A multi-module management system designed by Northwind - Maestro Property Mgmt. Solutions for accommodations & food services companies.

About Maestro

The Maestro Property Management Solution is a proven full-featured Windows system used by many of today’s leading hotel corporations. The full suite of Maestro products includes; Front Office & A/R, Work Order Management, Sales & Catering, and Condo/Time Share. All Maestro products can be used stand alone or fully integrated to offer a complete solution for our hospitality customers.

Y2K compliant, Maestro is a true Windows system. Its extensive functionality is likened to those that previously, were only found in older legacy systems. Its clear screens, point and click simplicity, field level drill down, and keyboard entry options, ensure Maestro is easy to use for both new and experienced personnel. Database oriented, its reporting and inquiry are simple and powerful. A complete Client Database of all past, current, and future stay information can be accessed on-line in a simple one step process. In addition to the powerful reporting available in Maestro, our clients can utilize standard Microsoft tools and software to develop their own forms, reports, and spreadsheets.

All Maestro Modules can be accessed through a local area network or over the Internet. Maestro features a real-time two-way interface to any web based reservation facility. Maestro for Windows operates in a client/server environment and is a true 32-bit system with installations implemented under UNIX or Windows NT with SQL Server Database.

Why Choose Maestro?

Maestro is designed to satisfy the needs of large sophisticated resort and hotel operations as well as smaller operations with limited services. Maestro is highly scaleable and supported on many hardware platforms and Operating System platforms. There are also options for different databases based on user requirements, and Maestro can work effortlessly with financial and corporate reporting and decision support products.

Maestro takes into consideration the design input of software engineers, hospitality professionals and end users. Latest technologies and advanced design have been utilized to develop a management oriented solution with a special user interface to allow drill down capability along with full utilization of the mouse to navigate through the windows, yet still support full keyboard and function key compatibility.

Special operational integration features which define Maestro’s unique capabilities and state-of-the-art design include; the real-time integration of folio and reports archiving, real-time integration of guest and group client information and real-time processing of yield control features. These features along with Northwind’s real-time reservations processing and data generation provide management with a unique ability to access the complete client information database (details of forecasts and actuals) in real-time via data mining and productivity tools such as spreadsheets, word processors and report writers.

Northwind is setting the pace for Windows software with the addition of new modules and features with seamless integration to their already feature rich PMS solution. To meet the growing demands of the hospitality industry, Maestro includes Condo and Timeshare Management software (3Q/99) with features to allow the user to manage any interval ownership or wholly owned units.

These features integrate with front office billing and accounts receivable resulting in powerful owner/guest accounting. Northwind has strengthened their already sophisticated form generation subsystem making available report generation of owner statements, owner checks and customized forms.

Powerful new modules to reserve and bill for third party services and to allow client reservations via the Internet have been added to the development effort to accommodate the complex demands of today’s competitive hospitality market. Northwind’s Maestro availability on Windows and UNIX platforms offers a unique flexibility to migrate the database from one platform to another within a few hours, no retraining required. The Maestro design provided Year 2000 compatibility and multi-property capabilities from the outset.

With its expanded functionality, seamless operational integration and intuitive user interface, Maestro will empower properties to operate efficiently, reduce costs, and boost both productivity and yield dramatically. Maestro offers full real-time integration with our Billing and Accounts Receivable and with Sales & Catering modules making our solution one of the best performing for the hospitality industry.

Reporting and inquiry are simple and powerful. With this, the client can utilize standard productivity tools and report writers to develop their own forms, reports, spreadsheets and mail campaigns directly from the database. Guest and group information is easily duplicated for additional reservations creating a guest and group client information database. You can duplicate clients’ reservations based on any of their past stays, current in-house or future reservation data. Special advanced features are provided to manage groups and group members with the ability to generate multiple reservations automatically.

A powerful facility has been developed to set-up standard rates and packages to handle the most sophisticated billing and revenue tracking requirements. In addition, Maestro provides for special group and corporate rates to handle single guests, sharers and group guests.

Tax posting and exemption can be set-up at time of reservation, handling tax exemption of long-term stay guest through the rate set-up.

