Field Service Management Software

A web-based software system designed by Bella Solutions, Inc…

About Field Service Management Software

Bella provides an easy-to-use and all-inclusive web-based Field Service Management Software specifically designed to manage your Field Service business from any computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. No expensive and complicated software or hardware to purchase& just a username, password, and a small monthly fee. You may cancel at any time. New features and upgrades are automatically installed for you.

Benefits of Our Solution:

  • Maximize profits by organizing and streamlining your Field Service business
  • Optimize scheduling to maximize employee’s and subcontractor’s time in the field
  • Save time and money by reducing paper work and errors.
  • Never miss a Customer payment
  • Improve Customer satisfaction and service with faster response times
  • Easily manage Employees, Customers, Vendors, Jobs, Work Orders, Estimates, * Invoices, Accounting and your business from one solution
  • Manage all Jobs whether single or multiple appointments are needed and view up to date cost and expenses

Through our inherent use of state-of-the-art technology, Bella provides you an easy to use, flexible way of maintaining a competitive advantage and maximizing profits.

Imagine the results you can achieve by streamlining your Field Service business and having real-time anytime, anywhere access to your companies data even while mobile.


Accounting features to help you manage your business. Easily create Invoices to bill your Customers upon completion or partial completion of Jobs for immediate payment. Bella has the capability to easily track open, outstanding, and paid invoices. Never miss a payment again!

  • Job Profit–Service, Inventory Parts, and Non-inventory Parts have a “Cost” field. Update costs as needed and instantly see the Job Profit! Profit is automatically calculated and displayed in the Items section of the Job page.
  • Item List–Items include Service, Inventory Parts, Non-inventory Parts, Other Charges, Discounts, and Sales Tax. The Item List is managed under the Accounting or Admin tab. Items are used to create an Estimate, Work Order, or Invoices.
  • Chart of Accounts–Create your Chart of Accounts to manage your business. You have the ability to assign each Item to an account to better track your your Income and Expenses. Use Bella’s Accounting features or export transactions to QuickBooks or other accounting software if you prefer.
  • Price Levels–Assign a Price Level to a Customer and only the selected Items will display when creating an Estimate, Work Order, or Invoice for that Customer. Also, if you have created a Customer Portal for that Customer and gave them access to your Items List, only the selected Items for that Customer will be displayed.
  • QuickBooks Integration–Bella Solutions is compatible with QuickBooks. Export your invoices to a file format compatible for use with QuickBooks and other accounting software. This allows you to create and track an Invoice with QuickBooks or another application if you prefer.


Easily manage all communications, notes, Jobs, contacts, locations, and equipment. Securely access data anytime, anywhere from any computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

  • Customer Search–Quickly and easily search for Customers by name, address, zip code, phone number, or contact.
  • Custom Fields–Easily create custom fields to display on the Customer page.
  • Customizable Page–Create a custom page for each Customer type. For example, select different data fields to display for Commercial and Residential Customers.
  • Portal Access–Give your Clients online access to request a Job, view open Jobs, History, and more. You control the level of access and greatly improve satisfaction.
  • Account Manager–Assign an “Account Manager” to each Customer. The Customer List and Job List may be sorted by Account Manager.
  • Job History–Quickly view history of all activity for each Customer, Contact, Location, Jobs, Equipment, Invoices, and more.
  • Multiple Contacts and Locations–Easily create multiple locations and contacts for each Customer. When creating a Job easily select the location and contact to provide service.
  • Parent / Subsidiary–Create parent hierarchy to easily manage Customers with subsidiaries.
  • Equipment–Track make, model, and serial number along with full service history and warranty information. Equipment details and service history included on Work Order.
  • Billing / Invoicing–Quickly create invoices. Easily track open invoices to avoid missed payments.
  • Customizable Invoice Form–Customize the Invoice to match your current form or use our standard template.
  • Export to QuickBooks–Easily export your invoices to QuickBooks or use our Accounting features.
  • Attachments–Upload attachments to each Customer and Job such as photos, spreadsheets, and contracts.


  • Customizable Terms–Customize terms such as Job Status, Customer Type, and Location Zone to match your current business eliminating the need to change the way you do business.
  • Customizable Customer Page–Customize the page for each “Customer Type”. For example, select different data fields to display for Commercial and Residential Customers.
  • Customizable Data Fields–Easily create custom data fields for the Customer and Job page.
  • Custom Forms–Customize the Estimate, Work Order, and Invoice form with your company logo, terms and conditions, signature line, and much more. Create forms to meet your needs.
  • ID’s–Customer, Location, and Equipment ID’s are customizable with numbers, characters, or symbols.
  • Time Zones–Schedule across time zones. Each User has the option to set their time zone.

