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This product appears to no longer be sold or supported. Please visit the rental property management software page for alternatives.

Rent Magic Software Inc. offers three products bundled with great features to suit your needs:

  • Rent Magic On-Premise
  • ManageUDA Enterprise Online
  • ManageUDA Small Business Online

With Rent Magic On-Premise, the data is hosted on your own system. If you choose either version of ManageUDA Online, Rent Magic hosts your data. You won’t have to worry about data backup or network administration. Customers have been enjoying Rent Magic On-Premise since 2001, while ManageUDA Online was released in April 2006.

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Feature Summary

  • Integration of all subtleties of the new Residential Tenancy Act of Ontario, as well as residential guidelines for all Canadian Provinces
  • Integrated Accounting
  • Powerful, yet, easy to use commercial module for use with CAM reconciliation
  • Seamless transfer of prospect to applicant and applicant to resident
  • Real time access to all of the tenant data
  • Internet friendly
  • Integrated online backup
  • Integrated credit checks through Rent Check Corp.
  • Unlimited users, with powerful access management
  • Frequent updates with added and enhanced functionality
  • Integrated word processor
  • Easily keep track of partial payments, free month’s rent, and monthly credits
  • Powerful letter template editor to send personalized letters to tenants (for late payments or rent increases)
  • Full suite of Financial and Property reports
  • Simple menu driven, (no codes to remember)
  • Batch modes to cut down on time-consuming data entry
  • Summary page “Dashboard” locates date-sensitive information to organize daily tasks and scheduled events

Residential Tenancies Act Integration

  • All Ontario, BC, and Alberta Legal Forms built in
  • Automated N1s and N4s for Ontario
  • Send government-approved Late Payment Notice in batch mode for tenants in arrears
  • Automatic calculation of LMR (Last Month Rent) increase, individually or in batch mode
  • Automatically generate government-approved Increase Notice in advance with one click
  • Use templates to automatically send a personalized letter to explain the increase, as well as any updates to the LMR

Commercial Integration

  • Create an unlimited number of CAM (Common Area Maintenance) charges, and assign accounts to each charge
  • Easily specify lease details – different information for each CAM charge, how to calculate in the future, etc.
  • Set step-up lease information for auto application
  • Specify on each invoice to which buildings and units it should apply
  • Create personalized CAM reconcilliation report for all tenants with one click

Powerful User Management

  • Unlimited users, for no extra cost
  • Fine-grained user permissions
  • Only allow access to certain buildings, units
  • Only allow to post certain types of transactions
  • Only allow to print certain reports
  • Allow or deny access to any program function

Batch Functions

  • Very fast entry of rent payments
  • Automate rent increases and LMR calculations
  • Send N4s or late payment reminders to all tenants in arrears at once
  • Automated NSF functions


  • Rent rolls
  • Tenants in arrears
  • Bank deposit slips
  • Tenant ledger
  • Rent Receipt for any time period, with the manager’s signature


  • Features GL, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable and Canadian Payroll
  • Do your Bank Reconcilliation manually.
  • Powerful Accounts and Jobs management, with the ability to have one item a sub-item of another
  • Many built-in reports, such as Balance Sheet, Income Statement, General Ledger, Trial Balance, and many more

Product Overview

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