Maestro is able to manage unlimited categories of services and requests allowing reports or inquiries to be generated based on the specific service or request required. Client and reservations search engine is powerful and simple with a one step process to generate a list to work from. Maestro has a fully integrated Client Information Database of past stays, current stays and future reservation bookings.

Room type and room number assignment changes and multiple room assignments are easily handled in Maestro; there is no need to create a new reservation. Maestro allows the creation of multiple folios at the time of reservation. This feature allows the pre-planning of any special charges, tax exemptions or postings of advanced deposits. Maestro provides a log that records all detailed transactions of a booking, with all activities being date and clerk stamped. Maestro suite of products offers a proven record with emphasis on operational integration and presents the most sophisticated and best performing Hospitality Solution available for Windows today.

Maestro Accounts Receivable

This common module provides the ability to handle a single or multiple property environments with inter-module integration.

All modules that provide Guest and Group Services have direct access to this Common Facility to provide maximum flexibility in generating an invoice and collecting a payment. Open folios may accept postings from multiple modules and combine all details under one folio for presentation to the client.

Functions and Features Summary

Clients and Set-Up

  • Ability to set-up client masters with multiple contacts/addresses
  • Ability to set-up client attributes with capture control
  • Ability to capture unlimited notes and maintain action and follow-up dates
  • Ability to search in various criteria
  • Ability to set-up credit limits and late charges levels
  • Ability to set-up unlimited categories of revenue, settlement methods and currencies
  • Ability to set-up multiple taxes per revenue category
  • Ability to define tax exemptions
  • Changes log is retained for management review

Folio Management

  • Folios and details are maintained as open items
  • Ability to create multiple folios for a billing period
  • Ability to capture unlimited notes for collection and tracking
  • Ability to set-up posting restrictions per folio
  • Folio access and actions log is maintained for management audit
  • Ability to transfer and write-off partial or entire folios - activity is kept on log file
  • Permanent folio facility to handle internal and non guest activity
  • Ability to allow and control back posting by date criteria
  • Ability to set-up messages to print on folios by multiple criteria

Folio Details

  • Unlimited details per folio
  • Ability to adjust and write-off partial folio details
  • Ability to transfer details to other folios using multiple criteria
  • Automatic currency exchange posting
  • Multiple levels of taxes per details
  • Ability to summarize details by user criteria
  • Ability to maintain unlimited text per folio details
  • Fast post facility for quick posting to multiple folios
  • Capture of clerk, date and time for each detail
  • Automatic G/L account allocation
  • Ability to open closed folios and post back dated details

Receipts and Setttlements

  • Ability to set-up multiple settlement methods
  • Automatic settlement to credit card accounts
  • Automatic settlement to Accounts Receivable
  • Ability to make partial folio payments
  • Ability to allocate receipts to multiple invoices
  • Ability to allocate receipts to multiple accounts
  • Ability to apply receipts manually and automatic
  • Ability to maintain notes for each receipt

Folio Access and Actions Log

  • Ability to view and print actions and access log
  • Ability to view dates of folio close, open, print, transfer and write off
  • Ability to view clerk, date and time of each activity
  • Ability to print ad hoc audit reports
  • Ability to set up access by clerk, functions and level of data manipulation

Forms and Reports

  • Special facility for mailing labels generation
  • Ability to generate standard reports on demand
  • Ability to print client statements utilizing balance forward and open item
  • Ability to fax generated forms and reports (i.e. folios to clients)
  • Ability to generate custom forms (invoices, statement, etc.) and merge with client data
  • Ability to generate unlimited ad hoc queries and reports
  • Ability to catalog forms and ad hoc standard formats
  • Ability to define runtime criteria for ad hoc reports
  • Database access via office productivity tools to produce special reports and contact the clients

Integration With Other Modules

  • Ability to receive postings from all other modules
  • Ability to integrate with the G/L System
  • Shares a common client data base with all other modules
  • Integrated with office tools for operational and management reports

Management Reports and History

  • Complete details history is maintained as per management criteria
  • Access and reprint of past folios is available on demand
  • Management reports may be generated to provide analysis information
  • Back dated posting analysis reports are available on demand
  • Client payment performance analysis reports may be generated on demand

Maestro Enterprise

Maestro Enterprise centralizes client management at the corporate level, storing and providing immediate access to all existing and updated information and profiles on each new account.

