An estimating application designed by BASCORP Computer Consulting & Programming for construction and manufacturing companies.


PRINTQUOTE 4 facilitates the rapid generation of quotations by storing a database of all cost elements, labor, overhead, markups, etc. from which an estimator selects the components needed for the particular job. The database also stores standard combinations of components previously set up by estimators so the combinations can be quickly added to the quotation, avoiding the need to pick the individual items repetitively for each quotation. The database is accessible over a network so many estimators can work concurrently on their own quotations. This approach is adaptable to many other industries.

Features Include:

  • Computes and prints quotations for any combination of printing, stock, prep, bindery, etc. from a stored database of costs and markups, three quantities simultaneously. Faster and more accurate than manual methods.
  • The pricing database includes set-up and run costs for unlimited number of presses, stock, and other items for up to eight department cost centers which you name, such as prep, bindery, typesetting, subcontracting, etc.
  • Individualized markup rates for each department.
  • Unlimited number of ten-step quantity discount tables that you can set up and apply to any selected item.
  • Quotations are prepared entirely by making selections from lists of your database entries.
  • Quotation prices can be quickly re-adjusted without making new selections, for different quantities, number up, special discounts or add-ons.
  • Maintains a file of customer data, including sales tax status and special discount. Customers are listed alphabetically, and anyone is retrieved quickly by typing two or three characters of his name. Shows all his existing quotations, which can be retrieved for review or modification, or copied to use for the same or another customer.
  • Database can be updated quickly, only need to adjust markups for across-the-board changes.
  • Program runs on all IBM compatible computers and all versions of Windows.
  • Network-ready system provides multi-user operation for up to five estimators working from common database on any type of network at No additional cost.
  • Complete security system based on user login and password, controls overall access to the program as well as to specific portions of the program. For, example, some users can use the estimating functions but denied access to editing the database. Use of the security features is optional.
  • Choose to print quotations on your letterhead or on blank paper. For blank paper, choose to print quotation heading using the company data in the PRINTQUOTE 4 file or your own graphic from a file.
  • When printing, select the printer to be used from the standard Windows Select Printer screen. Use it to print to any printer attached to your computer or network. Or fax it directly to a customer by selecting any installed fax program. Or use a PDF converter program to turn a quote into a PDF file for emailing to a customer.
  • With the newly available Price List option, four-column price lists can be set up and printed for standard products for use by sales personnel to avoid the need to prepare a quotation for many inquiries.
  • Priced much lower than many programs with less capability.

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