XactAnalysis SP

A multi-module management system designed by Xactware Solutions for construction companies.

About XactAnalysis SP

XactAnalysis SP is a secure, online management tool for assignment receivers such as insurance repair contractors, cleaning specialists, other construction companies, and independent adjusters. XactAnalysis SP, is for service providers; this product is the opposite end product of XactAnalysis, that is XactAnalysis SP is used by insurance companies to send assignments, whereas, XactAnalysis SP is used to receive those assignments. XactAnalysis SP comes with the same Industry Trend reports that assignment senders have access to within XactAnalysis. This product is completely free with your subscription to Xactimate.

Assignment Tracking

XactAnalysis SP provides you with many advantages in the wake of assignment tracking. To start, you are able to send assignments to any individual within your organization; which can then be tracked through completion. You can create action items or use standard workflow action items, and assign which individual you want the action item to notify. These action items will remind you of the actions you need to take, throughout the various stages of the assignment until completion. Upon completion of an assignment, the assignment editor will upload the completed file; therefore, giving you access to line items, photos, sketches, and various reports. Finally, as is the case with the XactAnalysis program used to send assignments, XactAnalysis SP will provide you with latitude and longitude coordinates, and map your assignments on a geographic map.

Management Reporting

XactAnalysis SP feature several reports that are key to helping your management make vital business decisions. XactAnalysis SP features activity reports, industry trend reports, and even reporting on customer satisfaction surveys.

  • Activity Reports: These reorts provide you with a summary of assignment activity, aging, and estimate corrections. You will also be able to see average response times for your company and review any assignment online. When viewing assignments online you can view broad information or specifics like scope details, photos, and even sketches, both two and three dimensional.
  • Industry Trend Reports: Since Xactware’s products are so widely used, you are able to view some of the most detailed and accurate industry trend reports available; and even view the way your company compares to the rest of the industry. You are able to compare various labor and cost data over a three year period; as well as view industry trends with included analysis explanations.
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys: By incorporating customer satisfaction surveys, XactAnalysis allows you to save countless hours developing, administering, and analyzing marketing research. This surveys allow you to monitor your company performance and read comments about your business from your customers.

Product Overview

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