Purchase Orders

A purchase order system designed by PEM Software Systems.

About Purchase Orders

This product is no longer sold or supported. As of April 2017, PEM Software Systems is no longer in business. Please see the construction software guide for alternatives.

Why Use Purchase Orders?

A purchase order (PO) is a legally binding document and represents the buyer’s intent to purchase specific quantities of product at specified prices. Though it may be another piece of dreaded paperwork, a purchase order is instrumental in tracking expenditures. It also contributes to your accounts payable process by letting you know how much will have to be paid out during a certain period of time. You could have your employees fill out the purchase order electronically and email it to whoever handles your accounting, or they could print out the form and pass along a paper version.


  • One Time Purchase, No Annual Fees
  • Easy Access to Purchase History.
  • Dynamic Shopping Cart Facility for Building Purchase Orders.
  • Automatically Cross References Vendor Stock#'s to Your Stock#'s.
  • No limits on Purchase Orders, Stock#'s, Receivers and more!
  • Easy to Manage Security.
  • Tracks Vendor Price Change History.
  • Sort your Purchase Orders by: Open, Closed, Quotes & Vendor.
  • Simple to Use Approval Process before Purchase Orders are Issued.
  • The Ability to specify Cost Codes and/ or Cost Centers for Accounting.
  • Print your Purchase Orders to PDF
  • With the Security Frontend, (Included with all our software), set up user profiles. A profile will determine access for anyone assigned to it. Now you restrict a user to: only access their Purchase Order’s, Require Approval before processing, restrict, create/change or delete. Limit a user to only their cost center or mulitple cost centers and more.
  • When entering Purchase Order’s you have a Master Stock# (what you call the product) and Vendor Stock# which is a unique name the vendor may use for ordering. The software automatically updates a cross reference builds your inventory list. You also get a quick Item search when building Purchase Order’s.
  • We currently have 11 different types of Purchase Order Formats to choose from. You can pick the one you want! There are numerous option switches for Purchase Order Formatting.
  • Enter the quantities received, under ships, over ships are not a problem. Print receiver’s report for any Purchase Order’s.
  • Sort your Purchase Order’s by open, closed, pending, quotes, by vendor, by user. Just click a button!
  • Many reports are available, what’s on order, received, etc.
  • Sort your reports, Master Stock#, Vendor Stock#, location codes, Cost Centers and more!

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