AssociationVoice Solutions

A web-based multi-module management system designed by AssociationVoice for real estate & property management companies.

About AssociationVoice Solutions

AssociationVoice is an association software solution for property management organizations, and community and homeowner associations. Whether you are a single community association or a large management company with many associations, AssociationVoice has an easy-to-use, world-class Web solution that will save you time, money and headaches. With over 10,000 communities just like yours currently under management, you can count on AssociationVoice to deliver results for you. 100% Guaranteed.

AssociationVoice solutions incorporate the industry best practices while improving communications and streamlining operations. And no need to worry about your technology aptitude as these configurable solutions are engineered to be easy to use and intuitive for all. For more information on each solution, click on the logo.

Building Enterprise Edition

The Building Enterprise Edition (BEE) is the ideal “Single Source Solution” for a management company or multi-property, self-managed operation. BEE provides the entire suite of operational, communications and administrative applications fully integrated with an accounting system of choice and a world-class AssociationVoice Web site. BEE provides ALL of the technology tools necessary to effectively and efficiently manage your entire business at the most affordable single price point. All application components will be seamlessly integrated saving you significant time, money and headaches every day.

Application Features:

  • Home Page and Dashboard for global property views
  • Suite and resident Directory to view all activities and events
  • Trades and Contact Directory to maintain access and control
  • Purchase Order System with aggregate reporting
  • Document Management System allows shared access
  • Comprehensive Reporting Package for all activities
  • Multiple Calendars for events and activities
  • Built-in Workflows based on industry best practices
  • Accounting Integration Package for efficient data flow

Benefits Include:

  • Manage your entire portfolio online…total automation!
  • Standardize processes and data management across your Portfolio
  • Improves the safety, security and business continuity of all client information
  • Improves reporting and operational insight to managed properties
  • Improves service and value as a management company
  • Differentiates your company to help retain clients and acquire new business
  • Provides discount rates for your individual properties in your Portfolio

Building Management Edition

Building Management Edition is an innovative property management solution designed to track building level operations and communications via a Web-based solution that is flexible, secure and easy. Building Management Edition links your entire community (management, staff and residents) in a real-time environment whether it’s a concierge logging a delivery or an online booking request made by a resident; automated notifications instantly update users of requests and assignments. Building Management Edition’s seamless connectivity eliminates typical inefficiencies and common mistakes by improving your property’s operations, communications and overall resident experience. Building Management Edition consists of:

Application Features:

  • Administer unit, resident, equipment and vendor information
  • Manage/track bookings, work orders, contracts and building maintenance
  • Communicate instantly and efficiently with staff, owners and tenants
  • Export to mail merges, Email/Text broadcast, and access reports
  • Store and manage all property documents and plans
  • Track security reports, parcels, keys and parking permits
  • Import/export data to 3rd party software

Web Site and Resident Portal Features:

  • Market your property’s units, features and amenities
  • Build a total sense of “community” to differentiate your property
  • Manage amenity booking and service requests online
  • Provide personal notifications of bookings and delivery details
  • Store building forms, unit plans, event calendars, FAQ’s and helpful links
  • Provide safe and secure “Board only” access and share documents
  • Residents access local discounts and services to enhance lifestyle

Significant Benefits From Building Management Edition Include Greatly Improved:

  • Operational efficiency
  • Resident & Management communications
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Staff productivity and material costs
  • Resident satisfaction
  • Property and unit marketability
  • Security and privacy
  • Business continuity
  • Differentiation from competing properties

Communication Services

  • Messenger Service - Messenger Service gives you the ability to send targeted emails to different groups, by security level or even by creating your own distribution list. You can even create mailing labels for those members without email addresses.

  • Online Meetings - Conduct online homeowner association meetings, Board meetings or Committee meetings right from your Web site with anyone, anywhere and on any device.

  • Broadcast Voice and Text Messaging - Communicate instantly with your residents whether they are online or not by sending broadcast voice and text messages in times of emergencies, to alert them about maintenance issues, or just to send a friendly reminder about an upcoming event. Send broadcast voice messages using your own voice and not some computer generated message, so your messages are sure to be heard.

