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About 123Landlord

123Landlord makes it unbelievably easy to manage all of your tenants & properties, collect payments and track rent due, and keep everything accessible any time, from any computer, smartphone, or other device!

  • Manage Tenants & Properties - Store everything about your tenants, leases, & properties in one place. Keep track of contact history, lease expirations & move-outs, and a lot more.

  • Collect Payments & Track Expenses - Collect recurring payments and late fees, print or email invoices and receipts, and track income & expenses in an easy to use ledger.

  • Prepare Work Orders - Keep an eye on maintenance and repair issues for your properties. Create work orders and send them directly to your vendors and contractors.

  • Send Forms & Letters - Create an unlimited number of documents, or choose from pre-built templates. Personalize with insertable fields from the database.

  • Complete Suite of Reports - Accounting and rent roll, payment histories, full statements, invoices, receipts, work order details, and much more. Export to Excel, Word, and PDF.

  • Credit Checks & Tenant Screening - Run criminal background & eviction searches, and verify identity & credit - our tenant screening provider is completely integrated with 123Landlord.

  • Tenant Portal & ACH Payments - Tenants can log in securely and view their balance & payment history, and can send you payments via e-check (ACH) - no more paper chasing!

  • Fully Supported & Actively Developed - A comprehensive help system, live support, user manual, and how-to blog posts. Over 40 major upgrades with user-inspired features since 2011!

Product Overview

User Reviews of 123Landlord

Submitted on January 4th, 2018 by Melissa

Extremely slow movement from one platform to another within the site. Zero customer service or online support (even though the site advertises chat support). No response or VERY delayed responses when emailing concerns, questions, problems with the site. Site goes down often with zero notice and no expected time frame for repair. I am EXTREMELY disappointed in this program. Our company pays for the highest numbers of entries and we are looking for a new software now. Considering we have hundreds of entries, this is not an easy decision to make after all data has been entered. However, this is by far the worst program and customer service I have ever experienced.

The Good…

The concept is great. The execution is awful.

The Bad…

Speed, lack of customer service, site problems, no resolutions.

Submitted on July 31st, 2017 by Nick

Online payments from tenants is broken. Has not been working for 5 days. Company has no ETA for resolving. Doesn’t look like they are actually supporting this product anymore. Last new feature was added a year ago. Hard to get in touch with support. Online forms are broken links.

The Good…

Pricing is reasonable and when online payments works, the time to receive in your bank account is quick.

The Bad…

Does not auto apply payments received in online payments tenant portal. Sometimes online payments is out of service.

Submitted on May 25th, 2017 by Greg

I subscribed to 123landlord a few months ago because it appeared to be great software. I soon discovered that the software still has three major bugs in it (the online payments don’t work, the custom domain does not work, and the prefillable pdf forms don’t work). Also you are supposed to be able to create online applications that feed into the software, and that does not work. Nothing ever gets fixed. I tied contacting technical support, and I got totally ignored. However, after I posted a scathing review on FaceBook of how bad 123landlord is I got an immediate response from Anthony R who at least responded to me a few times, but he failed to fix a single problem with the software. (BTW, I noticed that the reviews no longer appear on their FaceBook page). Finally I emailed asking to cancel my subscription to that horrible product, and I assumed (incorrectly) that someone would actually do it. Of course I got billed again. I am looking for something that actually works.

The Good…

Nothing. It has a nice interface, but the important parts don’t work.

The Bad…

The online ACH payments don’t work, the custom domain does not work, and the prefillable pdf forms don’t work. Also you are supposed to be able to create online applications that feed into the software, and that does not work. Nothing ever gets fixed. Technical support is non-existent.

Submitted on October 31st, 2014 by Bogdan Cirlig

I tried a good amount of PM software.

I settled for 123Landlord.com. The thing that I found clunky with the rest of them was: You need Work orders and track what gets paid for what property and what tenant, expenses bills and so on. Open work orders, in-progress orders, advances made to contractors. yes this last one is BIG, you always pay 50% down say and the rest on delivery. I couldn’t find a system that was handling all this stuff so nice. Plus the price to start with few units is two Starbucks per month :)

Submitted on January 24th, 2012 by Erica Ramus from Ramus Realty Group

We searched for a while but nothing seemed to work for what we needed, until I tried 123Landlord. It works great for our team. Our clients who we’ve shared reports with also appreciate the bookkeeping and ease of use.