Riata RF

A web-based multi-module management system designed by Data Developers Plus for distribution/wholesale trade companies.

About Riata RF

The RiataRF application was designed to seamlessly integrate RF scanning capability with existing Sage Pro software, including older versions of Pro Series.

The RF software allows users to receive purchase orders, transfer items from one location to another, issue items from inventory, receive items into inventory, pick items for shipping, take physical inventory, and find item quantities and their locations using RF scanners/mobile computers (see picture of a sample model to the right).

Integration with the Sage Pro data dictionary allows RiataRF to fully support multiple companies within the RF application.

RiataRF is modular. Start out small with maybe just PO Receiving and then easily add other modules later. Like all 3rd party add-ons from Data Developers Plus, RiataRF comes with full source code.

Inventory Issues

Inventory Issues allows you to issue inventory out similar to the IC Issue process in Sage Pro. It does not allow you to take your inventory negative and is useful for companies that want a simplified solution for taking care of this task. Useful for things like scrapping material, for example.

Inventory Receipts

Inventory Receipts allows you to receive inventory in similar to the IC Receipts process. It supports all aspects of inventory including location, store, bin, lot, serial # and cost.

Inventory Transfer Screen

The Inventory Transfer Screen is used to transfer items from one Location, Store, Bin, or Lot to another and to change the Lot or Serial Number of items that are lotted or serialized. The first screen that is displayed prompts for information on the item being moved. The second screen is where the inventory it is being moved to.

Item Inquiry Screen

The Item Inquiry Screen is used to look up items based on provided information. Serial Number, Lot, Location, Store, and Bin can be entered to make the search as broad or specific as desired. The first screen that is displayed prompts for the information that will be used during the search.

Physical Inventory Screen

The Physical Inventory Screen is used for taking a physical inventory. Inventory can be taken as a cycle count or a full Physical Inventory. All Inventory Control settings are respected (location, store, bin, lot, serialization.)

Purchase Order Receiving Screen

The Purchase Order Receiving Screen is used for receiving items into inventory against purchase orders. All of the fields entered are validated against Sage Pro tables. Only the fields that are enabled in Sage Pro" will be displayed. The technique is consistent in all of the RF functions:

  • BIN
  • ITEM
  • LOT
  • QTY.

Optionally, bar codes labels can be printed to a label printer on the network at the time of receiving.

Sales Order Picking Screen

The Sales Order Picking Screen is used for picking items against sales orders. The screen displays the quantity available to be picked, ordered quantity, shipped quantity, picked quantity, and the remaining quantity to be picked. You choose whether or not the shipments get processed automatically in Sage Pro" or utilize the built in functionality to preview the shipments within Sage Pro" prior to completing the shipping process of each order. Multiple users can be scanning against the same Sales Order!

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