Property management software designed by Property Boulevard.

About Property Boulevard

Property Boulevard is the most comprehensive, yet easy to use software for property management ever created. The differences between Property Boulevard and all competitors are so great and fundamentally important, that this software is considered by many as a brand new concept in property management software. The property management software will keep track of multiple buildings, and multiple users interfacing on a network.

Aside of the many features and ease of use, Property Boulevard introduces two concepts that uniquely distinguish it from all other similar software:


1 Property Boulevard Is a Management Tool, Not Just Accounting Software.

To the extent possible, the accounting functions are placed at the background rather than at the forefront. In fact, the entire accounting and financial statements is just another module of the software, not the center.

The core philosophy of Property Boulevard is the business itself, not the reflection of that business via the narrow view of the accounting. This philosophy enables you to enter transactions in the most intuitive way, avoiding the struggle with accounting issues.

For example, a check (or cash) collected from a tenant is simply entered, without any dealing with debit, credit, or accounting balance. Property Boulevard does all of that accounting behind the screen. Make no mistake, the accounting functions of Property Boulevard are the strongest and the richest among all other software. Property Boulevard is [currently] the only software that simultaneously runs both, accrual-base and cash-base systems; thus, lets you print a full set of financial statements and switch between accrual and cash at your whim. However, none of this is prerequisite. If you wish, you may manage your property, collect rents, pay bills, issue legal notices, do repair and maintenance, and much more, without ever closing a month or print financial statements. Even bank-reconciliation is done independently. Closing each fiscal month and print financial statements is highly recommended, but not a must. If you wish, you may close once a quarter, or once a year, or never. Not closing a fiscal period shall not impair your ability to efficiently and effectively manage your business. You don?t have to be a CPA!

2 No Batches - Real Time Software.

There are no Loading, Posting, and Batches in Property Boulevard, unless it is the nature of the process. Each transaction stands on its own merit and is immediately visible to all other users on the network. This concept allows you to correct any mistake at its source, not just arithmetically offsetting it. You may delete an erroneous entry or correct it at any time. For example, if a wrong charge was entered, you may simply delete it at any time. If a mistake was made while entering payments from tenants, we can simple erase that mistake. Audit-trails are being kept at the background. That means that any list, ledger or report is clean and includes only valid transactions.


  • Both accrual and cash at all times
  • Financial statements per property
  • Aggregate (consolidated) financial statements
  • Budgeting
  • Fixed Asset management
  • Recurring Journal Entries
  • Automated reversal in next period
  • Cross-reference to external chart


  • Multiple bank accounts, linkable to individual or multiple properties
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Account register
  • MICR deposit slip
  • Deposit slip per property
  • Combined deposit slip per account


Payable Charges

  • Recurring charges
  • Completely automated recurring charges
  • Auto start/end recurring charges
  • Vendor restrictions
  • Separate check requirement
  • Cashier check requirement
  • Management fee
  • Payment to owner

Payable Payment

  • MICR check (no more ordering checks)
  • User-defined check layout
  • e-banking, direct deposit, EFT
  • Cashier’s check
  • Reserve amount
  • Property’s virtual balance


  • Human Resources profiling
  • Departmental payroll
  • Automated calculations of taxes and withholdings
  • Multiple payment methods: check, direct deposit, debit card, ADP/Intuit
  • Union payroll
  • Certified payroll (Prevailing wages)
  • Multi-states payroll
  • Individual pay period
  • Pension programs
  • Loans and advances
  • Benefits programs (401k, Cafeteria, health care, etc.)
  • W-2, W-3, 940, State’s quarterly

Productivity and Security


  • Custom tool-bar
  • Security controlled visibility
  • Online help
  • Free user support forums
  • Context sensitive help
  • Automatic updates

Paperless Office

  • Multiple comments per item
  • Support for digital images
  • External document attachments


  • Separate login for each user
  • Custom security per user
  • Restrict access to specific functions
  • Restrict access to specific properties
  • Window/Feature-level security
  • Ability to turn on-off
  • Graceful switch to a single user mode


Receivable Charges

  • Multiple recurring charges per tenant
  • Completely automated recurring charges
  • Multiple recurring charges per unit
  • Time-sensitive recurring charges
  • Custom charges
  • Subsidies (such as Section-8)
  • Automated rent-increases
  • Automated late-fee
  • Powerful CAM charges and reconciliation
  • Security deposits and refund management

Receivable Payment

  • ePay - Complete automated, unattended payment via one of our ACH processor partners
  • Portal - Complete online payment via one of our portal partners
  • Cash receipts
  • Receipts from a 3rd party (Sec.8)
  • Receipt not from a tenant (non-rental receipt)
  • Dynamically apply/waive late fee
  • Returned (NSF) check
  • Write-offs
  • Discounts

Unit and Tenant Management


  • User defined unit type
  • Unit size and market value
  • Bedroom, bathroom, key, parking
  • User defined utilities
  • User defined appliances
  • User defined amenities
  • User defined fields
  • Events log


  • Alternate tenant address
  • Property-sensitive pool
  • Multiple leases
  • Custom anniversary date
  • Events log
  • User defined status
  • User defined fields
  • Restrictive charges, payments and legal notices
  • User defined tenant’s status


  • Multiple tenants per unit
  • Multiple units per tenant
  • Multiple leases for each Tenant-Unit
  • Multiple recurring charges for each Tenant-Unit
  • Separate move-in/move-out to/from each unit
  • Pre-loaded standard notices
  • User defined notices
  • Single tenant process
  • Multiple tenants process
  • Selective recipients (scoping by criterion)
  • Restrictions (in legal)

Vendors, Maintenance, and Inventory


  • Formatted part number
  • User defined unit of measurement
  • Item cost and item price
  • Item class
  • Man-hour per item (means book)
  • Multiple vendors per item
  • Cross-reference to vendor’s catalogs
  • Assembly and bill-of-materials (BOM)
  • Multiple evaluations (Std, Avd, Last-Cost)
  • Price comparison
  • Substitution
  • Quantity adjustment
  • Order level
  • Order quantity
  • Physical inventory process
  • Audited physical inventory
  • Spend analysis
  • Consumption analysis

Tool and Equipment Tracking

  • Tool classification and grouping
  • Item serial number
  • Tool/equipment tracking
  • Usage history

Work and Purchase Order

Work Orders

  • Materials list
  • Multiple vendors assignment
  • Vendor’s schedule
  • Vendor’s budget
  • Work force details
  • Priority
  • Scheduled start/end
  • Actual start/end
  • Delineated costs
  • Marked-up costs
  • Charge tenant
  • Charge owner/vendor
  • Work-order progress level
  • Form printout
  • Re-open

Purchase Order

  • Property level
  • Unit level
  • Ship Via
  • Selectable destination
  • Multiple receipts
  • Vendor’s part number
  • Link to payable
  • Controls payable
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Product Overview

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User Reviews of Property Boulevard

Submitted on December 8th, 2017 by Anonymous

Solid piece of software. My on-site manager uses it the most. My team is using it and it has a few glitches, but I think it’s working out in general, so I think we will continue to use it. They provide good support with the minor glitches.

The Good…

We’ve used something similar before from a Canadian company and they went out of business without telling us. After they stopped supporting it, we called and called and it took weeks to reply. Property Boulevard is a comparable software but has better support and is what type of support you would expect.

The Bad…

It’s a solid middle of the road option.