The flexibility to support various operational setups positions this enterprise solution apart from the rest in that it lets you be the architect of your management functions and controls – acting as ‘your own’ ASP. A mobile corporate sales team can view room and function space availability in any linked property in any location, enabling them to make informed business decisions when booking business.

Whichever setup option is selected, your database will also serve as the central source for enterprise reporting, analysis, contract confirmations, customer tracking, and corporate data mining. Consulting services to optimize your use of Maestro Enterprise and the Internet are also available.

Maestro Front Office

Front Office is designed to provide staff and management with an efficient tool to monitor and provide services to guests and groups promptly and accurately. The Front Office offers seamless integration with A/R, Sales & Catering and various office productivity tools.

Functions and Features Summary

Guest and Services Management

  • Reservations access to central guest and group history database
  • Reservations for single guests, sharers and family members
  • Small group management facility
  • Special guest services and brochure requests tracking
  • Guest transportation details tracking to manage transportation services
  • Guest locator feature available to locate guests that are not in their rooms
  • Registration of reserved guests, group members & walk-ins
  • Guest messaging and staff mail management
  • Multiple search criteria to locate guest information
  • ZIP/Postal code dictionary - Automatic update & address generation
  • On-line access and creation of travel agency and agency contacts
  • Travel agency check printing
  • Rates availability chart display, by rate type priority, room type and guest type
  • Check-out & cashiering with multiple currency handling
  • Reservation changes log update & query
  • Customized housekeeping services by guest type
  • Ability to assign multiple rate types and rooms to one reservation
  • Certificates processing and partial charge posting
  • Personalized and variable packages set-up during reservations
  • Detail retention of Guest History for management reporting & analysis

Group Bus Tours and Wholesalers

  • Group reservations and set-up of multiple addresses, contacts, attributes and text
  • Ability to block multiple room types and room numbers - variable rooms per day
  • Fast entry function for rooming lists and automatic room assignment
  • Automated reservations creation for group members
  • Register walk-in and reserved group members
  • Automated Fast group check-in/check-out function
  • Control and report on group rooms pick-up and unreleased blocks
  • Unlimited reservation time frame
  • Multiple folios capability per group and group members
  • Posting control of member charges to group folios
  • Temporary and contracted rates for groups may be established
  • Ability to set-up action dates and track activities
  • Ability to set-up group travel agent and multiple commission rates
  • Track groups by group code, company and attributes
  • Integrated with Central Billing & A/R to handle folios and settlements
  • Integrated with Sales and Catering module
  • Detail retention of Group History for Management Reporting
  • Ability to set up automatic group block release on cut-off date and/or arrival date

Folio Management

  • Multiple guest folios per reservation with posting and tax exemption controls
  • Permanent folios set-up for non-guest activity with automatic control facility
  • Ability to transfer activity between folios with full control & trace features
  • Ability to generate notes for A/R clerks
  • Ability to retain folio history and, reprint or fax folios
  • Automatic recognition of advance deposits on check-in
  • User defined criteria to summarize folio details
  • Integrated with common billing and A/R to handle Guests & Groups
  • Automatic guest folios set-up by guest type and template criteria
  • Automatic guest folio settlement and creation for long term stay guests
  • Facility for individual folio settlement method
  • Multiple group folios set-up with posting control over group member charges
  • Separate folios set-up for guest charges and revenue breakdown control
  • Automatic folio printing for monthly billing
  • Folio summary printing by day or total stay, and by source and settlement codes

Charges and Settlements/Posting Facilities

  • Automatic posting of room charges with variable frequencies; Daily, weekly, monthly and flat rate
  • Automatic taxes posting and exemptions control
  • Ability to set-up and track multiple advance deposit requests
  • Automatic routing control of posting from interfaces
  • Direct high volume fast posting facility by folio, guest name and reservation number
  • Monitored settlement of all guest & group folios on check-out
  • Ability to re-open closed folios and post adjustments
  • Automatic posting of charges for special services
  • Automatic package posting and revenue distribution
  • Facility to collect total stay charges on check-in
  • Automatic and manual interim settlement of folios to A/R for long stay guests
  • Automatic breakdown of charges with daily, monthly and no breakdown options
  • Integrated with Central Billing to handle folios, taxes, exemptions, currencies and all folio activity

