A full ERP system designed by Aptora.

About Total Office Manager

Total Office Manager is a complete accounting program, uniquely created by contractors for contractors. Total Office Manager has it all: appointments, audit trails, cash flow management, customer contact logs, depreciation, dispatching, estimates, inventory control, purchase orders, proposals, scheduling, service, technician tool lists, telephone messaging, work orders and MORE!

A/R Credit

Customer payments can be applied manually to a specific invoice or automatically to the oldest invoice. Apply payments from customers towards an unlimited number of open invoices at one time. Quick access to customer notes and transaction history during AR review allowing you the ability to quickly recall a customer’s past conversations while servicing them. Accounts Receivable balance broken down into Current, 30, 60, and 90 day periods. Automatically flags past due customers. You have the ability to put customers on Credit Hold, automatically calculate and create finance charges invoices, automatically create a credit for over payments, and easily handle bounced checks.

Accounts Payable

This is where Total Office Manager keeps track of money that you owe to vendors. Every time you make a purchase, Total Office Manager keeps track of who you bought it from, when, how much, when it is due, what discounts are offered, and more. Total Office Manager even keeps track of warranty information for all items purchased. This helps you get reimbursed for items that failed under warranty.

Asset Management

The asset management portion of Total Office Manager was designed to assist you in managing your major tangible assets. Total Office Manager will list your equipment; show you what is under warranty, track repair history, track of vendors and suppliers, and more. Total Office Manager will even handle depreciation of assets. Total Office Manager also tracks equipment owned by your customers. This is another feature you typically will only find in $30,000.00 accounting programs.

Certified Payroll

If you are like most contractors, payroll is your most important expense. If you do not control payroll, you are in severe danger of financial ruin. As management consultants, we can’t over emphasize the importance of controlling labor costs. That’s why we have created such a powerful and flexible payroll system for Total Office Manager. We have included many of the features you will find in the world’s most powerful software applications; accounting programs costing $30,000.00 or more. Total Office Manager payroll is far more capable than what you may find in the ýoff the shelfý accounting programs you may be familiar with.

Contact Management

Total Office Manager powerful contact management functionality will impress you. It includes many of the features you would expect to find in a full-blown contact management application.

  • Caller ID*

  • Call screening

  • Incoming call record lookup*

  • Telephone call logging*

  • Complete contact history

  • Contact notes

  • Quick access to sales and credit history

General Ledger

Includes a detailed, professionally written, service industry specific Chart of Accounts. Each account includes a complete description that explains the appropriate usage of that account. Of course you can modify it or create your own. You are allowed to rename or renumbers any account – even ones that have been used or have balances.


Total Office Manager understands the special needs of contractors and service businesses. We have offered all of the features that are necessary to manage inventory successfully. Some of our features are similar to what you will find in other really good programs. We have also added some very powerful features typically found only in enterprise level accounting programs. These features include unlimited pricing levels, multiple markup methods, and the ability to group together assembly items into one product.

Job Costing

Our Job Costing feature was specifically designed for service based businesses. It’s informative and easy-to-use. Total Office Manager will tell you if you are making money on a particular job and how much. Easily determine which jobs are most profitable by comparing all job expenses versus revenue. Create job and project estimates quickly by breaking jobs down to the phase level. Review labor expenses by job. Total Office Manager tracks all labor expenditures so you know what jobs are going over your important labor estimates.

Map & Directions

Total Office Manager mapping feature uses the power Microsoft MapPoint 2004 and gives you the power to convert location-based information into sharp business analysis. Detailed street-map content combined with Simmons consumer profile data give your business a cutting edge. This feature’s easy-to-use interface makes it a welcomed addition to any contracting business.

Reports & Analysis

Total Office Manager has included most of the reports you would expect. Our reporting feature is comprised of a fast report preview engine that reduces preview time dramatically. Total Office Manager allows you to quickly preview reports, search them, print a range of pages, or print the entire page. You can change option and refresh as needed. Also, we tried not to drown users with worthless reports you don’t need. Look at your current program’s report list and ask yourself how many you actually need.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of Total Office Manager

Submitted on February 10th, 2021 by Anonymous

The concept behind the software is great, but it is difficult to use, support is unavailable, poorly trained and understaffed and there are constant bugs and work arounds. As I wrote this my company is open and unable to operate because their server went down and tech support is closed so I can’t even notify.

The Good…

Reporting is good.

The Bad…

Lack of support. No live tech support and they are only open until 4pm cst even during outages… Constant bugs glitches and work arounds.

Submitted on June 12th, 2015 by Anonymous

Easy to use accounting, dispatching and scheduling software that truly does it all. It has made our business more productive and efficient. It’s easy to use and Aptora’s support department is really knowledgeable and helpful!

The Good…

Reports and scheduling features

The Bad…