation activities.

Monitor the Status of Incidents

Utilize powerful reporting and dashboard tools to track incidents by type, role, business unit and priority. Schedule automatic report updates to managers by email. Gain an oversight of trends and activities.

Create an Incident Portal

Ensure timely reporting of incidents across your team. Facilitate onsite incident reporting with customisable branding for a consistent user experience.

Record and Track Incident Management Issues in Real-Time Using Xactium Incident Manager

Xactium Incident Manager can now be extended to support the real-time management of issues and incidents. Track and manage high volume issues as they arise without having to manually refresh screens and dashboards. Automatically filter Incident Management issues by severity, functional area, location or create a custom filter. Rapidly share issues with relevant stakeholders across multiple business areas and locations to coordinate efficient resolution. Keep your team informed with instant updates and notifications on issues relevant to them on any device.

  • Current Situation Dashboard - gives a real-time snapshot of information across multiple business areas.
  • Share custom issue updates - with relevant parties and stakeholders
  • Priority Issue Dashboard - show latest issues by importance
  • Expanded filtering by issue - filter by custom field
  • SMS notification - send out SMS notifications to flag new issues or status changes
  • Mobile integration - supports mobile access to issues and dashboards
  • Daily Reports and Handovers - automatically generate and email custom issue summary reports
  • Document actions - for retrospective analysis

KRI Manager

Key Risk Indicators (KRIs)

Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) are an increasingly important component of an effective risk management process. They enable businesses to reduce loss and prevent risk exposure by measuring changes in their risk profiles and proactively managing risk situations before a risk event actually occurs.

KRI Manager helps customers manage a KRI framework through the creation of KRI libraries. Each KRI can be related to a number of qualitative or quantitative metrics, within which multiple thresholds (red, amber, green) can be applied. KRIs can also be linked to multiple risks (and controls). Out-of-the-box reports provide KRI trends against thresholds and the ability to aggregate KRI’s against specific risk categories.

KRI values can be entered manually via an intuitive wizard, bulk uploaded from spreadsheets using the powerful Force.com data loader, or input automatically via the Force.com web services API.

Our KRI Module supports:

  • Libraries of KRI’s assignable to specific Business Units, Risks and Controls
  • Capture of qualitative and quantitative RAG thresholds through Metrics
  • The ability to link multiple Metrics to KRIs, and multiple KRI’s to Risks or Controls
  • Notifications and alerts based on threshold levels
  • Aggregating and combining multiple indicators for enhanced insight
  • An intuitive wizard for manually entering KRI values or the ability to support automatic loading of values
  • Integration with third party KRI libraries

Policy Manager

Policy Management Software

Xactium Policy Manager provides the foundation for a best-in-class governance, risk and compliance program with a comprehensive and consistent process for managing and distributing corporate policies, processes and work-instructions.

Xactium Policy Manager provides a centralized place for policy management, where you can create and manage policies, including their review and approval, and map them to corporate objectives, processes and work-instructions. Xactium’s solution also enables you to distribute and track acceptance and understanding of policies and processes across the organization.

Xactium Policy Manager Features

Manage the Policy and Process Lifecycle

Manage your policies, processes and work-instructions in a secure, shared, online database. Automated review, approval, distribution, and archival processes enable you to reduce your management workload.

Flexibly Control Access to Policies and Processes

Manage policy and process editing and visibility using the platform’s powerful access controls including user roles and groupings as well as record-level permissions.

Ensure Policy and Process Understanding and Compliance

Provide employees with an individual view of their applicable policies, processes and work-instructions via an online Policy Manager portal. Ensure individuals understand specific policies, processes and work-instructions by setting questionnaires which they must complete as proof of understanding.

Provide Training and Feedback

Include links to videos for training purposes and enable employees to easily provide feedback on Policy, Process and Work-Instruction documents. Track feedback remediation via standard Salesforce workflows.

Report on Policy and Process Management Activities

Utilize the powerful, highly customizable, reporting and dashboards capabilities of our policy management software to track key activities, including tracking who has read what documents, outstanding reviews and approvals. Set up automated report and dashboard generation and automatically email them to relevant stakeholders.

Standalone or Integrated With Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud

Policy Manager can be provided on its own, or can be easily integrated with Sales and Service Cloud to provide an integrated Sales and Service governance solution.

Risk Manager

Risk Management Software

Xactium Risk Manager, our Risk Management solution, is an easy to use web-based application for managing risk across your organization. Built on the flexible, scalable and secure Force.com cloud computing platform, it requires no installation, can be configured to your organization’s requirements in days, and provides rich reporting, workflow and user management capabilities.

Xactium Risk Manager enables you to proactively identify risks, evaluate the likelihood and impact of those risks, mitigate risks, relate them to mitigating controls and actions, and track their resolution.

Identify and Track Potential Risks

Use our risk software to build an easily searchable register of potential risks, documenting their key attributes, including category and subcategory, impacted business unit, and inherent, residual and target risk ratings.

Collaborate and Share Key Risk Activities

Because all your information is kept in one place in our risk management software, multiple-users can share and collaborate on key activities, including risk assessment, risk mitigation and risk monitoring.

Implement Mitigating Actions and Controls

Easily map risks to multiple mitigating controls, put in place trackable action plans. Also, link risks to specific incidents, loss events and key risk indicators within the organization.

NEW! Key Risk Indicators

Risk Manager now fully supports KRI’s, including quantitative and qualitative metrics and powerful KRI data gathering and reporting tools.

Track Activities and Events

Track the progress of risk management activities, including tasks, emails and actions. Easily synchronize your tasks and events with Outlook and Lotus Notes.

Completely Customizable

Because Risk Manager is built on the highly flexible Force.com platform, virtually every aspect of it can be customized, leading to a risk management software that’s designed for your specific needs, including: data fields, relationships, layouts, reports, workflows, etc.

Flexibly Report on Your Risk Management Activities

Utilize user customizable reporting and dashboards capabilities to communicate key risk management activities. Generate a wide variety of sophisticated and brand-able PDF style reports, including risk registers, heatmap and risk trend reports.

Create and Manage Approval Processes and Workflows

Utilize powerful approval and workflow capabilities to create and manage approval processes and workflows, including email notifications and risk approvals.

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