A web-based multi-module management system designed by PurchasingNet.

About eProcurement

eProcurement streamlines your requisitioning, approval, purchasing management, receiving, inventory control, catalog management, and eSourcing functions. PurchasingNet’s eProcurement solution allows your employees to quickly and easily process requests for Capital or Expense items. These requests are then routed electronically for the appropriate approvals. They are then either turned into Requisitions and sent to the Purchasing Department, or are converted into Orders and sent directly to pre-approved Suppliers. Modules within this product include:

  • Requisitions & Direct Orders - Allows you to perform web-based requisitioning and direct ordering using a standard web browser.
  • Approvals - Allows approvals to be routed using a web-browser or email to the correct approval entities
  • Purchasing - Allows you to perform purchasing in a streamlined electronic system
  • Receiving - Performs centralized or remote receiving, with the option to control all aspects of the receiving functions
  • eCatalog Management - allows you to download and maintain your suppliers eCatalogs.
  • Inventory Control - Allows you to perform web-based inventory management with multiple sites, branches, or warehouses.
  • eRFX and Auctions - Electronic RFI, RFP, and RFQ Management
  • Contact management - Fully automated contact management solution


The web-based workflow of the Approvals and budgeting module streamlines your requisition approval process. Approvals can be routed via the browser or through the existing Email system. There is also the capability of having multiple levels of approval based on line items or total value of the Requisition. The optional Budgeting Module is integrated with the Requisitioning/Direct Ordering component of eProcurement. It helps ensure budgetary compliance during the Requisitioning process. The approval process can verify budget allocations and have complete drill-down reporting capabilities.

  • Electronic Approvals
  • Email notification for pending approvals
  • Workflow established by Cost Center, Commodity, Account Code and Department
  • ýOut-of-Officeý check-off routes requests to alternate approver
  • Parallel and serial approval routes available
  • One-Clický approval of all requests available
  • Unlimited approval levels
  • Create ýAd-hocý approval routes on-the-fly
  • Time and date stamped approvals provide complete audit trail
  • User Defined allocations and calculations
  • Drill-down through multiple reporting dimensions


The eCatalogs module allows you to download and maintain your suppliers eCatalogs. Additionally, you are able to download a subset of your supplier’s eCatalog. Tools are provided to send orders directly to your existing preferred vendors, manage your Suppliers, control Contracts, Blanket Orders and Releases that are consistent with your business processes. Catalogs can be updated through PurchasingNet Catalog Management services or by yourself.

  • Automatically polls and downloads new Supplier content
  • Allows import of Supplier catalogs upon request
  • No 3rd party hosting fees or transaction fees
  • Imports a variety of file types (ASCII, HTML pages, well formed XML, ODBC data sources, etc.)
  • Supports XML with a DTD and Microsoft XML Record Sets using ADO
  • Load pictures of catalog items


eProcurement is a complete, function-rich Purchasing system which interfaces seamlessly with the Requisitioning system. Once a requisition is approved it is automatically routed to the Purchasing system, eliminating data re-entry. Requisitions can be routed automatically to a Buyer’s Queue or can be assigned on an individual basis to a Buyer’s In-Box. The Purchasing system provides the capabilities for standard Purchase Orders, Quotes, Contracts, Blanket Orders and Service Orders. Requisitions can be split or consolidated as required based on the rules you have setup. Some of the additional features of this product include:

  • Converts Requisitions to Purchase Orders
  • Purchase Orders, Contracts, Blanket Orders, Service Orders, Leases, RFI, RFQ’s all supported
  • Define customized Order Types and Business Rules
  • Default values for PO fields
  • Unlimited Item Description
  • Supports orders for catalog and non-catalog items
  • Order items without Item Numbers
  • Supports attachments to Purchase Orders
  • Supports revisions and change orders
  • Assigns PO Numbers automatically or manually
  • Dynamic display conveniently shows Master File information
  • Simple one-screen creation of Purchase Orders
  • Create Purchase Orders from Requisitions, Templates, Catalogs or Free Form
  • Can create a PO without a Requisition
  • Can generate orders based on historical data using templates and PO history card
  • Multiple User Defined Fields available
  • Customizable PO form
  • Hold file for partially completed PO’s
  • Print variable footers on PO copies
  • Interfaces with browser-based Receiving
  • Can update Master Tables ýon-the-flyý while creating POs (Suppliers, Buyers, Ship-To, etc.)
  • Sends orders by FAX, EDI, or Email (plain text, ASCII,well formed XML)
  • Interfaces with P-Cards and P-Card Module
  • Provides Audit Trail of all transactions
  • Includes vendor performance analysis tools
  • Eighty standard Management Summary reports
  • Split line items for costing by Account Code and Cost Center


The Receiving module allows you to perform either centralized or remote receiving through eProcurement. You are able to control the receiving functions in many ways. Furthermore, receipts can be processed at one centralized receiving location, at remote points on an employee’s desktop, or by any combination of the two. Some of the additional features of this module include:

  • Browser-based Receiving
  • Receive full or partial shipments
  • Open Order and Receipt History Inquiries
  • Six (6) receipt types
  • Supports returns
  • Select orders by Supplier, Requisitioner, Item Number or Purchase Order
  • Direct interface to Inventory Control
  • Capability for lot number and serial number tracking
  • ýOne-clický feature receives all line items on a PO
  • Complete transaction history
  • Receipts automatically update PO status
  • Direct interface to Purchasing and Invoice Matching
  • Fully integrated with handheld RF Bar Code units
  • Receiving ýsuspenseý capability for goods received but not approved for quality and inspection

Requisitions & Direct Orders

Requisitions & Direct Orders brings Web-based Requisitioning and Direct Ordering to the employee desktop via a standard web browser. This allows you to automate your otherwise paper-based Requisitioning processes. Your employees are given access to ordering from standard or custom catalogs, predefined kits, or they can initiate a free-form request. Additionally, you can also give your employees the option to order items directly from a Supplier where contracts are already in place. This eliminates the need for Purchasing to be involved in repetitive, low value transactions.

eProcurement allows your employees to perform on-line inquiries, thereby enhancing employee self-service. This empowers users to check the status of Requisitions, approval sign-off and open Purchase Orders without having to call the Purchasing Department. Some of the additional features of this product include:

  • Standard, Kit and Template Orders all supported
  • Supports expense or capital procurement
  • Amended Orders
  • Duplicate a previous request
  • Order for someone else
  • Order from a Frequently Ordered Item list
  • Catalog search by Item, Description, Commodity, Supplier, and User Defined
  • Default user preferences
  • Hold File for partially completed orders
  • Web-based Orders Direct to Suppliers
  • Punchout to suppliers’ web sites
  • Items from multiple catalogs on one order
  • Order tracking performed and available for review in Real-time
  • Supports attachments to requisitions

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