IDEAS Property Clerk

A full ERP system designed by IDEAS Software & Training.

About IDEAS Property Clerk

This product is no longer sold or supported. Please visit the property management software page for alternative options.

IDEAS Property Clerk is a powerful property management software solution. Integrated accounting features with the option to export the accounting data to other accounting programs. Property Clerk includes the following modules: Tenant Management, Work-Orders, Accounts Payable (MICR Check Writing), Asset Inventory (Stoves, etc.), Includes features to produce arrears letters and other notices such as leases etc. using Microsoft Word.


Increase Your Bottom Line:

  • Collect more receivables by having instant access to your tenant receivables
  • Automatically produce letters and notices to all tenants (i.e., Arrears Letters)
  • Track former tenants and problem tenants
  • Reduce maintenance costs by maintaining an accurate warranty tracking system
  • Instant vacant unit listing; Advertise vacancies to increase revenue

Improve Productivity

  • Process all rent charges & other charges in seconds
  • Process post-dated-cheques within seconds
  • Reduce check handling with MICR Check writing
  • Instant access to tenant information
  • Instant access to work-orders
  • Instant access to asset inventory

Low Cost Software:

  • No extra fees for use on a network
  • Training guide included

Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable module is the section of IDEAS Property Clerk Enterprise that is responsible for keeping track of your bills. The Accounts Payable module is also used to pay the bills through the check printing features. Keep on top of your outstanding payables easily by using the payable features. Use the built in find/filter features to quickly locate any bill and answer any questions about the bill.


  • Track Accounts Payable
  • Track Vendor Information
  • Group vendors by user defined categories
  • Setup vendors as needed
  • Keep track of all of your expenses
  • Quick and flexible lookup features to find any bill
  • Easily locate bills for any vendor
  • Assign vendors to specific properties
  • Produce vendor lists based upon categories or properties
  • Easily produce MICR checks or pre-printed checks
  • Manual check options
  • Edit posted bills (security required)
  • Void/Cancel or delete bills (security required)
  • Keep track of Vendor account numbers to be entered onto the check automatically
  • Enter check memo details
  • Produce outstanding accounts payable reports
  • Send Vendor Letters

Accounts Receivable

The Client Management module is the section of IDEAS Property Clerk Enterprise that is responsible for keeping track of your clients, their move in and move out dates, lease information, other client information and their financial records. The Accounts Receivable is the amount of money the clients will owe to the property. It is through the Client Module that the accounts receivable amount is determined.


  • Track Accounts Receivable
  • Charge Clients
  • Client Invoices
  • Record Client Payments
  • Process Client Payment Batches
  • Client Reminders and Notes
  • Client Communications
  • Client Statements
  • E-Mail Clients
  • Send Client Letters
  • Produce Past Due Notices
  • Process Late Fees
  • Track Security Deposits
  • Print Client Payment Receipts
  • Track Move In and Move Details
  • Track Lease Expiration dates
  • Automatic Management Fees
  • History of Emails and Letters Sent
  • Unlimited User Defined Fields
  • Edit Transactions (Security permitting)


The Budgeting module is the section of IDEAS Property Clerk Enterprise that is responsible for keeping track of the annual budgets for each property. The budget module is used to forecast the income and expenses annually based upon a monthly budget. The budget information is used to provide budget vs actual variance reports and to provide annual budget reports.


  • Keep track of current and past budgets
  • Income and Expenses can be broken down into sub-groups
  • Auto-fill feature to easily enter values for an account for an entire year
  • Copy one or more budgets to the next budget year
  • Print budgets
  • Print Budget vs Actual Reports

General Ledger

The General Ledger module is the section of IDEAS Property Clerk Enterprise that is responsible for keeping track of the financial transactions in the system. The General Ledger is automatically integrated with Client Management, Accounts Payable and the Check Writing modules. This ensures that all financial information is available at all times in your General Ledger.


  • Track and retrieve all financial information
  • Integrated automatically with Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payable modules
  • Apply Journal Entries directly into the General Ledger as needed
  • Miscellaneous Income features are integrated with the General Ledger
  • Financial Drill-Down capabilities to source documents
  • Chart of Accounts can be easily modified
  • General Ledgers are accessible by Property or Consolidated
  • Edit Journal Entries as needed (Security Required)
  • View Journal Entry History


The Inventory module is the section of IDEAS Property Clerk Enterprise that is responsible for keeping track of the assets assigned to each property. Assets such as appliances, furniture and equipment can easily be tracked.


  • Easily Track Asset Inventory
  • Monitor an inventory item’s location at all times
  • Track Purchasing Information (i.e. Quantity, Cost, Vendor etc.)
  • Track quantity in stock and re-ordering information
  • View warranty information
  • Stay on top of inventory maintenance
  • Print Inventory Summary details
  • Report on inventory items low in stock

Job Cost

The IDEAS Property Clerk Enterprise Job Cost module allows you to keep track of critical information about a Job, such as Contractor details, the status and progress of a Job, and budget versus actual financial information. The Job Cost module also allows to keep track of any notes required for the Job, a detailed description of the Job, as well as holdback information to be provided to the Accounts Payable department. You can also track information about the contract for the Job, such as when it was awarded, and how much the Job was awarded for.


  • Easily print and issue P.O. to vendors
  • Track who approved the Job Cost and when
  • Set up estimated start and end dates
  • Monitor actual start and end dates
  • Track status and completion progress details
  • Ability to assign internal alphanumeric Job ID’s
  • Ability to review budget vs. actual financial information
  • Keep track of Purchase Orders issued for the Job Cost
  • Reference back to Work Orders, and Bills issued for the Job Cost
  • Store contract information
  • Assign holdbacks to Job Costs
  • Print Job Cost Summary
  • Report on all Job Costs assigned to a Property

Purchase Orders

The Purchase Order module is the section of IDEAS Property Clerk Enterprise that is responsible for keeping track of the Purchase Orders in the system. The Purchase Order can be printed and issued to vendors and can be integrated with the Accounts Payable, Work Order, and Job Cost modules. This ensures that all financial information is available at all times in your General Ledger.


  • Easily print and issue purchase orders. to vendors
  • Track who approved the purchase order and date of approval
  • Set up Shipping and Billing Address information
  • Monitor the expected delivery date
  • No limit to the number purchase orders. detail items entered
  • Track the status of the purchase order
  • Easily assign all items on a purchase order to received.
  • Keep track of Work Orders that issued the purchase order
  • Reference Bills back to the original purchase order issued
  • Assign holdbacks to purchase orders
  • Monitor purchase order issued for Job Costs
  • Report on all purchase orders assigned to a Property

Work Orders

IDEAS Property Clerk Enterprise has the ability to track and issue internal Work Orders. The Work Order module can track maintenance and other work performed at a client, unit, or property level. Work Orders also have the ability to track details for any material or labor costs associated with the Work Order. Work Order details may easily be referenced back to Job Costs, Purchase Orders, and Bills.


  • Monitor who requested the maintenance
  • Track scheduling information
  • Ability to prioritize maintenance requests
  • Quickly view the status of the maintenance work
  • Easily record the maintenance problem and resolution steps taken
  • Track labor and material costs
  • Set up billing information
  • Generate Work Order log and detailed log reports
  • Set up holdback information for the accounts payable department
  • Track Purchase Orders, Bills, and Job Costs
  • Record maintenance notes

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IDEAS Property Clerk is designed primarily for use in the real estate industry.

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