A multi-module management system designed by Deep Forest Systems for real estate & property management companies.

About OnCite

OnCite addresses both your strategic and tactical real estate needs. This system is the most comprehensive, flexible and collaborative property management software solution available today. Deep Forest’s solutions include Requirements Gathering, Customization, Conversion, Integration, Testing, Training, Support, System Hosting (if desired), and more.

Accounts Receivable

OnCite Accounts Receivable allows you to manage all receivables through an integrated billing and fund management system. This system can handle the tracking and management of charges, invoices, payments, job codes, bank account information and customer profiles. With OnCite, you will be able to generate invoices for tenants in an easy batch processing mode. Some of the additional features you will receive with this product include:

  • Invoice Manager - Easily generate electronic charges or invoices and review them at your convenience. Invoices can be built using batch, property, tenant and customer options from any combination of billable Work Orders, PO’s and recurring charges.
  • Payments - Manage Payment information in a number of ways, including via a comprehensive feature that allows payments to be applied to multiple invoices
  • GL Codes - Within OnCite you are able to define all General Ledger codes, which allow you to track all line items and payments back to a General Ledger code.
  • Print Controls - Print bulk Invoices for a single date, month, or date range. Additional options include selections for one property, tenant, batch or portfolio that can be printed to the screen or through Microsoft Word.
  • Delinquency Management - Review breakdowns for invoices that are 30, 60, or more than 90 days past due and print bulk ‘Past Due Notices’ for delinquent accounts.
  • Statement Manager - Generate bulk statements for a selected date range with the option to generate for one property, tenant/customer, batch or portfolio.
  • Recurring Charge Schedules - Generate recurring charges per a specified schedule. Provide a start and end date, then choose from monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually to automate the process.

Lease Management

OnCite Leasing will give you a single point of storage for all lease management information. This application will track tenant responsibility logs, escalations, security deposits, expirations, renewals, and more. Built-in automatic e-mail tickler system reminds you in advance when actions are due. Some of the additional features of this application include:

  • Lease Abstract - This application will allow you to construct a comprehensive tenant profile, including insurance information, critical dates, customized reminders, and defined tenant/landlord responsibilities. Upload copies of legal or other associated documents.
  • Lite Lease - The Lite Lease feature will capture basic tenant information when it isn’t crucial to capture extensive details, and then upgrade it later if a lease abstract is needed
  • Suite Descriptors - Define the available spaces within a property, including square footage and description, and assign the spaces to tenant leases.
  • Recurring Charge Schedules - By setting up recurring charges you can automate the process of collecting rent, parking fees, etc. This in turn will save you time and energy leading ultimately to cost savings
  • Stacking Plan - View a report of tenants by floor according to the tenants assigned to the Suite Descriptors, or view a report of vacancies by floor. Use the Stacking Plan Manager to create, assign, and vacate suites for a property.
  • Management Group Profiles - Maintain a profile on all Tenant Management Groups complete with which tenants they manage.
  • Leasing Activity Calendar - View a monthly or weekly calendar report of all Leasing activities due in the given period, including expiration dates and renewal option dates.

Preventive Maintenance

The Preventive Maintenance application will provide you with streamlined preventative maintenance management of building systems and equipment across multiple facilities. This system will allow you to track and manage schedules for maintaining equipment and to capture detailed instructions for all work to be performed. Automated work order generation and overdue reminders help ensure work is performed on time and to specification. Some of the additional features and benefits can be seen below:

  • Equipment Profiles - This system will allow you to maintain detailed information about each piece of equipment at each property. Integrated management tools allow you to quickly generate multiple profiles for properties with multiple installations of the same equipment.
  • Work Order Schedules - By scheduling preventative maintenance you can improve the reliability and prolong the life on any piece of equipment. Multiple options, including seasonal parameters, allow flexible scheduling to meet demanding operational requirements. Use the intuitive management tools to easily generate bulk schedules for multiple installations of the same equipment.
  • Instruction Sets - For any scheduled task you can construct detailed tasks and precise instructions. Specify up to 40 customizable readings to be gathered when work is performed.
  • Integrated Work Orders - With integration into OnCite Work Orders, you are able to automatically generate work orders with instruction tasks, when the scheduled maintenance is due. Work will then be tracked through completion and will notify appropriate contacts via email when they need to perform tasks.
  • Calendar Report Manager - Simplify planning and review by providing easy-to-read calendars showing scheduled maintenance in 7-day or monthly format. Tailor the planner to specific properties, tenants, and/or assigned staff.
  • Assignment Manager - Assign staff and dispatch work orders via printer, e-mail, handheld device or fax.
  • Report Manager/Labor Forecast - Tools included within OnCite will generate reports on equipment, labor history and work order status. Provide forecast reports for projected maintenance and labor requirements. Customize ad hoc reporting by defining column content, groupings, sorting, and totals. **
  • BOMA Standards - If you are trying to comply with BOMA standards for equipment lifespan, OnCite will manage all dates for said equipment.

