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About Total Management

Total Management is an all-in-one, cloud-based, software for residential and commercial properties. The software was created after its founders could not find a viable software solution to manage their own portfolios. This need and industry knowledge led to software that is comprehensive, extremely powerful, easy to use, and can still provide the property overviews that managers and owners have been seeking. Total Management is ideal for any size business, with specialized features for medium and large-sized companies.

Total Management was designed with brand new technology that allows multitasking and speed at a level that has never been seen in property management. This new experience allows you to navigate multiple screens in a single web-browser, without the use of tabs. It’s similar to using multiple screens in QuickBooks, provided with the benefits of web-based software. When you hit a save button, the browser doesn’t reload and you don’t lose any unsaved work in any screen. An end to browser reloads means that the software runs at speeds no one would expect. Imagine entering bills or tenant payments when a work order call comes in. You don’t have to stop what you’re working on or close anything. You can just enter the work order and continue without any frustration.

Total Management also features a live chat support system, so you can talk with the Total Management staff from within the software. Quick answers eliminate timely phone calls and the need to stop what you’re doing.

Besides Total Management’s features, the software stands out based on its easy-to-use workflow. The software’s design is based on the idea that anyone should be able to use Total Management without the need for training or accounting knowledge. The software can be navigated in any number of ways, depending on your preference. A property tree is just one way to quickly navigate your portfolio with icons that show the status of each suite. This is complimented by 1-step processes that eliminate previously time consuming and confusing property management tasks; such as move-ins, move-outs, and accounting tasks.

Total Management provides real time-saving features, as well as brand new property management features designed by people in the business; designed to make money. These features include an industry-first viewing class, to limit which bills users can see; a duplicate invoice catcher; fully customizable user settings; a fully integrated, industry-specific, complete accounting system and tools; employee work order texting; a tenant portal; a CAM/Tax Reconciliation system; and a multi-functional dashboard to quickly view property information and overviews.

Total Management’s affordable solution provides free data migration and training to any company looking for an all-encompassing, web-based solution.

Accounting Center

Total Management’s accounting system was built from the ground up specifically for Total Management. This gives you the advantage of having a system that is designed specifically for property management.

Complicated and timely journal entries are no longer a concern because Total Management is designed to handle the most complicated aspects of property management for both cash and accrual accounting, including: move-outs, security deposits, NSF checks, tenant work order charges, and CAM/Tax reconciliation.

Total Management’s complete accounting system gives you all of the tools and all of the reports for both cash and accrual accounting. Total Management keeps two sets of books so you can see your finances in any light.

It`s a complete system with individual general ledgers for each property, the ability to print the MICR line on both checks and deposit slips, and a tremendous amount more.


Total Management lets you define your expenses, income, and rental income separately. You just decide if you want to duplicate last years figures or use one month`s figures to fill in the budget. For rental income, you can also use a market rent or unit by unit worksheet to give you the most accurate forecast.

You dont even have to leave Total Management to create a budget. The budget system is their creation and its available right inside Total Management.

CAM and Tax Reconciliation

Customize your Commercial Property Management CAM and Tax Settings. Instantly apply CAM settings to any leased unit.

Dashboards & Reports

The dashboard & reports work along side the accounting system, giving you the ultimate control and knowledge. From the dashboard, you can quickly see your expenses; expected monthly income overview; bank balances and unpaid bill amounts; and a detailed tenant balance that separates the tenants monthly outstanding balance from the tenants total overdue balance. They even give you the ability to compare any ledger accounts, revenue, income, or expenses between any properties.

Data Migration

Total Management can migrate your current database (for supported applications), and we will quickly load your tenant, owner, vendor and financial data into the system

Duplicate Invoice Catcher

We pay an invoice, then get the same invoice the next month and pay it again. Sometimes, the merchant lets us know of our mistake and sometimes they dont. In the end, duplicate invoices cost us a lot of money and time we spend checking invoices. Total Management gives you the tools so you dont have to worry anymore.

When you are entering your bills, just enter the invoice #`s. If you ever enter that invoice # for the same merchant again, you will be notified.

You can enter multiple invoice #`s in a row and Total Management will always find the problems, then let you view the conflicting bill without closing or losing any unsaved work.

Vendor Management

Save time by finding everything you need to know about your vendors, their bills, and payments in one place.

Save even more time by setting default memos and ledger accounts for your vendors.

Now, entering a bill can be done in seconds since all you need is the vendor`s name and amount. The rest of the information is automatically filled in for you.

Spend your time on the parts of your business that actually make you money… or go home early (take the second option.)

Work Orders

Track and manage your work orders to keep happy tenants and efficient maintenance staff.

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