Exact Field Service

A multi-module management system designed by Exact for commercial & service companies.

About Exact Field Service

Exact Field Service

Exact Field Service provides a powerful set of business tools to help service organizations optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of their entire team.

Exact Field Service enables organizations to wrap their arms around their entire operational process including customers, vendors, contracts, service orders, preventative maintenance, parts inventory, and invoicing, in one solution and a single database.

Built on award winning Synergy technology, Exact Field Service enables greater productivity and profitability by allowing multiple users at remote locations to share information in real-time via a secure Internet connection.

From creating a service contract, to scheduling a work order, to recording time and materials, to invoicing, Exact Field Service empowers the organization to streamline processes and improve customer response time.

With Exact Field Service you can:

  • Improve customer service response time
  • Maximize technician productivity
  • Speed billing and improve collections
  • Increase the accuracy of your parts inventory.
  • Automate work order creation and maintenance schedules
  • Establish preventative maintenance schedules to minimize downtime
  • Offer customers self service capabilities via a Web Portal
  • Track time and materials by project, contract, product, location and customer

Account Management

Allows You To:

  • Give everyone who comes in contact with your customers access to all the information they need to provide superior service
  • Notify the appropriate salesperson automatically anytime one of their customers requests a service order
  • Take advantage of up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. Field personnel can have access to a complete on-line catalogue of products and services, extended warranty and service contracts, financing, and trade-in information

Billing & Collections

Allows You To:

  • Eliminate the errors and inefficiency from re-keying work orders from paper forms
  • Avoid invoice disputes by billing only for parts and service that are not covered under contract
  • Reduce your write-offs by checking a customer’s outstanding balance before scheduling additional services
  • Monitor open work orders and ensure technicians submit them for billing on a timely basis

Parts Management

Allows You To:

  • Track parts inventory by location, down to the individual service van
  • Automatically relieve inventory items used on service orders and initiate purchase orders from the field for any missing parts
  • Match inventory usage with problem codes, failure rates, and vendor history to improve inventory planning and quality management
  • Reduce broken calls by checking technician’s parts stock before assigning work orders

Self-Service Web Site

Allows You To:

  • Decrease the number of incoming calls by allowing customers to check the status of their service requests via your self-service portal
  • Empower your customers and business partners to diagnose issues and make routine repairs themselves using a technical knowledge base and ordering parts online
  • Increase the accuracy of problem descriptions by accepting service requests online, in the customer’s own words

Service Work Orders

Allows You To:

  • Keep field people in the field. All the information they need can be accessed in real-time through a laptop or PDA. There’s no need to come to the home office with schedule or work order questions or to tie up office personnel with phone calls
  • Arm your phone representatives with complete item and customer history, and a deep technical knowledge base so they can properly identify the issue and assign the correct problem code
  • Dispatch technicians, employee or contractor, based on location, schedule availability, skill searches, and certifications
  • Notify technicians of schedule changes via workflow requests and integration with their Microsoft Outlook calendar. Email, page, phone, or fax notifications can also be sent using Exact Event Manager
  • Maximize uptime through scheduled preventative maintenance at regular intervals, based on customer usage, or both

Warranties & Service Contracts

Allows You To:

  • Set proper payment expectations and eliminate any confusion over what’s covered and what’s not before the service is performed with full access to contract terms and history
  • Have complete flexibility in setting terms and conditions on contracts. Vary charges by labor type, part, time of day, holiday, rush service, etc.
  • Keep customers current with automated renewal notices. Detailed service records help justify service contract extensions
  • Renew or upgrade contracts on the spot. Field technicians and call center personnel have complete access to contract renewal and expiration

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