InfoFlo Pay

A software system designed by Carmel Vision.

About InfoFlo Pay

InfoFlo Pay is a web-based and mobile friendly invoicing software that lets you create and send estimates/invoices to an unlimited number of clients!

InfoFlo Pay is a completely integrated suite of tools for managing an entire print shop. It’s primary features include order tracking, estimating, integrated payment processing, work orders, design and production workflow, and more.

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Easy Estimate Creation

  • Create New Estimates: InfoFlo Pay allows you to create new estimates quickly. Customers can be selected from an auto-fill drop-down list or new contacts can be created. Similarly, line items can selected from an auto-fill drop down list or new ones can be created, all from the same screen. It doesn’t get any easier!
  • Send Estimates With Notifications: Ever worry your estimates and notifications will not be received? InfoFlo Pay is integrated with Mailgun, a top rated 3rd party email service provider. As a result, you can rest assure that your customers will receive them and in their inbox, rather than spam, which helps you get paid faster!
  • Get Estimates Accepted Faster: InfoFlo Pay sends an email to your customer. All the customer needs to do is click on the active link and they are logged in to their customer portal with an “Accept” button shown on top and a PDF version of the estimate below. When accepted, the estimate is automatically converted to an invoice with a “Pay Now” button.
  • View Estimates: View all of your estimates from a single place. InfoFlo Pay allows you to search and sort by estimate #, created date, expiry date, name, company name and total as well as filter the view by a From and To date. Moreover, you can filter your view by status, such as viewing only viewing “Overdue” estimates.
  • All Estimate At Your Fingertips: InfoFlo Pay allows you to just click an expand button letting you view when you last sent and when your customer last viewed their estimate. You can even setup InfoFlo Pay to send you an email notification when your customer is viewing their estimate. More features include converting to invoice, extract to PDF, resend estimate, copy/paste the active URL link sent to the customer and even duplicate the estimate.
  • Professional PDF Estimate: Easily add your logo, company name, address and even modify the colors within the PDF so that it matches your company logo. InfoFlo Pay PDF’s are simple, professional and easy to read.

Easy Invoice Creation and Track Payments

  • Estimates Converted to Invoices: If you have already converted an estimate, then your invoice is ready for payment! If required, you can edit your line items and add new product and services.
  • Create New Invoices: InfoFlo Pay allows you to create new invoices with just a few clicks! Customers can be selected from an auto-fill drop-down list or created on the spot. Then simply add your products and services from an auto-fill drop down list and even create new product and services, all from the screen. It doesn’t get any easier!
  • Send Invoices With Notifications: InfoFlo Pay is fully integrated with Mailgun, one of the most widely used 3rd party email services. Since email providers recognize Mailgun, you can rest assure that your customers will receive your invoices and overdue notifications and in their inbox, rather than spam, which helps you get paid faster.
  • Convenient Client Portal: Once an invoice is sent, the customer receives an email with a unique customer portal link allowing anytime access to the unpaid invoice. When clicked on, the customer is automatically logged in to their portal with a “Pay Now” button appearing above a PDF version of their unpaid invoice.
  • Get Paid Faster On Your Terms: Instantly accepts payment over the phone or let the customer process their own credit card through the customer portal. Since InfoFlo Pay is fully integrated with one of the largest payment processors in North America, a credit card is securely processed in seconds. Automatic payment notifications allow your customers to stay stress-free.
  • Track all Invoices:
    • Search, Sort and Filter: InfoFlo Pay allows you to search and sort by estimate number, date, name, and company as well as filter by status. Know whats happening with every invoice, so your always prepared.
    • Action Buttons: Instantly extract an invoice to PDF, resend it, copy and paste the customer portal link and even duplicate it so that you don’t need to create a new invoice from scratch. Everything is one click away
    • Sent and Viewed: Want to see how many times you’ve sent an invoice? Was it viewed? InfoFlo Pay can event send you an email notification when the customer is viewing the invoice!
  • Never Send A Confusing Invoice Again: Invoices should be clean and easy to read. InfoFlo Pay Invoices clearly show all invoice information, including Currency Conversion, Total Amount, Amount Due and a Paid stamp when the invoice is paid in fill. As with estimates, invoices are fully customizable to include all of your company information.

Best Software for Managing and Tracking Payments

  • Get Paid Faster: Avoid those awkward talks and put an end to delayed payments. With InfoFlo Pay integrated payment processing, you can take payments anytime and anywhere! One simple, low price with no hidden fees or monthly charges, 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction for all credit cards.
  • Better Payments Options: Don’t be locked into just accepting credit cards and give multiple payment options to customers to make their payment experience hassle-free. InfoFlo Pay even allows options of cash of cheque. Customers can pay on their computer or mobile device, or you can take payments on the phone and even in person. Get set up in seconds and get paid faster.
  • Automatic Notifications: InfoFlo Pay can automatically send your customers overdue notifications to help you get paid faster. In addition, the system can send you an email when you customer is viewing an unpaid invoice!

Manage All of Your Clients From One Place

  • Built In CRM: Never lose customer information or create complicated spreadsheets again. With InfoFlo Pay built in CRM, all your clients remain stored in an organized system. Fully searchable with drill down capability to the deepest part of your customers. InfoFlo Pay built in CRM is simple, intuitive and requires no training.
  • Linked Estimates: View all estimates linked to a specific customer and perform all actions
  • Linked Invoices: View all invoices linked to a specific customer and perform all actions.
  • Linked Statements: View all statements linked to a specific customer.

Empower Your Customers

  • Creating Client Access: With every first new estimate or invoice sent, a customer login and password is generated for easy access. Your customer can either click on the link or remember their username and password.
  • Client Estimates: Your clients can view their own estimates. From this page they can convert their estimates to invoices, download a PDF of any estimate and even share their estimates.
  • Client Invoices: Your clients can view their own invoices. From this page they can pay for their outstanding invoices, download a PDF of any invoice and even share their invoices.
  • Client Statements: Your clients can view their own statements. This includes a beginning/ending balance, a full history of their transactions and an option to generate a PDF of this information.

Product Overview

  • Developer Carmel Vision Inc.
  • Type Billing and Invoicing Software
  • Client OS Web
  • Deployment Cloud Hosted
  • Starting Price $25/user/month

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