Data Security

Be assured your data is secure using the latest in firewall, encryption, and intrusion detection technologies. Your data is continually backed up in case of any situation that may arise in which you need to have it restored.

  • User Roles–Assign User Roles to give you complete control over what each Employee and Vendors have rights and permissions to view and access.
  • Admin User Access–Admin Users have access to all areas of the software. There may be more than one Admin User for your account.
  • Standard User Access–Admin Users may set the access levels for each Standard User. Standard Users may be given view only or edit access to specific areas of the software. Settings may be modified at any time by an Admin User.

Employee and Vendor Management

Easily create a list of Employees and Vendors for your business. Employees and Vendors may be assigned Jobs.

  • Employee Equipment–Track equipment such as tools, trucks, and laptops that was assigned to an Employee and when it was returned.
  • To do’s–Easily assign To do’s. A priority for the To do can be set at low, medium, or high for quicker responses.
  • Personal Dashboard–The “My Home” page is unique to each User and only displays their assigned Jobs and To do’s. The home page is designed to help each User manage their schedule.

Estimates (Proposals)

Easily create and track Estimates to determine where to spend your efforts and maximize sales. One click converts an Estimate into a Work Order.

  • Onsite Estimates–Create Estimates while onsite with your prospects using any laptop, smartphone, or tablet such as an iPad, Android, Windows 7, and Blackberry.
  • Customizable Estimate Form–Customize the Estimate to match your current form or use our standard template.

Job Management

Easily create and manage Jobs at every stage from Estimate to Closed. Update Jobs from the office or field. Job dashboard gives you a real-time view into your business.

  • Customizable Work Order Form–Customize the Work Order to match your current form or use our standard template.
  • Custom Fields–Easily create custom fields to display on the Job page.
  • Maintenance and Service Contracts–Easily manage Maintenance and Service Contracts for providing and tracking continued service and maintenance to your Customers.
  • Emailing Customers–Email Estimates, Work Orders, and Invoices directly to your Customer. This may be done from the office or field with a laptop, smartphone, iPad or Android tablet.
  • Text Alerts for Dispatch–Quickly Send a text alert or email the Work Order to the assigned Employee, Subcontractor, or Crew for emergency dispatch.
  • Recurring Appointments–Easily schedule recurring Job appointments on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly frequency. Easily edit the entire series or one occurrence.
  • Mapping–Easily view and print driving directions to service locations with a link to Google Maps. No additional mapping software is needed to purchase and integrate.
  • Job Status Tracking–Create custom Job Status’ to match your current business process. Job dashboard and reporting give you a real-time view into your business.
  • Attachments–Upload attachments to each Job and Customer such as photos, spreadsheets, and contracts.

Mobile Access

Real-time access to your data from any computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet such as iPad and Androids. Update data in real-time from the office, field or home.

  • iPad, and Android Compatible–Real-time access from on your iPad and Android tablets with full functionality.
  • Mobile Phone Access–Real-time access with full fuctionality from on your iPhone, Android, and Windows smartphone.


Robust reporting capabilities for all data. Customize each report to view real time data critical to run your business. All list have custom report capabilities.

  • Job Reports–Easily create custom Job reports for a real-time view into your business. Generate payroll, time sheets, Job profit, and more.
  • Customer Reports–Easily generate custom Customer reports for marketing statistics, lead generation, revenue generation and more.
  • Marketing Reports–Run marketing reports to determine where you’re receiving the best return on your marketing spend.
  • Payroll–Easily generate payroll reports for Employees and Subcontractors.
  • Time sheets–Easily create time sheets for Employees and Subcontractors.
  • Accounting Reports–Generate invoice reports, transaction reports and more.


Quickly schedule new Jobs and update existing Jobs directly on the Calendar. Update Job appointments easily with drag and drop capability.

  • Calendar Views–Quickly view schedules for Employees, Subcontractors, and Crews in the Day, 5 Day, 7 Day, Week, or Month view.
  • Field Resource View–Easily filter the calendar by an Employee, Subcontractor, or Crew. Schedule by viewing the availability of an individual Field Resource or by an available date and time.
  • Color Coded Calendar–Assign custom color codes to Employees, Subcontractors, Location Zones, and Job Status’ for quick and easy visual scheduling optimization.
  • Schedule Summary–Quickly print a Day or Week Schedule Summary for an Employee, Subcontractor, or Crew.
  • Recurring Appointments–Easily schedule recurring Job appointments on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly frequency. Quickly edit the entire series or one occurrence.
  • Crew Management–Easily create Crews to assign to Jobs. Crew Members may be updated at any time.
  • Text and Email Alerts–Send Job text or email alerts to the assigned Employee, Subcontractor, or Crew.

Product Overview

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