Night Audit Processing

  • Monitored initiation & completion of night audit processing
  • Prevention of multiple night audit initiation
  • Continued (non-stop) operations during night audit processing
  • Automatic balancing and auditing of daily closing balances
  • Ability to back post adjustments under management control
  • Performance statistics generation and update
  • Integrated data sharing with:
  • Guest and Group History
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Travel Agency Commission Payment
  • General Ledger
  • Conference and Special Events
  • Automated or manual Night Audit processing with configurable options
  • Comprehensive revenue distribution and package breakdown
  • Automatic release of group blocks on cut-off date

Room and Room Types

  • No limit on room types and room numbers
  • No limit on future reservations for all inventory types
  • Availability space charts display for room types and room numbers
  • Room type blocking for individuals and sharers
  • Multiple room type blocking for small groups
  • Manual and automated room pre-assignment for reservations
  • Comprehensive current status display
  • Off-market management, single room and entire floors
  • Room attributes selection and display during reservations
  • Sharers room inventory assignment, with variable arrival dates
  • Multiple rooms, room types, rates and properties per reservation
  • Ability to block rooms without a specific room type
  • Ability to set-up, reserve and bill for food and special services
  • Overbooking allowance on global and room type basis
  • Day-use room inventory reservations and control
  • Group and wholesalers inventory blocking and management facility

Management Facilities and Reporting

  • Consolidated managers report
  • Monthly occupancy report with statistics
  • Market segment details report
  • Group & corporate statistics report
  • Actual based forecasting analysis reports
  • On-line occupancy inquiry & reporting
  • Space charts by room type and room number
  • Reservations forecast with booking pace totals
  • Ability to set-up date sensitive sell and clerk messaging
  • Rates availability control and yield optimization
  • Ad hoc query and report writing facility with access to all files
  • Custom Forms Generation Facility for folios, confirmations and other reports
  • Database access via Windows Office Productivity Tools such as spread sheet and report writers

Rate Type Criteria and Yield Factors

  • Daily rates set-up by; Guest Type, Room Type and Season
  • Special group rates
  • Special corporate rates
  • Per person and per room package rates may be set-up for guests and groups
  • Ability to set-up Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Long-stay Rates
  • Special Management Rates override facility
  • Package set-up with standard and variable days assignment
  • Rates set-up for each day of the week
  • Yield Rate Factors for:
  • Advance Booking
  • Number of guests
  • Hotel Occupancy
  • Length-of-stay Factors
  • Yield Availability Factors for:
  • Prohibit arrivals and departures
  • Impose a minimum length of stay
  • Close out a rate type, guest type, group, company, room type and building
  • Arrival blocking by day of the week
  • Rate blocking and minimum stay control
  • Automatic room rate split for sharers

Guest Messaging

  • Ability to take date sensitive messages for reserved or in-house guests
  • Ability to take messages ýforý guest, ýaboutý guest, for staff, and ýattentioný messages
  • Unlimited text per message and unlimited messages per guest
  • Ability to print messages, deliver verbally and track delivery method
  • Attention messages are processed as priority to deliver
  • Voice messages two way interface

Interfaces Posting and Control

  • Point of Sale (POS) Systems
  • Card Key Facility
  • Call Accounting Systems
  • Telephone Systems and Voicemail
  • In-Room Movie Systems, Folio Display, Check-out
  • Central Reservations (CRS)
  • Central Reservations (CRS)
  • Mini Bar and Card Key Facility
  • Custom Interfaces

Other Set-Up Features

  • Room types
  • Guest types and associated Rates
  • Revenue and Payments Posting Controls
  • Rates and package charges distribution
  • Credit limit options
  • Source of business codes
  • Guaranteed and settle by methods
  • Currencies allowed and Exchange Rates
  • Special Services and Charges
  • Inventory Types
  • Overbooking limits
  • Off Market Rooms

Maestro Internet Reservations

Northwind offers Web-based Internet reservation modules that can be fully integrated with our Maestro Property Management applications. Using our system, you’ll be able to offer your customers:

  • On-line, Internet reservations with immediate confirmation.
  • A Double Booking-Proof solution. No need to maintain separate in-house and on-line inventories.
  • Complete control over on-line offerings, including pricing and availability. Web site visitors are not linked to a generic, external site.
  • Cutting edge technology for fast, secure, cost-effective, and low maintenance service.

