Service business software from GorillaDesk

About GorillaDesk

GorillaDesk is an all-in-one service business management solution primarily marketed to pest control companies. However, other field service businesses will also benefit from GorillaDesk. This solution handles everything from estimating and invoicing to GPS tracking and review generation.

Video Overview


  • Invoicing
  • Scheduling
  • Routing
  • Customer Portal
  • Review Generation
  • Reporting
  • Estimating
  • GPS Tracking
  • Document Management
  • And more.


GorillaDesk pricing is dependent on the number of schedules/routes you have.

Starting prices for 1 schedule:

Plan Price
Basic $49/month
Pro $99/month

Target Market

  • Pest Control
  • Wildlife Control
  • Pool Service
  • Lawn Care
  • Fire Inspection
  • Home Inspection
  • Commercial and Residential Cleaning
  • And more.

Product Overview

User Reviews of GorillaDesk

Submitted on June 14th, 2019 by Mike North from Evergreen Environmental Services

I own a small pest control company and switched to this platform from a quickbooks/google calendar set up. Before I signed up I tried their 30 day trial, and the customer support was nothing short of AMAZING! They answered all of my questions over several phone calls. Transitioning my company was easy, and they offered to handle setting up my account on their end. The layout and add-ons offered take care of everything I struggled with on my old set-up. The major selling point for me is the route optimization feature. With a few clicks, I can optimize my route for the month to run in the most efficient way possible. The companion app for phones/tablets is set up fantastically for a field tech. Gives you access to everything you’d need while on the road. They recently added to sync your schedule with Google Calendars as well, which is quite useful. Anytime I’ve had a problem or question, support has gotten back to me very quickly with an answer/resolution. I can’t say enough how friendly and helpful everyone I’ve talked to has been. I actually started with the Pro plan to try things out, and intended on dropping to the basic plan once I got everything set up. I decided that the benefits that you receive with the Pro plan more than compensate for the slight cost increase, and it’s definitely worth keeping long-term. My only regret is that I didn’t pull the trigger and set this up sooner.

Submitted on June 14th, 2019 by Rob Jones from Venus Pest Company

After using “previous company software” for years and becoming increasingly disgruntled with their system, service, and pricing, we decided to look around and trial other different pest control / service business software packages that worked better at better value. Once we stumbled through a few unsuccessfully that couldn’t do everything we needed, we found GorillaDesk. Not only is the scheduling function of this software infinitely easier and more intuitive than what we were using before, but the invoicing, emailing, and reporting systems in GorillaDesk are all packaged together and becoming more robust every day. We handle everything through GorillaDesk now, including multiple touch points for follow up or marketing initiatives to our clients, using the easy to use email system integrated right in to the software. It’s also very easy to scale up as our company continues to grow with more routes and technicians. Not to mention, it’s very easy to train new people to use the system, saving us lots of time and heartache. Nothing but great things to say about GorillaDesk and the support team!

Submitted on June 14th, 2019 by Chad Everett from Natural Resources Pest Control

This software is the total package. From scheduling to customizable invoicing to routing. This program was well thought out by someone who knows the service business. I use it to run my small pest control company in Miami with 3 technicians. If I ever have any issues I simply call the owner of the company and he walks me through what to do over the phone. That’s great customer service! If you’re currently using a different software, give the 14 day free trial a go. It’ll sell itself.