A billing and automation revenue platform.

About Ordway

Ordway is a smart billing and revenue automation platform for scaling businesses that simplifies how companies price products, send invoices, collect payments, and recognize revenue. Designed for the SMB market, the cloud-based platform removes manual workarounds in the accounts receivable and revenue recognition functions and sits between an application/CRM and accounting system.

Video Overview

The Ordway platform is designed for scaling businesses with finance and revenue operations teams that generate revenue from a mix of recurring subscription business along with additional fees coming from one-time charges, professional services, or consumption/usage of their service. It is designed to automate back-office operations for the SMB market.


  • Eliminate manual workarounds in the sale to renewal process by through contract/renewal management
  • Invoice and statement generation, collections, dunning, credits
  • A reporting layer gives you visibility into important SaaS metrics like MRR, top accounts, churn, etc.

Product Overview

User Reviews of Ordway

Submitted on June 26th, 2019 by Simon Lorenz from Klara

I do not have to worry about billing and revenue recognition. We are in the business of improving healthcare communications, not collecting on invoices from our customers, or hiring teams to recognize revenue properly. Early on, the Ordway team helped identify a few clients we were billing incorrectly and that led to recovered revenue. More importantly, we are automating a part of our business (billing and rev rec) that lets our team focus on the core value drivers of our business.

Submitted on June 26th, 2019 by Michael S from BAO Systems

The system is highly configurable, allowing my company to tailor my billing processes — from workflow to invoice format — to my businesses needs. I also like that the system supports uploading and downloading of data very easily, which greatly improves efficiency.