B2W Track

A tracking software system designed by B2W Software.

About B2W Track

Through customized electronic field logs, B2W Track streamlines the collection and reporting of field progress, including productivity, labor, materials and equipment utilization. Daily analysis then empowers contractors to adjust operations more accurately and immediately. Employees in the field also use B2W Track to communicate repair and resource requests directly to the B2W elements for maintenance and scheduling.

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  • Easy, immediate capture and communication of field progress including productivity, labor, materials and equipment data
  • Customized electronic field logs
  • Fast, easy and accurate field log completion with Grid View – allowing hours, quantities and overhead costs to be entered all at once on a single, customizable screen
  • Mobile tablet functionality including job reports, timecards, electronic sign-off and dashboards
  • Tracking and management of fixed-price and time-and-material work on the same log
  • Customizable dashboards and reporting for insight into job performance
  • Direct import of bid information and phase codes from B2W estimating application
  • Unified with B2W Maintain: repair requests created in B2W Track visible in B2W Maintain
  • Unified with B2W Schedule: real-time visibility of resource schedule, and communication of resource requests created in B2W Track
  • Seamless transfer of payroll data to accounting systems – without redundant data entry

Target Market

  • Construction companies
  • Companies with 1-500+ employees

Product Overview

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