A web-based property management solution designed by RentPost.

About RentPost

RentPost’s realization originated from the need to collect rent online and manage personal rental property. Without a solution available, worthy of consideration, we set out to give landlords and property managers a solution to finally simplify their lives.

During our search, we found software that was bloated, software that appeared to be developed by amateurs, and some that we’d be embarrassed to call a alpha build. We’re perfectionists, emboldened by achievement and client zeal. We’re building the most comprehensive, easy to use, property management software system ever. We’re building something we’re proud to call our own, something we use ourselves, and we settle for nothing but the best. We invite you to join us in simplifying rent.


  • Once again we’ve made use of our one-the-fly intelligent filtering technology for contacts. Just type in what you know and we’ll pull it up.

  • Use the Location filters to show only the contacts within a given city.

  • Pull up the full profile of any contact by clicking their name.

  • Create custom contact groups for organizing your contacts however you best see fit.


  • The Heads-up Display gives you a quick look into the key metrics for your rentals, allowing you to quickly determine what needs action.

  • Instantly see how much money is currently in online processing.

  • The news feed keeps you updated with everything that is going on with your business. Find out when a tenant has paid you, to-dos are completed, work orders are submitted, scheduled, tasks are assigned to you, and much much more.

  • Have quick access to you to-do list items and check them off or add new ones as needed.

  • Reply directly to tenant work orders from the news feed, keeping things quick and simple.

Income Log

  • We’ve of course made use of our one-the-fly intelligent filtering technology for transactions, so pulling up the transaction in question is a breeze.

  • Export your transaction list to csv format and import into your accounting software, or print it off.

  • Quickly get the status of a transaction by viewing the status icon.

  • Select a transaction to see all the associated charges and their respective amounts.

  • Take action on the posted transactions in the system. Adjust the amount, mark payments as bad, or remove or void a transaction. It’s all very simple.


  • Mass action buttons allow you to select and apply actions to multiple messages at once.

  • The new message indicator gives you a quick and clean visual for messages requiring attention.

  • Get a quick preview of the email in the list view before having to click through to read the full message.

  • Quickly remove single messages with the convenient delete button.

Reports - Rent Roll

  • What would the reports be without our on-the-fly intelligent filtering technology? That’s why it’s been included; create on the fly custom reports.

  • Filter and customize your report results, then export to csv, or print them off.

  • Collapsible icons offer unique grouping of units by address for better reporting.

Tasks and To-Dos

  • Adjust the date range for scheduled events with your week-to-week skipper buttons, calendar selection tool, and quick return today option.

  • Toggle between just your events and everyone in your organization with one click.

  • Your familiar to-do list is conveniently displayed along side your event calendar. Check off and add to-dos for yourself and other managers quickly and easily.

  • See the events of other managers along side your own, making scheduling much easier.

Units & Tenants

  • On-the-fly intelligent filtering of your units and tenants. Just type what you know and we’ll drill down to the matching results.

  • Unit status buttons allow you to filter down to results that match the given criteria.

  • Custom groups allow you to sort your units however you wish. Everyone categorizes their units differently, so take full control. Categorize by property, owner, neighborhood, building, etc. Use your groups for custom reporting, filtering, and more.

  • The Action-Pane offers quick action buttons for your unit; edit, flag, duplicate, or remove.

  • Select one or multiple tenants from the list, and apply actions to the tenant.

Work Orders

  • Again we’ve made use of our on-the-fly intelligent filtering technology for the work orders. Just type in what you know and we’ll handle the rest.

  • Straight-forward statistics are provided for work orders to help you stay on top of your game.

  • Just hover over the work order to get the Action-Pane for all your controls. Then, go ahead and reply, mark it complete, change the priority, or remove it all together.

  • Request that your tenants snap a photo, or attach one yourself for later reference, or additional insight into the issue.

  • Simply reply to the work order, and tenants will be notified, their account will be updated, and a log will be kept for your records.

Product Overview

User Reviews of RentPost

Submitted on August 2nd, 2016 by Tamara

I have used RentPost for about 1 year and it has made my company run much more efficiently. Their online rent collection and variety of features are very user friendly. Having a central location for all of my data online has organized my business and saved me a lot of time.