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Service Dispatch

A web-based work order service designed by Nextsoft.
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The Service Dispatch solution gives you all the tools you need to effectively manage your service department. With this system you will be able to take, track, and bill for service and installation work.

Work Orders

Work Orders, outlining a calls basic requirements (i.e. who to bill, jobsite location, contact call and date, and problem description) are completely managed within the Service Dispatch system. With work orders you can include jobsite directions and schedule details such as First Call, Second Call, AM, PM or preferred crew. Additionally, the Quote tab allows you to generate a quoted price for a customer and estimate the profit. Finally, a complete customer history, including installations, service calls, warranty and callbacks are all stored within the system.

Dispatch Board

The dispatch board will provide you with a visual organization tool for taking and scheduling work orders. This system will organize all unscheduled calls by priority; and allow you to use the drag-and-drop interface to schedule the crew and the corresponding time to complete the work. This system also allows you to use Events to schedule time off, safety meetings, warehouse time, or to block off time for loading and unloading trucks. All events can be setup as a one-time activity or as a recurring process.


The daily timesheets are used by the system to track each crew’s hours throughout the day. The flexibility of this system even allows you to record travel time and mileage for productivity analysis. Billing codes determine the chargeable rate for time and material jobs, and the effective cost per hour billed. Hour information can flow into payroll to calculate wages and overtime. Additionally, timesheets can be used record the materials used on a job.


Job Billing facilitates the creation of customer invoices for each work order, and can be used to invoice multiple times during the life of the job.

Job Status

The job status screen allows you to view all transactions relating to a job and the status to completion on a job.

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