A purchase order system designed by Nextsoft.

About Purchasing

The Purchasing and warehouse system will give you the tools you need to generate purchase orders, perform automatic stock replenishment, receive incoming shipments, record serial numbers, and manage outgoing customer orders. This solution integrates seamlessly with the Inventory system so you can be sure you are never over- or under-stocked on any particular item.

Purchase Orders

With this system you are able to create purchase orders for stocking orders, special orders, job/service call specific, supplies and professional services. The flexible descriptions allow you to state specifically what is needed for each PO. Additionally this system gives you the flexibility to enter new or special order items to a PO at any point in time. Need-by dates allow you to specify the date you need the items, from which the vendor can calculate ship times; and delivery performance is then stored by vendor and by item.


The AutoPurchase feature allows any member of your staff to create POs, even if they do not order regularly. This feature w3ill then pool together similar orders and process them in a batch, checking for duplicate orders. This will allow your Purchasing Manager to select vendors of choice based on the date needed, costs, or other factors. This feature can also calculate which items are below minimum stock levels, and generate the necessary purchase quantities, allowing the Purchasing Manager to select the vendor.


PO information is integrated into receiving, optimizing your receiving process, and allowing it to be performed in real-time. All that your receiving staff must do is enter a PO number when a purchased good arrives, the system will then update quantities on-hand in your inventory.

Purchase Status

The Purchase Status section of this solution allows you to view all POs and their statuses.

Order Fulfillment

This section of the Purchasing Solution will manage the process of entering sales orders, completing production, submitting completed orders to shipping, and finally invoicing your customers. The Order Fulfillment feature will automatically release production orders to Shipping which are in-stock or require purchased goods, and those goods have been received.


This section shows all orders (e.g. production orders, assemblies, special orders and from stock) ready for shipment. When shipments are confirmed, an invoice is submitted to Accounts Receivable and is ready for printing.

Product Overview

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