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A fleet tracking and field service system designed by Advocate Software. It was acquired by GPS Insight in 2020 and is now part of that software.

Product Overview

ServiceBridge was a tracking software product for service-based businesses. Now merged with GPS Insight, ServiceBridge employs the industrial strength relational database technology of MS SQL Server. It came with Customer Maintenance, Inventory Control, Equipment Tracking, Service Tickets and Order Entry, Technician Scheduling and Dispatching, Service Plans and Warranty Management, recurrent scheduling, Quotation and Invoice administration and report creation using Crystal Decision’s Crystal Report Writer.

ServideBridge offered users a direct link to BusinessWorks and QuickBooks accounting packages. This link included full synchronization of invoices and customer information. ServiceBridge also featured service contract management functions and recurrent scheduling.


  • Integrated with BusinessWorks and QuickBooks


  • No longer sold or supported

About ServiceBridge


Customer Management

  • Multiple locations
  • Equipment location
  • Equipment history
  • Service history by location v
  • Multiple contacts by location
  • Service Plan customization
  • Service Plan tracking
  • Service Plan usage alerts
  • Warranty tracking
  • Warranty usage alerts
  • Default Pricing, discounts
  • Default technician assigned
  • Default part assignment (i.e. consumable)
  • Invoice history
  • Payment history
  • Default Tax codes by location
  • Customer search
  • Default billing terms
  • Credit hold
  • Third-party billing

Financial Management

  • Paper or electronic invoices
  • Batch invoice processing
  • Consolidation of invoices by customer/location
  • Point of sale invoicing
  • Full audit trail
  • Third-party billing
  • Bill to and Ship to
  • Purchase Order handling
  • Deferred billing
  • Multi-copy printing
  • Customizable invoice
  • Credit hold
  • Synchronize invoices with accounting
  • Invoice history by customer
  • Payment history by customer
  • A/R tracking and aging
  • Manual or automated payment entry
  • Auto-charge parts and labor
  • Customizable payment terms
  • Multiple billing locations by customer
  • No-charge parts and invoices
  • Warranty processing
  • Batch processing
  • Backup and recovery
  • Sort options
  • Multiple sales account support
  • Multiple tax codes by location
  • Synchronize with General Ledger
  • Accept payment info from accounting
  • Customizable invoice numbers
  • Customizable ticket numbers
  • Variable discounts
  • Variable tax rates
  • Definable tax cutoffs
  • Customizable payment options
  • Notes on invoice

Inventory Management

  • Part number
  • Part description
  • Serial number tracking
  • Multiple warehouse locations
  • Allocation committed by status code
  • Multiple product lines
  • Customizable product lines
  • Kits
  • Assemblies and sub-components
  • Auto-charge
  • Manufacturer reference
  • Multiple price levels
  • Cost tracking
  • Invoice descriptions for parts
  • Forecasted usage
  • Intelligent parts search within database
  • Part weight tracking
  • Searchable warehouses
  • Synchronize inventory with accounting
  • Average cost parts accounting
  • Flexible reporting capability

Service Management

  • Customizable incident status codes
  • Customer location types
  • Recurrent scheduling
  • Purchase Order identification
  • Maintain or assign sales representatives
  • Incident initial log date
  • Incident projected date
  • Incident adjustable duration
  • Incident actual date & duration
  • Auto lookup for equipment
  • Auto lookup for Service plan
  • Auto lookup for Warranty
  • New equipment assignment
  • Process templates
  • Documentation templates
  • Auto lookup & select for templates
  • General notes field
  • Diagnostics notes field
  • Resolution notes field

Schedule Board

  • Up to 50 technicians or vehicles
  • Customer ID by time and technician
  • Adjustable default time blocks
  • Cut and paste job reassignment
  • Change to board, auto change to ticket
  • Specific day search
Starting Price
$49 /month
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Product Overview

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User Reviews of ServiceBridge

Submitted on July 14th, 2022 by Anonymous

Virtually all of the free field service software has more functionality than ServiceBridge. The other paid options are leaps and bounds better. Everything that’s “on the roadmap” either takes significantly longer (usually years longer) than they promise, or simply never materializes at all. At the same time, they don’t integrate/sync easily with other programs, and will only provide a public API - not assist in any way with implementing the integration. I could never, in good conscience, recommend that anyone use Servicebridge.

The Good…

Nothing. There’s nothing that they’re currently doing well.

The Bad…

Literally everything. If we weren’t contractually obligated to use them per our franchise agreement, we would have left years ago.

Submitted on June 14th, 2019 by Anonymous

Since we started using ServiceBridge two years ago we have experienced growth nearing 60% and we have separated ourselves from our competition. We have recently entered into a service agreement with a Canadian grocery store chain that has 300 plus outlets throughout the country.

A major reason we were able to obtain this large account was due to the power of ServiceBridge. Our ability to produce a work order/invoice quicker than anyone in the country is a huge benefit both to us and our customers. Through ServiceBridge we can track customers warranty parts and ensure they receive full value of manufacturer’s warranties.

The way ServiceBridge allows us to manage call loads and respond to our customer’s needs so efficiently cannot be overstated. We are able to save this particular customer time and money through the powerful customer web portal, which allows their district managers to spend more time increasing profits and less time tracking work progress and invoices.

Submitted on May 1st, 2014 by Anonymous

ServiceBridge has increased our lead to-sale ratio, as we are now able to show the customer photographs of the damage we find during the inspection on their homes. Customers better understand our pricing and requirements for the work to be completed. This has been and continues to be a great selling tool and is great for increasing our reputation as an honest and transparent company.