A biometric identity screening and automated tenant screening software.

About LetFaster

IDcheck specialises in cloud-based, automated Biometric Identity Screening, Fraud Detection & KYC-AML. Through the proprietary Facial Recognition, Liveness and Motion Detection algorithms they authenticate global identity documents, with advanced AI and OCR techniques.

LetFaster, a division of IDcheck, combines Biometric Identity Screening with automated Tenant Screening, suitable for Letting Agents, Property Managers, BTR, PRS, Social Housing Providers and larger Landlords. Few professionals possess the skills to detect fake IDs. If a fake ID passes, all standard background screening would be performed on the real person instead of the fake, leaving organisations at risk of fraud and KYC-AML violations.

Registration and log-in use Key-Based 2-Factor Authentication, where the “pin” is neither transmitted nor stored. If a device is lost or stolen, the pin would fail after a few incorrect attempts and by using a keypad, even a Key-Logger could not detect the pin. This is far more secure than SMS verification.

Unlike outsourced providers, each client has their own enterprise-level automated portal, with strict access management, permissions and internal controls. Portals also provide business intelligence, a full audit trail and multiple measures to detect internal and external fraud.

LetFaster Features

  • Biometric Identity Screening: Facial Recognition, Liveness Check and OCR to authenticate Global Identity Documents and detect fraud
  • Key-Based 2-Factor Authentication for system access
  • Automated Tenant Screening: employment, landlord and guarantor referencing; Guarantor background checks, credit, sanctions (and where relevant criminal) checks; automated proof of address, income, savings, bank accounts
  • An automated portal that strengthens internal controls
  • Strict access management and permissions
  • Multiple measures to mitigate internal and external fraud, including an audit trail
  • Create teams and team members and automate work-flows
  • Real-Time Business Intelligence and Reports
  • Automate set-up by importing properties/buildings, offices and clients
  • An intuitive interface with no training required
  • No significant upfront fees nor any forced tie-ins

LetFaster Target Market

  • Letting Agents
  • Property Managers
  • Social Housing Providers
  • Landlords

LetFaster Pricing

The minimum cost of LetFaster depends on company size and time required to automate set-up. Fees are charged per “unit” where 1 unit represents 1 background check. If 3 adults rent an apartment this means 3 units: one per person. If a guarantor is required this also counts as a unit.

  • Option 1: Pay-As-You-Go: Purchase and pre-pay for as many /few units as required. Units never expire
  • Option 2: Annual contract pre-paid monthly, so cash-flows are not tied up. Unused monthly units are automatically rolled over. After 12-months, unused units turn into Pay-As-You-Go units.

There is no free trial available. There is no free version available.

Product Overview

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