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About Condo Manager

Condo Manager is a true accrual accounting software system for condo and homeowner associations. Their software makes it easier than ever to manage the association’s accounts receivable and payable.

Condo Manager addresses the unique requirements for managing condo and homeowner associations. They enable management companies and communities to provide faster responses and better service to their clients and owners.

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Primary Features

  • Manage complete accounting records for every association
  • Track information for owners, tenants, board members, and vendors
  • Manage service requests and generate work orders easily
  • Track violations and create letters automatically
  • Follow-up on delinquent owners and track the collections process
  • Keep a full history of communications with every account, including homeowners, vendors, board members, and tenants
  • Integrate ACH and Lockbox functions with any bank of your choice
  • Give owners access to their information in a secure, online portal

The tools you use will define your management company. Old DOS style reports will tell your clients that you’ve been doing the same thing as everybody else. Everyone knows when your company uses Quickbooks because the financial reports are hard to read and difficult to understand. Your software should be one of your strongest assets. Condo Manager can help your company set itself apart from your competitors.

Condo Manager Editions:

Condo Manager LIVE

Condo Manager LIVE gives you all the power and features of Condo Manager at your fingertips. Access Condo Manager LIVE from any PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet device. All you need is an Internet connection!

Condo Manager LIVE is the perfect solution for property managers who don’t want to be tied down to a server. LIVE gives you total access to your software from anywhere in the world. Not only can property managers access data, they can also enter violations, issue work order service requests, and pull full financial statements from their laptop or hand held device.

LIVE is an ideal solution for self-managed associations and management companies who do not want to maintain a server. Their company can host Condo Manager LIVE for your organization and take away the headaches and expenses of server maintenance.

Companies who already have a server in place can host LIVE on their own system without any additional hosting costs.

Condo Manager PRO

Condo Manager PRO is their solution designed specifically for managing condo and homeowner associations. Condo Manager can be used to manage one association or hundreds. Condo Manager PRO contains a full suite of accounting tools and financial reports and includes a database for tracking owners, tenants, board members, and vendors.

  • Fully integrated accrual accounting and management software
  • Manage an unlimited number of units
  • Complete owner, tenant, vendor, unit, and association profiles
  • Invoice common charges or dues automatically
  • Rapid accounts receivable management with a check scanner, lockbox processing, and ACH payments.
  • Easy bank reconciliation with an unlimited number of bank accounts
  • Integrated word processor with automatic mail merging and 40 built in templates
  • Customizable financial statements with a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface.
  • Full communication history for every homeowner and vendor including letters, emails, and phone calls.
  • Over 300 high quality reports that can be exported to Excel, Word, PDF, or sent by email.
  • Web Backup that is automatic and secure, to ensure your data is always safe.
  • Web Site Service that gives your associations a full website with homeowner and board member access

Bank Reconciliation

With their complete bank reconciliation system, keep a check register for an unlimited number of bank accounts, then reconcile with the guided wizard. Bank fees and interest can be entered directly from the reconcile screen, eliminating any extra steps. Bank statements can be scanned and attached to be included automatically with monthly reports and a full history of bank reconciliations is kept.


Establish annual budgets effortlessly with the Excel-like grid. Simply input information and Condo Manager will calculate all totals and differences as soon as amounts are recorded. Share the annual amount over 12 months or distribute as you see fit. Budgets can then be exported to PDF with or without account numbers for homeowners, or to Excel to do cash flow simulations.

CC&R Violations and Architectural Requests

The violations and architectural request module makes it easier to manage any requests that are submitted by homeowners and has the ability to track CC&R violations and send letters automatically. The user can also setup custom processes for handling different violations and record all correspondences in the owner’s communication log.


Condo Manager users can also track delinquent owners and manage the collections process in the specific collections module. The owner’s account will be flagged if they are on a payment plan or have been turned over for non-payment. All letters dealing with collections are stored in the owner’s communication history and each association can be customized for the different follow-up processes. Companies can also include a list of owners with outstanding balances in each monthly management report.


The communications tool in Condo Manager has a fully integrated word processor and email client that makes it easier to send correspondence directly from the system. One can print or email letters, account statements, and work orders directly from the Condo Manager screen. Each email or letter is archived in the recipient’s communication history for future retrieval. Mailings can be set-up automatically to print or email to the owner based on their preference. In an event of miscommunication, one can access any phone conversations with homeowners, board members, tenants, and vendors that are tracked in Condo Manager. It is recommended to include any communication histories in monthly management reports to let the board see everything that happens on a daily basis with their community. All communication items are recorded with the date, time, recipient, and sender to accurately record communication.

General Accounting

General accounting has never been easier than with Condo Manager. Create transaction groups for automated or one-click processing of regular and special assessments and more, or use the Transaction Wizard for rare, non-automated transactions. Easily modify or reverse transactions with complete audit trails. Condo Manager can automatically calculate late fees and interest, taking the headache out of past due assessments. Enter supplier invoices and print checks in a few simple steps.

Monthly Reports

Quickly and easily create an all-in-one monthly report featuring all financial statements and accounts receivable/payable reports. Each association can have a custom cover page and the full report can be exported to PDF or emailed directly to board members.

Owner Information

Condo Manager stores names, addresses, alternative mailing addresses, multiple phone numbers, and email addresses for all owners in the association. Condo Manager has the ability to use automatic alternative addresses during a specific period of time. Each owner can submit special emergency instructions such as if they will need assistance, and Condo Manager can store the information and print a report in case of emergency… Condo Manager is a complete tracking system; it will track information on assessments and other regular charges for owners. Condo Manager even prints or emails letters and statements for homeowners. The software also gives direct access to the owner’s balance, account statement, communications, architectural history, and CC&R violations. A user can also use up to 10 custom data fields to name at their own discretion and attach any file to the fields.

Service Requests and Work Orders

Condo Manager has specific modules that are proven to help Board members and property managers keep track of the different aspects of community management. When the community is in need of maintenance, Condo Manager’s service request and work orders module comes in handy. The user can track all incoming service requests from owners and print/email work orders directly to maintenance staff and vendors. Condo Manager can remind you to follow up on each work order to ensure the work is completed in a timely fashion.

Starting Price
$150 /user/month
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