A software system designed by Litehaus Systems for commercial & service and retail trade companies.


LITEHAUS360 Lease edition is your complete lease management software. It allows your company, as a small business lease broker, to manage the entire deal process from sales and marketing, right through to end-of-term and trade-up.

LITEHAUS360 is designed with your needs specifically in mind. Because it is not an enterprise product you won’t cripple your business by purchasing the system. But with its powerful integration with Microsoft Outlook® and TimeValue Software’s industry standard T-Value math engine, LITEHAUS360 packs enterprise functionality allowing you to manage your business like the big boys.

LITEHAUS360 Lease Edition is your complete end-to-end lease management solution that will allow you to manage the complete leasing process from sales and marketing to end-of term. Since LITEHAUS360 is not an enterprise or large scale software, it will provide you with a cost effective lease management solution.

In an effort to decrease the steep learning curve often associated with lease management software, LITEHAUS360 was developed with integration in mind. The system can be seamlessly integrated with Microsoft® Outlook® and TimeValue Software’s industry standard T-Value math engine. This will ensure that you will be able to install the system and immediately begin using the system directly out of the box, without the aid of IT professionals or costly training sessions. If you know how to use Microsoft® Office® and T-Value, you can use LITEHAUS360. To further contribute to the ease of use LITEHAUS350 was developed with a familiar interface to T-Value and Outlook, so even basic operation of the system will be an ease, and you won’t waste your valuable time searching for commands in unfamiliar menus.

LITEHAUS360 makes use of familiar Windows® functionality to ensure an efficient and flexible lease management system giving you the flexibility to manage leases in whatever way suits your desires. No longer will you spend time hunting for valuable data or information. This in turn means LITEHAUS360 will allow you to gain a competitive advantage by working smart.

With LITEHAUS360 you can conveniently create Outlook-like functions (i.e. scheduling appointments and email messages without having to re-enter that information into Outlook). With LITEHAUS360 you’ll never have to enter data more than once! What’s more, history functions entered in LITEHAUS360 automatically appear in Outlook.

LITEHOUSE360 provides you with a wide array of features, available at a price affordable for your small business. Some of the key features and benefits can be seen below: * Manage end-to-end lease transactions. * Maintain sales and marketing leads and opportunities. * Prepare multiple quotes for multiple ýwhat ifý scenarios. * Record and track asset details. * Track end-of-term. * Store contact information for Lessees, Vendors and Lessors. * Link deals to your contacts and vice versa. * Analyze deal funding and booking. * Customize deal documents and reports.

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