A multi-module management system designed by Corrigo.

About Servicom

Servicom is the award-winning, best of breed software solution for managing your service business. Specifically designed for the needs of contractors involved in service work (specialty contractors), Servicom facilitates every phase of the field service cycle, including:

  • Maintenance of a full customer profile - consisting of multiple sites, equipment information, warranties, service history and service contracts information
  • Work order processing throughout the work order life cycle
  • Comprehensive dispatching and scheduling tools to enhance productivity
  • Specialized billing which automates ýindustry standardý billing practices
  • Inventory control for service parts and equipment, and much more


Empower your dispatchers by giving them the tools to keep your technicians productive and on-schedule. SERVICOM’s dispatch list and state-of-the-art virtual schedule board will streamline your daily operations. Make your dispatcher more efficient and your field technicians more productive - with SERVCIOM technicians have all the information they need to complete a job. SERVICOM provides dispatchers with an at-a-glance window directly into the center of your service business’ schedule.

Inventory Management

SERVICOM provides you with the purchasing and inventory features that work for your business, allowing for streamlined management of stock and field purchases. Your technicians know what needs to get done on site, and SERVICOM simply helps you get the job done fast and efficiently - so your technicians can do more jobs per day.

Having a service company can be unpredictable. Here at Aligo we understand that handling field purchasing well can be extremely important to running a good service operation. Your technicians inevitably will arrive at jobs and discover that they don’t have the parts on hand to complete the job. With SERVICOM’s Purchasing and Inventory Management, your technicians won’t waste time running across town to get parts-- they’ll know what’s on their trucks and you’ll know when to order more. And no more buying parts for a particular job that never seem to find their way to the customer’s invoice – SERVICOM purchasing automatically places parts purchased for a job on the invoice. Your profit margins will improve, and your customers will appreciate timely, accurate billing.

Job Management

SERVICOM Job Manager improves quote preparation and job cost tracking to maximize efficiencies and reduce cost. With SERVICOM Job Manager you gain in-depth visibility and management capabilities of jobs performed by your service business including easy creation and updates to jobs for new and existing customers and in-depth tracking of job information.

Service Agreements

SERVICOM allows for flexibility and customization of your service agreements, providing you with the tools to better manage and control your service agreement schedule. However you choose to maintain and bill your service agreements, SERVICOM helps you keep your technicians on schedule and more efficient in the field

Servicom Mobile

SERVICOM Mobile is our wireless, paperless work order processing system for field technicians which uses standard PDA’s and mobile phones to completely automate field technicians’ paperwork and provide wireless, two way communication of work order and billing information between the field and the office.

SERVICOM Mobile puts work order and job information into the palm of your field technicians’ hands, helping them and your office staff become more productive.

Work Order Processing

Customer management and efficient work order processing is crucial to any service company; the faster you get information, the faster the job gets done, and the more jobs done per day.

Creating work orders with SERVICOM is fast and easy. Keep your technicians productive and effective in the field by giving them all the information they need to complete a job. With SERVICOM your technicians will spend less time calling back to the office for work details and more time focused and confident that they have what they need to complete their job.

Product Overview

  • Developer Corrigo, Inc.
  • Type Field Service Management Software
  • Client OS Windows

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