Technisoft Service Manager

A multi-module management system designed by Technisoft.

About Technisoft Service Manager

Technisoft Service Manager is a full integrated ACCPAC solution focusing on the Service and Job Management industries. It is the Front End product that will drive your business on a daily basis and assist in the planning, controlling and organizing of the products and services that your business offers.

Technisoft Service Manager, as does ACCPAC, leads the accounting industry in Architectural Design for open standards.

Unlike most other Service Management systems available, Technisoft ýService Managerý was constructed from the ground up with the ACCPAC Accounting Engine, and fully integrates to the ACCPAC General Ledger, Tax Services, Accounts Receivable, Inventory

Control, Purchase Orders, Serialized Inventory, and eTransact.

Technisoft Service Manager is fully integrated with the ACCPAC Crystal Report Engine to provide unlimited access to your database for reporting purposes. Technisoft Service Manager is fully multi currency compliant utilizing the ACCPAC Currency Servers.

Technisoft Service Manager is also provided as a fully Hosted Solution by ACCPAC. So if you have a large company with many branches and wish to operate over a wide area network, utilizing the ACCPAC On-Line Service to Host your company’s software can be a very economical and cost effective solution. Technisoft Service Manager offers so much flexibility that it is used in a variety of industries.

Entry of all Jobs, Sales Orders, Quotations, Templates, and Agreements are performed from within the one Technisoft Service Manager Entry Program. Collectively these are termed documents.

Documents are maintained in an explicit hierarchical tree structure. This highly visual structure gives you a clear view of the contents of each Document and allows you to control the Service and Sales process effectively. Several tools are available in Document Entry to find the information you require quickly to create new, and maintain existing Documents.

Technisoft Service Manager Has Been Awarded:

  • ACCPAC International Product of the Year 2001
  • ACCPAC Australian Product of the year 2002.

With Technisoft Service Manager You Can:

  • Enter Service Jobs for Invoicing or Costing with recurring functionality
  • Enter Quotations for General Sales or Service Jobs
  • Setup and use Templates for common billing options
  • Plan and manage your Employees and Resources Graphically
  • Dynamically build an expanding knowledge base for Fault Analysis
  • Setup and track Customer Maintenance Agreements
  • Track Serialized Equipment, their Components, Warranty, Statistics and Service History
  • Manage Return Authorizations and Manufacturer Warranty Claims
  • Maintain extensive General and Market based Statistics and Profit Analysis

And much more, all in one integrated working environment.

Agreement Contracts

Site Agreements are Contracts sold to Customers in advance. They allow you to cover Services or Items that may be billed to Jobs covered by an Agreement during the term of that Agreement. That is, the Customer will not be charged for the Services or Items provided effectively having prepaid for them when purchasing the Agreement in advance.

Warranty Agreements relate to agency arrangements you have with Vendors or Manufacturers of Equipment you service. They cover Equipment only, and can be used to maintain claims to the Manufacturer of the Equipment for service work and parts used to repair the Equipment covered under Manufacturer warranty.

Meter Agreements can be used to process the automatic billing of Meter readings. Meters are often read on a recurring basis, and the Meter Document is processed based on the meter values logged at the time of reading.

Service and Item detail lines on a Meter Agreement can be set-up to allow for many different types of calculations based on the usage or reading value. These can then be used to raise an Invoice document based on these calculations.

CRM and PDA Mobile Application Pending

Internet and Mobile Solutions:

Server Software Requirements

  • ACCPAC (System Manager 5.1+)
  • Microsoft IIS 5+ (.Net Framework, Web Controls 1.0)
  • Windows 2000/XP

Client Software Requirements

  • Internet Explorer 5+
  • Microsoft Windows (any version that will run IE 5+)
  • PDA Sync software to install Service Manager programs

Customer Related Mobile Applications

  • Log Job, Job inquiry, Status, Billing, Instructions
  • Agreement and Equipment History
  • Update Site info. Contact Info Service
  • Job Manager - Check and update schedules (list view)
  • Job Alerts, My Jobs, My Jobs Changed
  • Add New Jobs, Edit existing, View Quotes/Templates
  • Add / Modify Time Entries, Items, Notations
  • Modify or Add Site Details/Contact Details
  • Modify Equipment, Components, Custom Fields, History
  • View/ Modify Agreement Contracts
  • Enter Meter readings /Check Customer Account Status
  • Use Fault Analyzer/ Help Desk

Employee Dispatch and Time Billing

Job Manager is available as a graphical based program that displays the current pool of Jobs, Phases in those Jobs, and Employee resources assigned to Phases in those Jobs. It is similar to a large White Board in operation. It includes planning tools that allow you to schedule resources, and compare estimates against actual time worked.

