MRI Software’s Affordable Housing Bostonpost

An accounting software system designed by BOSTONPOST Technology for real estate & property management companies.

About MRI Software’s Affordable Housing Bostonpost

Bostonpost property management software replaces manual procedures and multiple disconnected applications with one system that stores all information about your properties, tenants, and maintenance activities in a centralized database. This advanced property management software will help you to meet compliance requirements, eliminate manual processes, reduce operational errors and overhead, and streamline your property management operations. In man-hours alone, your cost savings can be huge.

Imagine using property management software that will enable:

  • One system to manage compliance, properties, and maintenance
  • Elimination of compliance risk for HUD, USDA and complex tax credit projects
  • A 360 degree view of end-to-end operations across all sites
  • Increased profits from Identity Of Interest maintenance operations
  • 50% less time required to prepare and complete annual audits and re-certification
  • Standardization and automation of document creation across all projects
  • Easy cross-training of employees to handle multiple roles and tasks
  • Huge gains in employee productivity

Bostonpost Technology’s property management software provides everything you need to automate, monitor, and streamline property management operations for government subsidized housing and tax credits with features like:

  • Built-in ‘Compliance Manager’ for HUD, USDA and Tax Credit programs
  • Central database and real-time information for all Communities, Units, Households and Maintenance
  • Fully automated tenant certification process
  • Waitlist processing that prevents selection of ineligible tenants
  • Online Vacancy Monitor that minimizes vacancy days
  • Centralized document library ensures that only approved documents are published
  • Comprehensive work order management and maintenance history
  • State-of-the-art technology: Windows user interface, SQL Server database, Internet access

Accounts Payable Processing

After work order tasks are completed, resulting invoices are received and entered into Bostonpost property management software to be reviewed and approved for payment and forwarding to the accounting system for checks processing.

Specialized invoice entry windows reduce data entry and allow fast entry of invoices for contracted services and supplies as well as utility invoices. When the invoice company name is selected, associated completed work orders are presented so they can be associated with the invoice.

Tenant Receivables

Tenant and subsidy receivables and receivable history are part of the online tenant record so that any user can quickly find out what a tenant owes, what has been paid, and how payments were applied to outstanding receivables.

Tenant receivable processing provided includes:

  • Automated generation of monthly receivables (billing)
  • Recording rent payments, subsidy payments, security deposits, credit balances
  • Detailed receivable history with payment application details
  • Creation of summary GL journal entries for accounting system
  • Online A/R Reporting: Rent Roll, Past Due Report, Collections Worksheet, Deposits On Hand By Type

Tenant receivables are recorded into deposit batches and payments are applied to outstanding A/R amounts.

Work Order Management

Work Order Management includes:

  • Create and Maintain Work Order / Purchase Order
  • View and filter Work Orders
  • Create Work Order templates
  • Schedule work assignments
  • Receive invoices and statements
  • Approve and pay invoices
  • Load A/P information to accounting system

Product Overview

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