A multi-module management system designed by CommunityVibe, Inc. for real estate & property management companies.

About ComVibe

ComVibe’s ground-breaking, proprietary platform delivers high resident satisfaction through the proprietary maintenance and communication services provided by its software. Although other software vendors may sell property management tools, none offer a built-in mechanism to generate and publish positive reviews to the online universe, which will promote manager reputation, increase the retention of tenants, attract new ones, and ultimately drive Net Operating Income.

Most important, ComVibe does this proactively, whereas survey vendors are limited to reactively reporting what residents felt AFTER they have been impacted, usually negatively, by poor maintenance services, and often after they have posted damning reviews in various online feedback channels.

ComVibe’s unique innovation is that its maintenance enhancement process is self-improving: by receiving real-time resident feedback, maintenance teams can measure performance, optimize service, improve productivity, and communicate better, which in turn leads to higher resident satisfaction, and ultimately saves costs.

Business Marketing

Market Your Business

Demonstrate your commitment to high quality service.

  • Set your business apart from your competition through your ability to manage your service experience
  • Get new business through marketing your verifiable service performance with owners and customers

Collaborative Culture

Create a Collaborative Culture

Keep your community updated on service updates to manage expectations and ensure the successful completion of jobs

  • Allow employees, customers, and contractors to share files, videos and pictures to improve information flow during service delivery
  • Notify your team and customers on status changes through the completion of a service
  • Send email and text message notifications to your customers regarding any service updates
  • Automatically archive a record of all communication between employees and customers

Customer Engagement

Automatically Engage Customers to Solicit Feedback

Collect feedback on completed services to measure satisfaction

  • Collect surveys from the beginning to the end of a customer’s rental period
  • Identify and create processes for handling dissatisfied customers before they move out

Feedback Leverage

Leverage Feedback to Improve Net Operating Income

Understand the impact of changes to your service strategy on operational costs and customer satisfaction

  • Evaluate and incentivize your team and contractors on the service experience you want to create
  • Increase customer loyalty and reduce avoidable turnover through greater engagement during the rental period

Maintenance Collection and Assignment

Improve Collection and Assignment of Maintenance Service Requests

Assign, collect, and schedule services based on employee availability and strengths

  • Track real-time status updates for services
  • Route requests to roving teams and contractors based on their strengths
  • Aggregate billing information for completed services
  • Provide mobile or tablet access to your teams to have the information they need while out in the field

Online Brand Reputation

Enhance Your Online Brand Reputation

Share and build trust in your service strategy

  • Publish testimonials on your website to improve SEO
  • Build trust with your customers by being transparent in your ability to deliver quality service

Portfolio Performance

Analyze Performance Across Your Portfolio

Evaluate your service performance through our powerful and intuitive analytics dashboard

  • Discover patterns and trends affecting your business for action planning and budgeting
  • Determine more effective workflows for different types of jobs
  • Revise your assignment strategy based on your team’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Determine your optimal staffing ratio for technicians to properties under management

Process Standardization

Standardize Your Processes

Design and store training materials to standardize your service strategy

  • Specify and store preferred workflows for different types of service requests
  • Tag videos and pictures to visually demonstrate how different types of requests should be handled
  • Define a benchmark for the quality of service required of your employees and contractors

Product Overview

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