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Property Manger EDGE

A full ERP system designed by Domin-8 Enterprise Solutions for real estate & property management companies.
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This product has been acquired by RealPage, Inc and is no longer sold or supported. RealPage, Inc recommends Propertyware as an alternative option.

Property Manager EDGE Small Office Edition offers the most powerful, easy to use software as a low cost solution for the small office of 250 or less Units. You still get the powerful features like:

  • Ability to manage Residential, Commercial and Retail Properties all in one package
  • Prospective Tenant Tracking
  • Maintenance/Work Order Processing
  • Powerful, fully integrated General. Ledger with Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Cash and Accrual Accounting.
  • Print reports in HTML format for web page postings
  • Email reports
  • Imaging for Properties, Units and Tenants

Property Manager EDGE® Small Office Edition offers the most powerful, easy to use software as a low cost solution for the small office of 250 or less Units.

Accounts Payable


  • Invoices to multiple properties by dollar or percentage distribution.
  • Status options of “Scheduled for Payment” or “Hold”.
  • On-the-fly vendor setup or chart of account at the time of invoice entry.
  • Duplicate invoice checking.
  • Unlimited recurring invoices.
  • Aging reports in detail or summary.
  • Easy check voiding with optional invoice reinstatement.
  • Partial invoice payments with tracking of balance due.
  • Manual or automated check entry.
  • Selective check printing with flexible selection criteria.
  • Check printing has options not to pay invoices if below minimum balance requirements.
  • MICR check print using blank check stock.
  • Consolidation of invoices on checks with detailed stub.
  • Pre-check run audit listing report shows:
  • Invoices that will be paid with running balance of cash accounts.
  • Invoices that will not be paid due to lack of funds.
  • Consolidation of invoices on checks with detailed stub.
  • Check registers by Property or Bank by summary or detail versions.

Accounts Recievable

Powerful, fully integrated General Ledger

EDGE comes complete with a General Ledger, Accounts Payable and Receivable, including customizable financial statements. Supports Cash and Accrual accounting, Calendar and Fiscal year tracking.


  • Lockbox Contract payment import for bank processing of receipts.
  • Single batch payment processing for payment deposit slips.
  • Automatic handling of prepayments with over-ride ability.
  • NSF checks process with automated NSF check charge, & cash adjustment.
  • View contract ledger history on the fly during payment entry.
  • One-time charges can be setup on the fly during payment entry.
  • Autocharge process posts all payments due, late fees and recurring charges in single process.
  • Easy entry of non-contract type receivables.
  • Unlimited recurring receivables.

Contact and Task Management

Contact and Task Management

Never miss another critical deadline or date. Property Manager EDGE® has a popup calendar for easy data entry of important meetings, dates and events. Upon logging into the system, you will be reminded of events scheduled for that day. Follow up reports can be run at any time for any date range.

You can also attach important follow up to specific users that log into the system and attach events to specific Owners, Properties, Tenants and Vendors.

General Ledger

Powerful, fully integrated with Accounts Payable and Receivable, including customizable financial statements. Supports Cash and Accrual accounting, Calendar and Fiscal year tracking.


With a standard industry scanner, you can scan and store images for Owners, Properties, Units and Tenants. These images are viewable and printable on reports.

Example: You can scan the signed lease agreement for a tenant and tie it to that specific tenant record where it can be viewed and printed at any time directly on line. You can scan pictures of units and print a HTML format of the Vacancy report to post directly on your web page.

Report Writer

Report E-mailing E-mail Reports directly from your PC. (Email your Owner reports directly to your Owners)

HTML Reports - Print reports to HTML format for easy postings on your web page. (You can post your Vacancy report on your web page without any conversion) Prospective Tenant, Applicant Management

Track Prospective Tenants, requested Properties, application dates, requested move-in dates, and checkup and approval status. Track Advertising Lead Source to monitor the most cost effective marketing.

Print reports on available rentals, wait lists, and other criteria. Automatically transfer applicant data to tenant record when approved.

HTML Reports

Print reports to HTML format for easy postings on your web page. (You can post your Vacancy report on your web page without any conversion.)

Residential Management Features

Residential Management Features

There are many innovative and productive solutions for single family and multi-family, environments, encompassing everything from subsidized housing, manufactured housing, plus condominium and Home Owner Associations. Optimizing occupancy and collections are made easier with an extensive array of monitoring and reporting options including Prospective Tenant tracking, move-in, move-out functions that prorate charges and generate refund checks and move-out statements. Invoices are available in several formats; notices, letters, and other correspondence are easily produced.

  • Unlimited Names per Tenant record which are searchable and printable.
  • Unlimited phone numbers with descriptions and extensions.
  • Four line address. Store Forwarding Address when Tenants move-out.
  • Move-in with automatic pro-ration of charges.
  • Calculation and generation of refund check and Move-out statement.
  • Interest calculation on security deposits.
  • Searching and Finding Tenants is quick and easy. Search by Tenant Name with LIKE spelling and NICKNAME searching.
  • Filter for Past, Current and Future Tenants.
  • Search By Property and/or Unit.
  • Search by User Defined Fields.
  • Search by any field in the Tenant database.
  • Tenant ledger with unlimited history.
  • Tenant ledger by open items only, payment history only, operating account only, security account only, or any combination together.
  • Move process to move a Tenant to another Property with automatic transfer of security deposit.
  • Unlimited Rent Schedule with multiple charges. Define each charge separately if included with Management Fee Calculation.
  • Support multiple payment frequencies.
  • Rent schedule supports CPI rent increases.
  • Increase rents by property, specific tenants, percentage, dollar amount, square footage, or CPI table.
  • Track unlimited lease history with unlimited notes for each lease.
  • Lead Source for most cost effective advertising leads.
  • Track Tenant References.
  • Track Pet information.
  • Track and process Rent Sales Taxes for states that require it.
  • Canadian companies can track the Canadian GST tax.
  • Keep Track of Rent Controls for areas that require it.
  • Imaging: Scan signed lease documents and store them with the corresponding tenant record, allowing office to go paperless.
  • Merge Editor for printing of notices, invoices, lease expirations, delinquent rent, evictions, and other correspondence.
  • Rent Roll report with balance forwarding and vacancy information.
  • Occupancy and Vacancy analysis reports.
  • Unit Inventory for tracking items with purchases dates and values.
  • Tenant Electronic Payment/Lockbox Processing.
  • Common Area Maintenance pass-thru charges with unit percentages.

Work Order

Save time and money by gaining control with EDGE’s maintenance features. Generate work orders and monitor each work request through completion. Efficiently and accurately maintain a complete history by vendor, property and unit.

Work Orders can be used for in-house maintenance employees or outside vendors. You can define recurring work orders that will automatically be scheduled. Payables can be automatically created to pay Vendors for completed work orders.

You can setup recurring work order items that automatically get scheduled.

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