Confirmed Web Reservation

On some Web sites, you find a button or a link called ýReservationsý. When invoked, you see a ýformý you may fill in and return to request information. This is handled just like a fax request: a clerk checks the availability, and contacts you via phone, e-mail, fax, or mail, to let you know if your request has been confirmed, if any alternatives are available, or if no rooms are available. In all of these cases, confirmation or denial of your reservation request is not returned to you immediately.

Internet technology now offers the alternative of interactive, immediate response. Within seconds after you submit your request you receive an on-line response that tells you if your reservation has been confirmed. If it has not, you can try another date, another accommodation type, or, if none are available, you can immediately check on another date or simply make other arrangements.

Benefits of Confirmed Web Reservations

The benefits to the hotel guest are many, including convenience (refer to the above paragraph). The most important benefit to the hotel operator is global availability and automatic booking, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without the need of a human operator.

Architecture of Internet Reservation Applications

The applications are made up of some or all of the following components:

  • Application Server: A custom program that resides on a Web Server computer. This computer may be located at your office or hosted remotely. For efficient communication with Web Clients (see below), we recommend a high speed Internet connection.
  • Data Server: A repository of persistent data, capable of serving data to the Application Server via SQL, ODBC or object technology (ActiveX or DataServer objects, directly or through a network). This component communicates only with the Application Server, never directly with the Clients.
  • Web Client: A user, located anywhere, who accesses the Application Server through a standard Web browser on the public Internet. This client is usually not trusted with sensitive data.

Trusted Web Client: An authorized user, located anywhere, who accesses the Application Server via a trusted Internet protocol, for example PPTP (Point to Point Tunneling Protocol). This access is implemented via a custom program that is not available for download via the Internet; users must obtain it and install it manually on their PC.

  • Secure Client: An authorized user connected to the Application Server via a private, secure network (or deployed on the Application Server computer itself).
  • E-mail Client: A user, located anywhere, communicating with the Application Server through e-mail.

Platform Supported

The Internet Reservation components described above are currently supported on the following platforms:

  • Application Server: Windows NT
  • Data Server: NT, Unix, Novell, or any other platform that can communicate with the Application Server through standard protocol.
  • Web Client: Any platform with HTML 2 compatible Web browser. Client-side Java applets or ActiveX objects are not used unless they are required for functionality.
  • Trusted Web Client: Windows NT, 95 and 98.
  • Secure Client: Windows NT, 95 and 98.
  • E-mail Client: Any platform with SMTP/POP3 compatible e-mail program.


Security is probably the most difficult issue facing Web application development. The architecture itself is guided by security considerations. At the functional level, Northwind implements the ýAAAý of access control (Authentication, Authorization and Accounting/logging), and any sensitive data, down to the field level, can be encrypted.

Maestro Multi-Property Edition

Maestro is a Real-Time ‘Enterprise Wide’ Property Management System. It is a proven product offering multi-property and corporate reservations facilities with the flexibility for you to migrate the database from one platform to another within hours! Northwind’s Maestro is a management oriented solution employing an Advanced User Interface to provide you with drill down capability & efficient utilization of the mouse, keyboard and function keys. It is designed to satisfy a range of your operational needs from large sophisticated resort and hotel operations to smaller operations with limited services.

Maestro Sales and Catering

The Maestro Sales and Catering Module will assist your sales and marketing efforts with a comprehensive client contact and history database as well as assist your catering department with all aspects of event planning and scheduling.

