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About BoardSpot

BoardSpot is the ultimate board portal. This flexible and easy-to-use platform features many useful board management tools to empower your board to get things done. This nonprofit board portal organizes your board and empowers your organization to truly govern effectively.


  • Meeting RSVP and Attendance Tracking: BoardSpot’s all-in-one reservation and attendance tracking tool provides clear insight into meeting participation. Members can quickly RSVP to future meetings or view the attendance of past and present meetings.
  • Reporting: Advanced reports can be generated to see the attendance record of individual board members, committees, or the organization as a whole.
  • Calendar Integration: Meetings integrate seamlessly with Google Calendar, Apple iCal, Outlook and more. One-click calendar subscription ensures your members will never miss a meeting.
  • Voting: BoardSpot engages your members in the democratic process. Informal polls along with formal voting can be conducted with BoardSpot’s voting features. Control visibility and presentation of vote results, set deadlines, and more! For your members, voting is just a click away.
  • Unlimited Users: There is no cap on user accounts with BoardSpot, which means everyone in your organization can take part. Quickly and easily add, move, and edit members with BoardSpot flexible user account tools.
  • Member Directory: The Member Directory makes it clear to see who is part of your organization and easy for your members to communicate with each other. BoardSpot’s tools allow you to add and edit each member’s unique information and committee affiliations.
  • Public and Private Committees: Committees represent the voice of your organization. Board members can be assigned committee affiliations to enable meetings, voting, and other BoardSpot features. Committees can be made public for full transparency or private within your organization.
  • Document Storage: Keeping your documents organized and secure is central to BoardSpot. This simple documents tool ensures your governing documents, and anything else you need to share is always accessible to members who need to see it, and protected from those who don’t.


BoardSpot is available for monthly or annually charged subscriptions. There are three plans available:

  • Essential: $55 per month
  • Standard: $195 per month
  • Enterprise: Request a quote

The olorado-based support team provides prompt technical help and skilled guidance to ensure your experience with BoardSpot is successful. BoardSpot offers comprehensive training at the Enterprise level pricing.

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User Reviews of BoardSpot

Submitted on February 15th, 2022 by Jason Thompson

BoardSpot provides a simple design providing easy access to items most pertinent to board members. The customer service is superb by providing detailed responses … I highly recommend BoardSpot.