Job Manager provides functions to help you locate and assign available employees to a Job, estimate the time it will take to complete a Job, compare estimate response statistics with actual response statistics, set Alarms, Query Jobs, Record actual time, identify trouble spots or conflicts and plan future requirements.

Technisoft Service Manager allows you to record time. Time Entries can be retrieved into Jobs to create Service records for billing or costing purposes.

Fault Analyzer/Help Desk

The Fault Analyzer is a comprehensive help desk tool that allows you to find information by Symptom, Fault, Solution, or Model or any combination there of. Powerful filtering tools help you to find information quickly and existing registrations logged in the Fault Analyzer provide a knowledge base of information at your fingertips.

Use this tool to search for common problems or list any solutions used in the past to rectify a particular fault.

History and Statistics

Technisoft Service Manager contains detailed Statistic and History programs which allow you to view information about your daily use of Technisoft Service Manager.

Financial Distribution Statistics are recorded by Year and Period and include Service Counts, Revenue, Cost, Gross Profit and performance indicators. Statistics are maintained for Sites, Equipment, Models, Class Types, Job Types, Employees, Work Groups, Phases, Services and Marketing Information such as Market, Sector, Industry, Channel and Profile.

A key financial indicator in this program is Proportion Analysis. For instance, you can determine what percent of your business each Customer has contributed as a proportion of your total business.

Meter Billing

Technisoft Service Manager Meter Processing provides the tools to list Equipment that are due to have their Meters read. Criteria such as Meter Reading Employee, Site, Zone etc. may be set to filter Meter Reading requirements.

Once the readings have been entered, they can be processed automatically updating their related Meter Agreement Documents to calculate billing due based on the usage since the Meter was last read or billed.

Project Management

Projects can include a collection of Documents created in Technisoft Service Manager. That is they can include Quotes, Jobs, Sales and Agreements.

Projects include comprehensive budget and profit analysis from Phase and Document detail level to Totals for the entire Project.


Quotations allow you to generate entire Documents without affecting inventory levels or financial details.

Quotes can be copied to Sales Orders or Jobs once accepted by a customer. Quotes may be Faxed or E-mailed directly to Customers.

Return Authorizations

RMA’s are tracking documents generally used to return Equipment between the Customer and Service Company or Service Company and Vendor or Manufacturer and include Shipment Details, Vendor details, Equipment and Model information, Notations, Material Requests, and source Document details.

Service Job Entry

Jobs are the primary type of Documents most businesses will utilize when working in Technisoft Service Manager. Jobs can be Standard, Recurring or Work in Progress type documents, and can include Response Tracking, Commission Tracking and Budgets as well as various other options.

Each Job contains a single header and many detailed transactions. The Header contains global information about the Job and maintains Totals including Revenue, Cost and budget breakdown.

The Phases group related work processes together within the Job including Employee Assignments, Time Entries, Commission details, and Budget information. Detailed Totals are also maintained at this level.

The Equipment being serviced is added to the Phases. It is at this level that you specify the problems and faults associated with the Equipment. Warranty details and other information pertaining to the Equipment will be displayed.

Billing groups serve as a grouping mechanism for Services, Items. Billing Groups allow you to prorate billing lines by either a proportion of sell or cost.

Services allow you to bill non-inventory type details such as Labor, Freight or Sub-contactors.

Items allow you to bill Items directly from ACCPAC Inventory. Totals are also maintained at this level. Predefined Billing Groups from Templates can be retrieved into the Job.

Notations allow you to specify unlimited comments to any of the above transaction types. You also have the ability to attach objects to Notations.

These can be pointers to other files on your system such as word processing documents, spreadsheets, CAD files, HTML files etc. Notations can contain E-mail and Web URL’s as well as Follow-ups.

Follow-ups can be managed using the Monitor program.

Work in Progress (WIP)

Work in Progress/Billings accounting is a standard feature of Technisoft Service Manager.

This functionality adheres to common Accounting Principles and allows you to recognize income and related costs for a Job at Job Completion, by Job Status, Percent of Budget or Percent Complete.

Product Overview

  • Developer Technisoft
  • Type Field Service Management Software
  • Client OS Windows

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