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About CityStreets

Innovative Software Services, Inc. would like to introduce you to CityStreets, the newest and most advanced work order software on the market today. If you’re tired of working on old, difficult to use software, then CityStreets is what you are looking for. If you want to extend your work order and asset reporting capabilities above and beyond standard motor pool reporting, then CityStreets is your solution.

Innovative Software utilizes advanced Windows technology in the development of software designed for municipalities, and is committed to quality and service. We listen to what our customers have to say, and take a proactive approach in building software to meet their needs.

Work Order and Asset Information

Work order information in CityStreets is neatly contained on one screen. Tabs allow easy access to work order calls, labor, materials, assets, and areas. CityStreets maintains a wide array of asset information including depreciation schedules.

Purchasing, Receiving, and Inventory Control

CityStreets includes comprehensive purchasing and receiving. Track all aspects of inventory items that range from general ledger account ID’s to on-hand location quantity to re-order point levels


CityStreets offers powerful reporting capabilities including graphs, standard reports, and an ad-hoc report writer. Export graphics to your Word or Excel documents and export reports to “html” for your city’s web page


  • CityStreets features automatic tracking of user-defined areas and their grouping against a work order, such as CDBG areas, Inner-city work areas, property tax areas, DDA areas, or any other area you wish to define
  • Maintain city street names for consistent reporting
  • Define city areas by street number range, either odd, even, or both


  • Maintain asset details including vehicle identification, year, make, model, serial number, purchase price, rental price, plate number, weight, and active status and many more
  • Track an unlimited number of user defined asset specifications for vehicles and equipment, such as six cylinder, ABS brakes, four wheel drive, or even filter specifications
  • Track all of your asset equipment, such as chain saws, lawn mowers, and chippers
  • Track department assignment
  • Assign an asset to a “parent” asset
  • Print asset specifications sheets


  • Ability to maintain employees, vendors purchasing agents, residents, customers
  • Keep unlimited number of addresses
  • Keep unlimited number of contacts, such as phone numbers, fax numbers, email, and web page addresses

Inventory Items

  • Define General Ledger account ID’s
  • Define item types, descriptions and manufacturers
  • Track year to date and inception to date for purchases, sales and consumption
  • Able to maintain re-order points by minimum and maximum re-order quantities
  • Track inventory by warehouse specific location and quantity
  • Maintain unlimited vendor item cross reference
  • Maintain unlimited number of vendors
  • Track preferred vendors by item


  • Easily add users
  • Configure user passwords
  • Add modules to a user account
  • Configure modules for user accounts to the smallest detail
  • Read-write capabilities
  • Ability to prevent viewing of a function
  • Ability to totally block a function

Work Orders

  • Work order identification can be tracked separately by module
  • Work order items can be tracked separately by module
  • Assets are shared among all modules
  • Work order identification may be auto-incrementing and/or dynamically assigned
  • Routings may be created for next work order generation
  • Track phone calls by who, what, when, and where for any module
  • Track item usage by work order
  • Track asset usage by work order
  • Track by department and General Ledger class code
  • Track and maintain “areas” by work order, such as community development block grants
  • Track start, completion, and estimated times and dates
  • Keep unlimited notes for work order descriptions and dispositions
  • Track status by open, closed, pending, approved, denied, closed-denied, on-hold or billed
  • With DPW work orders, track physical street address and location description
  • DPW work orders automatically track user defined areas
  • Track Motor Pool assets
  • Track each call with callback feature
  • Track employee labor by hours, rate, and labor code for each work order
  • Track all inventory items by quantity, price, and allocated or issued status
  • Track estimated, actual, and rental hours against an asset

Product Overview

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