A procurement software for the modern workforce.

About Vroozi

Vroozi is a procurement software for B2B purchasing. Vroozi is accessible at anytime and on any device. The software lets you shop, request, approve, order, receive, and analyze your spending.

Vroozi has many versions available to fit your specific needs, such as:

  • Vroozi Catalog
  • Vroozi Marketplace
  • Vroozi Purchase
  • Vroozi Invoice
  • Vroozi Expense

Video Overview

Vroozi Catalog

Vroozi Catalog lets you create an online catalog with predefined templates to upload supplier catalogs.

  • Mass change capability
  • Approval workflow
  • Error checking and audit logs
  • Define custom characteristics
  • Import capabilities

Vroozi Purchase

Vroozi Purchase is a procure-to-invoice functionality. The software provides

  • Electronic purchase orders
  • User statistics
  • Document flow
  • Configurable web forms
  • Real-time notifications

Product Overview

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User Reviews of Vroozi

Submitted on March 11th, 2019 by Anonymous

Many of our clients transform their business operations with Vroozi software, especially when coming from a totally manual paper-based process.

This leap from manual to digital and elegant automation not only benefits procurement departments but also lowers processing costs for accounts payable activities and improves cash flow visibility for corporate finance.

Our aim is to go completely paperless in 2019 and capture as much nonpayroll spend electronically. With the Vroozi platform, I have no doubt this will be our reality by the end of this year. We have already seen the benefits of using Vroozi’s purchasing solutions and continue to see benefits we did not anticipate, such as attracting better talent in today’s job marketplace with mobile-first technologies like Vroozi. We look forward to our ongoing partnership with Vroozi.