PO Encumbrance

A multi-module management system designed by Progressive System Solutions.

About PO Encumbrance

Show Purchase Order Encumbrance on your FRX financials. Takes all Open Pos and posts them to an Encumbrance Ledger so they are available in FRX.

Manage PO’s More Effectively

Allows you to take all Open Purchase Order data and put it in a statistical ledger in GL in Dynamics SL (formerly Solomon IV).

Maintain Security

PO Encumbrance module uses DynamicsTM Standard Security to limit access to viewers.

Put Your Information to Work

The PO Encumbrance utility makes it easy to move Purchase Order data into a statistical ledger in GL and then have it available for reporting in FRx. Using FRx, you can create a myriad of reports for showing your Purchase Order data.

Multi Company

Whether using a single company or multiple companies, PO Encumbrance can handle your Purchase Order data.

Key Features

Puts Open Purchase Order data into a Statistical Ledger in GL, can create and generate FRx reports based on the Purchase Order data and saves time and money.

This is an Enhancement Utility/System Module for the Microsoft Dynamics SL (formerly Solomon) suite of accounting applications, developed to integrate with, look like, and perform like the Dynamics SL Modules. This Utility/System requires a Microsoft Dynamics SL license/software platform as a prerequisite for installation.

This is a Dynamics SL (integrated) Utility Module designed by accountants for accountants.

User Reviews of PO Encumbrance

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