A multi-module management system designed by High 5 Software for commercial & service companies.

About SME

SME - Service Management Enterprise is a modular based software program that is intent on helping you manage your customers, staff, maintenance, and inventory.

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The modules used in this system are as listed below:

  • Sales - This module allows you to maintain sales leads and keep track of sales activities.
  • Customer - This module allows you to store your customer data. With this module you can easily create service orders without double data entry.
  • Receivables - This module assists in the creation and management of invoices, acceptance of payments, and the creation recurring invoices
  • Inventory - This module allows you to keep track of multiple inventory items across many warehouses.
  • Assets - track info and keep records on company assets


This module allows you to track your companies assets and all related items such as tracking: assignments, warranties and maintenance, asset-related expenses, depreciation and other information about individual assets. This module is capable of tracking all of your fixed assets such as computers, telecommunications equipment, furniture, etc. Within the system you can store an amazingly large amount of asset specific data; data like identification, quantity, service dates, assignment, location and depreciation method. The system stores a complete depreciation and maintenance history for all of your assets. Specialized features allow this module to manage vehicles; allowing for the entry of maintenance, fuel receipts and vehicle information.

Contacts and Sales

Your sales staff, no doubt, spends a tremendous amount of time tracking sales. This module will alleviate frustration and eliminate hours in the compilation of daily and weekly reports. All contacts and corresponding information are readily available at the click of a button. This module will organize and track new opportunities as well. In this module you are given the ability to organize and store all contacts and telephone numbers related to a sales lead. All activities can be scheduled through the module and correspondence (such as email) can be automated. All quote totals are stored and can be reviewed individually or in summary. Additionally, data from closed leads will be stored for later review.


The Customers Modules track every aspect of your customers, allowing you to view the information through SME. With this program you can enter and view complete site information. This allows you to minimize errors by copying site data to the billing section. Additionally you can store driving directions, sub-contractor, and site information. All billing information such as labor, material and tax rates can be stored within the software; along with all customer specific information (installations, maintenance and warranty contracts and sales information. You are also able to enter and view all customer equipment lists. Additionally with this program you will be able to view a complete history of services and invoices. This product even has an ability to set notifications and reminders when different tasks are performed; providing a workflow management function


The Inventory Module is a comprehensive inventory control tool; allowing you to quickly and easily manage your entire inventory. After integrating with the other components of SME, your inventory accurately and automatically adjusts itself. With this module you can combine your inventory items into packages; furthermore, you can store and track all of your vendor info. In addition to tracking all inventory item information, you can track and process all returned inventory. You are also able to set pricing levels and markup; as well as setting Automatic Markup which automatically adjusts your prices based on cost increases. All purchase order history is able to be viewed; as well as is a complete selling history.

The Inventory Module can also store a comprehensive amount of vendor information. General information about your account with a vendor, including different reps and contact info, are all able to be stored for staff access. You are able to record general notes about each vendor, as well as store a complete product line with pricing and lead time. Finally you can view all of your purchases, purchase orders, and RMA’s.


The Receivables Modules allows you to forecast your expected revenue and provides detailed tracking of billing information, invoices, payments, statements and invoice credits. With this module you can view individual invoices, apply payments to invoices, and even setup recurring billing. An accurate and current history of all charges, payments, services (requested or performed), and materials used is available. Additionally you can view a list of open invoices for each individual customer; and conversely apply payments from a customer across multiple invoices.

Service and Installation

This module tracks your service calls, installation orders, system changes, inventory, equipment orders, product orders, and technicians. Moreover it also tracks sales prices which allow you to instantly quote accurate prices to your customers. After a quote is created you can assign technicians to work on your service calls; where you can estimate hours and compare them to actual labor hours. The Dispatch Control Utility allows you to schedule and track all of your technicians work; additionally you can print service tickets and invoices through this module for your technicians. This product is your complete project management application.


The Utilities Modules allows you to run and customize reports. The reports module allows you to use one convenient location to generate reports from all other modules. This module allows you to customize invoices and order tickets to meet your individual needs.

SME Online

Also available is a new platform adaptable to your business via SME Online. Allow customers the ability to log into the SME Customer Cloud to enter new work requests, see history of past services, and see invoices.

  • Access your SME data from the internet
  • Fully compatible with Service Management Enterprise
  • Configurable for Technicians, Sales Staff, Office Staff, and Your Customers
  • Fully Customizeable based on your requirements
  • The power and reliability of the SME application transformed into an efficient, user friendly web interface
  • Optimized for Mobile Devices
  • Great looking and customizeable reports

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