Functions and Features Summary

Booking and Function Room Blocking

  • Function book is completely automated with no limits on future bookings
  • Bookings may be a simple one day affair, or complex with multiple days, multiple function rooms and multiple events
  • Recurring and multiple bookings may be done directly from availability display charts
  • Availability display charts provide complete access to all booking and client information
  • Bookings may be tentative, definite and wait-listed
  • Space blocking and event planning may be done independently and in stages as information becomes available
  • Ability to provide detailed booking quotation without assigning inventory
  • Existing booking information may be copied (whole or partial) to new bookings
  • Event re-scheduling (move to different dates) is done with ease
  • Ability to handle off premises catering
  • Ability to handle function rooms in multiple buildings

Set-Up Features and Controls

  • Valid serving time for food and services can be configured for each item
  • Set-up inventory requirements and availability reports are produced on demand
  • ýDo not moveý status may be assigned to an event
  • Capacity requirements are monitored
  • Ability to specify tax exemptions for each booking
  • Ability to specify gratuity exemptions for each booking
  • Substitutions and new items may be added for each event
  • Ability to log staff time spent and type of work done

Event Planning and Tracking

  • Event planning options include room set-up, menus, beverages and special services
  • Activity planning for events are date, time and clerk sensitive
  • Creation of trace to help monitor booking and client activities
  • Ability to generate ‘to do’ list for clerks and management
  • Ability to set-up deposit requests and monitor receipts
  • Ability to set-up standard trace templates for date tracking (cut-off dates, contracts due, etc.)

Delegates Management

  • Delegate name tracking per event and convention
  • Registration processing for convention and sponsored events
  • Fees collection management may be done prior to and as part of registration
  • Name badges printing may be done prior to and during registration
  • Ability to print tickets for events

Charges, Costs, and Time Tracking

  • Ability to maintain prices and costs on all items and for staff time
  • Ability to log and track staff and consultants time spent by task
  • Ability to generate revenue and costs per delegate, event and booking
  • Ability to post phone charges directly to event folio via call-accounting interface
  • Ability to post invoices to A/R system

Changes Tracking and Reporting

  • Ability to track changes of required details
  • Ability to report on changes in several criteria
  • Immediate notification of changes to the responsible clerk
  • Ability to report on changes via Forms report writer

Client and Contact Management

  • Ability to maintain unlimited client contacts and related information
  • Ability to assign multiple attributes to clients
  • Ability to plan and monitor date sensitive activities (e.g. follow-ups, send info, etc.)
  • Ability to retain unlimited notes on client level
  • Complete history of details is retained for access and statistics
  • Ability to generate sales and statistical reports as required
  • Ability to cross reference affiliated clients/companies

Authorization and Access Control

  • Ability to assign staff, management and sales personnel to each booking
  • Ability to control booking access permission by clerk and level of authorization
  • Ability to assign authorized staff by booking
  • Ability to restrict clerk access by job responsibilities

Reporting and Queries

  • Forms generation facility to generate:
  • Customized Contracts, invoices etc.
  • Itineraries for functions and events
  • Confirmations with text and booking information
  • Liquor permits
  • Standard daily and on demand operational reports are available for staff and management
  • All reports may be viewed on screen and/or printed
  • Reports distribution templates may be set-up for groups of clerks
  • Automated clerk mail messages

Management Tools and Interfaces

  • Staff messaging and activity planning is available to support staff communications and project planning
  • Fax output facility is integrated to support transmission of client contracts and reports
  • Ad hoc query and report writer facility is integrated and allows access to all data retained
  • Database access via office productivity tools to generate reports and contact the client
  • Forms generation facility is integrated and is used to generate custom forms and documents

Maestro Work Order Management

The Work Order Management module is designed to support operational activities of management and staff responsible for maintenance and repair.

Functions and Features Summary

  • Ability to generate work orders with detailed information and unlimited text
  • Ability to schedule and track work order activities and status
  • Ability to categorize work orders into user defined groupings
  • Ability to track rooms, closets, hallways, etc. and items within each
  • A facility is provided to track the condition of items in rooms
  • Ability to issue one work order to cover multiple rooms
  • Activities and work orders are stamped with date, time and clerk
  • Update room service history globally by range of rooms
  • Update room inventory globally by range of rooms
  • Work order numbers may be assigned manually or generated automatically
  • Ability to track costs of materials used
  • Ability to generate cost analysis reports
  • Custom forms design and printing
  • Ability to generate forms for different trade persons
  • Work order standard reports can be viewed and printed on demand and by selected criteria
  • Ad hoc query and report writer facility is available to satisfy management needs

Product Overview

User Reviews of Maestro

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