Supplier Management

OnCite Supplier Management will allow you to easily track and manage your supplier contract and contact info. Additionally, all purchase orders, parts and service profiles are saved along with the supplier information. An optional feature automatically sends Suppliers a fax or email notification for requested purchases. Purchase Orders can be integrated into the OnCite Accounts Receivable system for Invoicing. Some of the additional features you will find with this product include:

  • Supplier Information - The system will maintain a complete list of all suppliers with all of their contacts. You are then able to view all related information about equipment profiles, work orders, contracts, purchase orders, and invoices.
  • Parts/Services List - Maintain a customized list of parts and then select from the list when creating purchase orders and billable work order line items.
  • Purchase Orders - Create Purchase Orders that include dates, amounts and bill-back information as appropriate. Select a supplier to pull all pertinent contact data.
  • Contracts - This feature will allow you to manage all supplier contacts, with the ability to create one time contracts or create contract templates.
  • Purchase Order Print Controls - You are able to print multiple purchase orders from a single screen by being given the option of printing from property, supplier, and date range.
  • PO Invoicing Queue - PO’s are queued for approval/denial. The POs can then be approved or denied individually or in a group.
  • Report Manager - The report manager will allow you to generate reports that show supplier information, contract and purchase order status, valid dates and amounts

Tenant Portal

The OnCite Tenant Portal will give you a web site to facilitate the flow of information between tenants and property managers. It also allows secure access for Tenants to enter, view and request modifications to Service Requests (work orders). Multiple properties can be supported, each with their own look, feel & functionality set. Some of the additional features of this product include

  • Tenant Retention - This easy to use web based system for entering service requests allow you to provide an easier way for your tenants to get the service they need. This in turn will lead to higher tenant satisfaction, and ultimately to better tenant retention.
  • Expedite the Service Request Process - The automated dispatching of service requests provides a seamless process to get service work done more quickly.
  • Service Request - Tenants may enter and review Service Requests (Work Orders). Service Requests are automatically routed and integrate fully with the optional OnCite Work Orders.
  • Building Calendar - Tenants may view Activities scheduled for the Property. Building Management posts calendar information as needed such as Tenant Appreciation events, HVAC outages and more.
  • Bulletin Board - Allow your tenants to view special notices for their property. This is especially helpful during bad weather conditions.
  • Tenant Handbook - Post your tenant handbook to a website with search capabilities, and easy updates.
  • Property Information - Tenants may view general information about their building including resources, management team contact information, and more. Building staff can update all of these details at any time through the Tenant Portal Administration Interface.
  • Contact Manager - Store all of your tenant contact information with the ability to review and update at any point in time.
  • Invoices - Display Rent Invoices, Work Order Invoices, etc. for review by Tenants.

Work Order Management

OnCite Work Orders will give you everything you need to track your various work orders (i.e. Tenant Requests and Preventative Maintenance. The system will then give you metrics to measure performance against parameters defined by you. The system will give you the ability to define work order line items allowing you to track the billing of parts and labor. The system will also allow you to setup team rosters as well as other management tools for managing and dispatching work orders. Some of the other features of this application include:

  • Tenant Retention - you will receive tools for quickly entering and dispatching Service Requests as well as entering completion information. Working in conjunction with the OnCite Tenant Portal, tenants can see the real-time status of their requests as well as enter new requests.
  • Automate Bill-backs for Service Requests Parts and Labor - OnCIte will automatically generate the billable labor line items for invoicing service requests, as soon as the completion information is entered.
  • Automate Work Order Assignment - OnCite allows you to define an Assignment Matrix, which will assign work orders based upon property and type of request. OnCite also routes Work Orders for assignment when the normal assignee is out of the office. This automated assignment means that requests entered from the Tenant Portal go directly to a building engineer.
  • RIM BlackBerry and Palm Powered Handheld Integration - OnCite allow you to receive and update/closeout work orders while in the field. And with OnCite’s OCC (Occasionally Connected Computing) technology, spotty wireless reception presents no problem.
  • Tenant Request Work Orders - Receive service requests entered by tenants via the OnCite Tenant Portal or manually enter requests received via fax, phone, or in person. Use the priority indicator to identify and help manage critical and non-critical issues.
  • Preventive Maintenance Work Orders - Receive scheduled work orders generated by the OnCite Preventive Maintenance system and create work orders for unscheduled equipment repair and service. Help to ensure consistency and adherence to standards by including pre-defined instructions and other details for servicing the equipment.
  • Team Roster - Maintain general contact information about each team member, including the preferred method of communication (email, handheld, printer or fax) for accepting work orders.
  • Work Order Assignment Managers - Gather a group of work orders by selecting filtering options for assignees, equipment type, property, and tenant. Use the accompanying management tools to quickly review, assign, and dispatch work orders meeting the specified criteria.
  • Work Order Print Controls - Use integrated filter options to capture a group of work orders for subsequent review and printing. Filtering options include date range, property, tenant, trade code, equipment type and assigned to.
  • Report Manager - Use the included tools to generate current lists of team members and work orders, as well as YTD summary reports. Provide forecast reports for projected maintenance and labor, customizing the content by defining column content, groupings, sorting, and totals.

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