ALCiE Procurement Management

A software system designed by ALCIE Integrated Solutions.

About ALCiE Procurement Management

ALCiE Procurement Management is designed to help organizations implement business processes that promote efficient, timely and disciplined procurement practices - saving them money year after year.

Sourcing and Multi-Level Approval functionality facilitates purchase requests, allows single or multiple authorizations to purchase, and provides Request For Quote and Vendor Response Evaluation functions.

Purchasing seamlessly takes over from Sourcing via automatic generation of Purchase Orders that can be issued electronically, and receipted accurately in real-time.

Accounts Payable completes the Purchasing cycle, by enabling the matching of Vendor invoices against PO receipts, assisting in payment planning, and providing EFT payment processing.

Inventory Management has “the goods” when it comes to real-time and accurate tracking of on-hand and on-order quantities, across multiple warehouses and stocking locations.

Replenishment provides a degree of automation for inventory repurchases based on various methods, such as Economic Order Quantity or minimum on-hand quantity.

Accounts Payable

ALCiE’s Accounts Payable module offers enterprise-wide functionality including automatic calculation of due and discounts dates, automatic voucher numbering, check reconciliation, duplicate invoice checking, recurring payables, and complex inter-company distributions. Accounts payable voucher entry enables automatic reconciliation with purchases, expense requisitions, inventory price adjustments, project/activity accounting and manufacturing job cost, which may increase productivity and contribute to the bottom line.

Inventory Management

ALCiE’s multi-warehouse Inventory Management provides enterprise-wide inventory control including full inventory receipts, issues, transfers, physical cycle counts and ABC analysis. The Inventory module services all ALCiE Distribution and Manufacturing modules, as well as the Project Management module. ALCiE Inventory Management automatically integrates with General Ledger, Order Entry, Automated Distribution, Purchase Order and Expense Requisitioning, Accounts Payable, Project Management, Bill of Materials, Manufacturing and Quoting & Estimating.

Inventory Replenishment

ALCiE’s Inventory Replenishment Module provides recommended purchase information based on Usage (from Sales Orders), Product Lead Times, and Economic Order Quantities. This information enables a company to promote customer satisfaction through sustained order fulfillment, while minimizing inventory carrying costs.

Purchase Order Requisitions may be automatically generated using the recommended order quantities. The purchasing agent may then modify the requisition quantities in order to satisfy specific market conditions and/or operational requirements.

Purchase Order

ALCiE’s Purchase and Requisitioning module provides enterprise-wide instant tracking of Purchase Orders and Requisitions by requisitioner, buyer, vendor, item, order, project or job. Purchasing is automatically integrated with ALCiE’s Distribution, Manufacturing and Financial modules. Requisitioning is either item or vendor driven, and supports non-purchase order expense requisitioning. Accounts Payable vendor invoices reconcile with both purchase order receipts (with automatic inventory cost adjustments as required) or non-purchase order requisitions.

Sourcing and Multi-Level Approval

This module interacts with the ALCiE Purchase Order to add full sourcing and multi-level approval functionality.

It facilitates purchase requests, allows single or multiple authorizations to purchase, and provides Request For Quote and Vendor Response Evaluation functions.

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