Community Edition

The Community Edition is ideal for individual communities and buildings that are looking for a first rate Web presence and advanced features that enable them to streamline business operations and increase resident satisfaction. With the Community Edition you’ll be able to:

  • Create a professional Web presence - AssociationVoice makes it easy to ensure your organization’s online presence is professional and aligned with the image you want to portray. Our turnkey sites also come pre-populated and structured with the content and functionality you’ll need, all based on best practices of the Industry’s Leaders

  • Improve communication and access to information - Having information available online gives residents access to community resources at anytime. Improve communication via online newsletters, mass emails to customized recipient lists sent via the Messenger Services, up-to date community alerts, and more

  • Customize and securely publish content - Since the application is totally self-editing and self-publishing, you can easily customize your site to fit your needs. AssociationVoice offers the highest level of security for your site and community information, so you can trust that your information is always protected

  • Integrate with your Management System - AssociationVoice has the ability to integrate your new Web site with Industry standard financial management software, allowing residents to access their account including current balance, account register, violations, architectural requests, service requests, and much more. Residents can even make online payments using any major credit card, debit card or an eCheck

  • Save costs and make ancillary revenue - Reduce time and money spent by streamlining the day-to-day operations. Our online Payment Services can even be used as a source of ancillary revenue

Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise Edition is the ideal Total Solution for a management company, large scale community or self-managed high-rise building providing the entire suite of operational, communications and mobile applications fully integrated with an accounting system of choice and a world-class AssociationVoice Web site. Enterprise Edition provides ALL of the technology necessary to effectively and efficiently manage your entire business at the most affordable single price point. All application components will be seamlessly integrated saving you significant time, money and headaches every day. With Enterprise Edition you will be able to:

  • Manage your entire portfolio online - Simplify the management of your communities and properties while improving communications and customer service. You can customize each individual community Web Portal to fit their unique needs or easily standardize Web sites across your portfolio to maximize efficiency offering online payments, online meetings, broadcast messaging, online service requests and much more with feature-packed full community Web sites. unique needs of your communities, from simply allowing online payments to feature-packed full community Web sites.

  • Customize and standardize professional Web sites - Since the application is totally self-editing and self-publishing, you can easily customize your sites to fit your needs, always safe and secure in our hosted environment. Your content is easily created and updated keeping it current and compelling to all. Integrate with your accounting software - Integrations with industry-specific accounting software offers your residents 24/7 access to transaction histories, account balances, violations, architectural requests, service requests, and the full range of online payment options including credit cards, debit cards and eChecks.

Add our Property Management Edition (PME) and:

  • Automate Violations, Work Orders, Maintenance and ARC - Synchronize your entire operation with automated work processes and data flow management with the ultimate property management suite of tools and built-in Templates.

  • Customize and standardize professional Web sites - Since the application is totally self-editing and self-publishing, you can easily customize your sites to fit your needs, always safe and secure in our hosted environment. Your content is easily created and updated keeping it current and compelling to all.

  • Utilize best practice expertise and automated work flows - Our turnkey sites and property management application have been built on years of experience and expertise and come with fully integrated templates that get you up and running in a short time, providing you a distinct technology competitive advantage.

  • Provide full mobile compliance automation - Fast, easy and always accurate Compliance application for site inspectors that puts all property information at your fingertips puts everything you need for ALL properties in ALL of your communities right in the palm of your hand, on your iPhone or iPad device.

Front Desk Edition

Front Desk Edition (FDE) is an innovative building management application consisting of a set of features that effectively and efficiently automate and manage the day-to-day activities encountered by concierge, security or gatehouse staff, designed to be easy-to-deploy and easy-to-use on a daily basis. FDE’s seamless connectivity eliminates typical inefficiencies and common mistakes by improving the operations and professionalism of front desk personnel. FDE is the key entry module to the full Building Management Edition (BME) solution that provides the ultimate “Single Source Solution” for your building.

Application Features:

  • Suite and Resident Directory to view all details, activities, communications
  • Activity Dashboard to monitor requests, bookings, incidents, pass-on logs
  • Parcel and delivery tracking, key tracking, visitor permits, parking stalls & permits
  • Amenity and Facility Bookings and confirmations
  • Calendars from maintenance to social events to parties and meetings
  • Daily Officer Reports that are searchable
  • Incident Report Tracking including photos and automatic notifications
  • Authorized Entry Notifications, Vacation Notifications, Visitor Logs

Building Benefits Include:

  • Replace outdated and ineffective binders and log books
  • Provide efficient business continuity shift-to-shift
  • Increase staff productivity through automation
  • Maximize communication with security, front desk and gatehouse staff
  • Have consistency and clarity from critical daily reports
  • Connect your residents with your staff for streamlined communications
  • Maintain accurate tracking of all daily activities
  • Present all important data to approved users 24/7
  • Provide simple at-a-glance dashboards views for ultimate oversight
  • Increase property and unit marketability
  • Differentiate your property…you will simply manage a better building!

Lite Edition

Having a professional Web presence is no longer an amenity, but a necessity. AssociationVoice Lite Edition is perfect for communities that are looking to take their first step onto the Web and would like to meet the basic communication needs for your community.

Professional Web Presence

  • Choose from several complimentary design templates or create your own custom look
  • Turnkey Web site with professional hosting


  • Connect with your community 24/7
  • Upcoming Events - Stay connected by knowing what is happening and when in your community
  • Latest News - News and announcements are just a click away
  • Latest Documents - Board meeting minutes, rules and regulations, covenants, and other community documents all available online.


