Epicor ARM

An advanced requisition management software from Epicor.

About Epicor ARM

Epicor Advanced Requisition Management (ARM) helps your business take control of your spending and manage your entire procurement process. This Epicor ERP companion solution provides tools to budget and manage spend limits complete with automation and approval workflows.

Epicor ARM’s budget and receiving tolerance checking, ability to provide flexibility in requisitioning materials for jobs, and flexible approval and workflow engine provides a level of sophisitication not offered by traditional or manual purchasing processes.

Epicor ARM is tightly integrated with Epicor ERP. It was designed to extend the purchasing functions found within Epicor ERP and deploys a seamless experience between both systems.

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Epicor ARM Features

The features of Epicor ARM include:

Multi-Dimensional Purchase Approval Workflow

  • Route approvals based on authorization limits and next approver.
  • Route approvals based on authorization limits and next approver.
  • Design approval ‘trees’ based on GL account/account mask, Category/part class of the item or goods/services being requested, and/or location/site/warehouse the request is for.
  • Automate the delegation of tasks to other team members to account for absences or team changes.

Accounts Payable Approval Workflow

  • Easily manage variations between receipt and AP invoice values with tolerance levels.
  • Ability to attach a scanned copy of the invoice that flows through to the AP Invoice record.
  • Easily add miscellaneous lines that appear on the invoice but weren’t captured on the PO, such as freight.
  • Support of two- and three-way matching.

Real-Time GL Budget Checking

  • If configured, ARM will check the requisition amounts against the GL Budget linked to all non-inventory, catalogue and non-catalogue items for any ARM users required to follow GL Budget checking, real-time every step along the approval chain.
  • If over budget, the user will be alerted visually in ARM, however the requisition can still be submitted, and the approver can decide on the action to take.

Support For Preferred and One-Time Vendors

  • If pricing arrangements have been made with your suppliers, ARM ensures these prices are utilised via preferred suppliers for catalogue and inventory items.
  • No need to set up new vendors for one-off purchases, as this is easily managed within ARM and integrated with accounts payable.

Standing Orders and Blanket Orders

  • Create a standing order in ARM and then generate recurring orders automatically from this template, based on a configured recurrence pattern.
  • Create a blanket order for a supplier where you have an arrangement to draw down against the purchase order; for example, a one year contract for maintenance services.

Manage Supply Bids With Request For Quote

  • Easily create a Request for Quote (RFQ) for suppliers to invite them to bid on your purchase request.
  • Centralised management of the communications between you and the suppliers bidding for the
  • opportunity, including win and loss communication.
  • Turn the successful RFQ into a requisition line to be submitted for purchasing approval.

Internal Transfer Requests

  • Control if a material is requisitioned from another location, or purchased from a supplier, and whether it should go into stock or be automatically expensed on receipt.
  • Requisitions generate a transfer request in Epicor after approval.

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