  • Pay dues online via credit or debit card
  • Email a Community Manager or Board Member from the Web site


  • Ability to Publish and edit content with the Do-It-Yourself WebPublisher
  • Quick and easy setup


Track payment transactions processed through the Web site Monitor site visits and more through the Site Usage Report

Mobile Edition

In the time it takes you to read this, a complete violation report could have been issued. Today, instead of twenty-two minutes to take a photo, check for prior occurrences, generate a letter, etc., the entire process has been streamlined… reduced to a two-minute breeze. Just multiply that savings out per incident, per community.

Increase Productivity

  • Keep Managers productive in the field and eliminate re-keying and paperwork.

Report and Update

  • Violations can be reported and updated from your Mobile Device, without EVER having to connect to a computer.

Web Site NOT Required

  • A community Web site is not needed; however, there are plenty of extra advantages if you have one.

Community Pricing

  • Affordable pricing based on number of communities. No per person, or per phone monthly charges.

Payment Services

With AssociationVoice, you can accept online credit card, debit card, and eCheck payments from your residents directly on your AssociationVoice Web site at NO COST to your organization! Association dues, payments for special assessments, payments for renting the clubhouse, and fees for miscellaneous items may all be paid online, offering your customers the ultimate convenience.

There are no set-up fees, no monthly fees, no transaction fees and no account minimums. In fact, the service can be a source of ancillary revenue for your organization if you choose.

Professional Services

AssociationVoice is the leading provider of Web sites to associations and management with over 10,000 sites and well over 1 million residents with access. We have the industry’s leading professional staff to build, maintain and support our solution and proudly offer the following Professional Services:

Training – Our dedicated Web site trainers will guide you right from the onset as we provide initial and ongoing training for your site administrators so they hit the ground running and continue to learn new ways to maximize the benefits of a world-class Web site. And online support is always available as well.

Implementation – You will be assigned a personal Implementation Manager to guide you through the training and start-up process to ensure your success and streamline communications while you build and launch your world-class Web site, an AssociationVoice exclusive.

Design– Our professional designers will assist you each step of the way in building an attractive Web site helping you to maximize the visual appeal of your site and your community.

Integration – AssociationVoice has established seamless integrations with most accounting, property management, and document management vendors making the implementation of your Web site quick and easy as we do most of the work.

Solution Enhancements– Your AssociationVoice Web site provides the most feature-rich solution you can buy and it continues to expand each quarter and our clients receive those enhancements free of charge as they become available.

Document Digitization – An important feature of your Web site is to maintain all association documents for easy access and fully searchable as needed. We offer a scanning service to assist you in moving your documents to your Web site seamlessly.

Printing and Mailing – Many people still prefer to receive Newsletters, documents, etc. the old fashioned way so we provide a seamless process to print and mail documents from your Web site.

Support – Industry leading, professional assistance is available to our clients 7 days week, 365 days year offering you total peace of mind if you encounter difficulties.

Consulting – As the leading provider of Web sites to associations and management since 2000, and with over 10,000 sites under management, we have significant and comprehensive knowledge on how to help you build, maintain and maximize your Web site.

Hosting – Rest comfortable knowing that your community’s Web site information is always 100% safe and secure within our professional hosted environment.

Property Management Edition

As an enhancement to our world-class AssociationVoice Web sites, the Property Management Edition (PME) is the ultimate management technology tool to get everything done exactly when and how it should be done, and with incredible ease and speed, even when personnel absences or changes occur. PME orchestrates and automates information access, work processes, internal and external communication, time and expense tracking, vendor management, Board requests, homeowner requests, delivery tracking, keys/parking/pets/visitors management, security, and much more… actually everything you do. Complete compliance automation!

  • Synchronizes your entire operation with automated work processes/data management; communication tools integrated with a world-class Web site for ultimate management efficiency!
  • ONE solution, ONE database, ONE montly fee, all from ONE trusted technology partner for seamless support
  • Integrated mobile technology for field inspections and after-hours access
  • Integrated front desk concierge capabilities for hi-rise operations
  • Integrates with accounting application for account status and online payments

Key Features

  • Property Management Application
  • Building Management Application
  • Mobile Inspector Application
  • Mobile after-hours Oncall Application
  • AssociationVoice Web site
  • Community and Board Portals
  • Lifetime support from AssociationVoice
  • Lifetime training from AssociationVoice
  • One all-inclusive monthly technology fee
  • Accounting Integration available

PME Solution Requirements

Management Hub Site Community / Board Portals Microsoft OS iPhone / iPad for Mobile

Product Overview

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